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busy busy busy. We leave for our fall youth retreat and then I leave from the retreat to shoot my second to last weeding of the YEAR! I’m so excited for these last two weddings but I’m also excited for a break! 4 engagement sessions, 1 workshop and 2 weddings to go!  I can see the light!! So today is just a little post for a little man that has stole our hearts. Baby Mason was born on October 23rd and we actually got to see him and hold him on his actual BIRTHDAY! He’s tiny and cute. Michael and I love watching this new phase of like unfold for Seth and Em. The key word there is “watching”. We’re so not in the “baby” phase right now

but it’s fun to have friends that are! Mason is a perfect baby boy and as I watched Emily hold him, I just couldn’t believe this was happening! I feel like I was just taking their wedding photos! I’m so thankful they are right down the road so that Michael and I can be a part of Mason’s life. Two days after he was born, we went over and shot his newborn portraits. I love being able to do this for friends and family and even though babies/newborn shoots aren’t really my thing… I have to admit that I really love some of these! Mason, you’re already super photogenic, just like your momma and daddy! Enjoy this little post and be sure to let Seth and Em know how adorable their baby boy is!!!!

These were taken the day he was born!

A few days later:)

so sweet:)

I wish I could take credit for the “Mason” jar idea… but that was all em’s idea! So cute!

love it!

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  1. Megan Funk reply

    He is just the cutest thing! Congrats Em and Seth!

  2. Abby Grace reply

    Katelyn, these are SO precious. That last one is my absolute favorite- what a beautiful photo! I can’t imagine how blessed Mason’s parents must feel right now :)

  3. Meredith Sledge reply

    Wow. How precious.

  4. Lynn Wisman reply

    Precious!. Absolutely love the window shot!!

  5. Emy reply

    Even though he left me that lovely surprise while I was holding him… im still in love!! He’s adorable. Congrats Em and Seth, I’m so happy for you guys and your new little man. :) p.s. kk and michael have a baby. please and thank you.

  6. Travis M. Chance reply

    Simply beautiful!

  7. Emily K reply

    I love these shots and I especially love how natural and pure they look. I smiled through all of these images. What a beautiful family! :)

  8. LESLIE reply

    OH MY GOSH IM SO IN LOVE WITH HIM!!! i cant wait to meet him!!!! such a precious little family! love you em and seth!!

  9. Lisa Baxter reply

    LiLi is crying!!! These photos are so beautiful!!! We just got back to Philly tonight and saw these photos…makes me want to turn around and go back to Richmond right now!!! Katelyn, these are so amazing!!!

  10. Kelley Owens reply

    Aww em these are great!! I am sure you are loving these pictures!! So cute!

  11. Christy reply

    That last image… really, really gorgeous & moving…

  12. Kristina W. reply

    Thank you so much for posting photos of Mason!!! I was so excited to see him and he is absolutely precious! And I absolutely LOVE the last image!

  13. Leanne Wight reply

    Wow! That last photo is truly beautiful!

  14. Aunt Betty reply

    OHHH! So thrilled for you! and so happy to get to see these. (Do I spy your mom in the background in one photo, Seth?)

  15. Elise reply

    oh my gosh couldn’t love these more! so precious! great job, kk! (and emily :))

  16. Susan Evans reply

    Ooooo, love that last one!

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