Ross + Brittany

A NYC Central Park Wedding | Loeb Boathouse | Destination Wedding

I met

with Brittany and her mom in Starbucks only a little over a month ago. I was still in shock that Christmas was right around the corner! …. They were in shock that the WEDDING was right around the corner!  It amazes me to hear brides talk about planning their wedding in large cities. Brittany was planning hers in one of the largest of them all, NYC! While this seems intimidating for most people, it was normal life for Brittany. She has lived in New York City for quite some time and so has Ross. The traffic and busy streets are just the norm to them and so naturally, having their wedding in the city was very fitting. This city is where they call home and it was the perfect place to begin their new life together!!



Ross and Brittany were married at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. This quaint venue with beautiful views of the city was the perfect location! How often does a wedding photographer get great images in NYC without tourists in the background?! … NEVER. We were so lucky to have a venue surrounded by central park! The light was golden and the temperature was bearable! It could have been frigid but it wasn’t. It was perfect.


Ross and Brittany had friends and family fly in from all over the world. Ross is from London and so most of his groomsmen are from Europe as well and their accents were amazing! As the day went on, the sun began to set over the pond and the ceremony began. Candles lined the aisle and as Brittany made her way to her best friend, I think it’s safe to say that everyone was just in awe of her beauty. You won’t be surprised to hear that Brittany has modeling experience… she’s just gorgeous!! It was such an honor to be a part of their wedding day. Michael and I just loved being with Ross and Britt’s friends and family and celebrating alongside of them in the magical city of NYC. Seriously, after shooting these images, I believe it’s magical. Enjoy viewing the story of their day through my images!!! Ross and Brittany, THANK YOU for allowing us to be there with you on the happiest day of your life!! xoxo

Seriously? Seriously. Wow. 
Loved this shot of Michael’s!
My husband shot these next two… he’s pretty good don’t ya think?!
Brittany you’re just stunning! 
Winter glowy light is my new favorite!
 Preceremony Prep | Empire Hotel
Venue | The Loeb Boathouse
Dress | Mori Lee – purchased at RK Bridal
Bridesmaids | WTOO by Watters – purchased at Here Comes the Bridesmaid
Groom Tux | Paul Smith
Florals |  Lenox Hill Florist & Events
Hair | Caitlynn Demetrician
DJ | L & S Entertainment
Invitations | DIY with supplies from The Paper Source
Favors | Homemade Mini Bundt Cakes by my Grandma Mary Percifield


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  1. jamie: ( )

    Oh my word! What a way to start off the new year!! This is SO gorgeous! Beautiful images and bride!!

  2. Sarah Adams: ( )

    Oh my goodness, these are all GORGEOUS. Maybe a new favorite. Those pictures of the bride in the window? MAGICAL. Absolutely LOVE all the shots of them walking through the park…wow, Katelyn. AMAZING

  3. Annamarie: ( )

    Brittany! You are stunning!! Katelyn, you did such an incredible job capturing all of their joy and it really does look like it was a magical wedding!! A definite KJ favorite! :):)

  4. Anna K.: ( )

    Everything about his wedding is perfect, but that reception?!?! It tooks like they are having soo much fun!

  5. Alicia Candelora: ( )

    Gorgeous photos! And, DANG, what I wouldn’t give to have her shape!!

  6. Kat: ( )

    Everything about this wedding is so classy, glamorous and just BEAUTIFUL. I love all the shots in Central Park!! STUNNING!!!

  7. Melissa: ( )

    Wow! Magical is definitely the best word to describe this. You are also right about wintery glow, with that pink just makes for such beautiful, different images! Fabulous job :)

  8. Gabrielle Corbin: ( )

    Um..Just WOW. She is stunning, her dress is stunning, her BRIDESMAID dresses are stunning. Just everything. And yes, absolutely magical. Oh, and her smile is so infectious. :)

  9. Kim H: ( )

    I love the one of the bridesmaid dresses, the light is beautiful!! They are so beautiful!

  10. caroline: ( )

    magical might be an understatement…. :)

  11. Meredith Sledge: ( )

    WOW, Katelyn, you’ve blown me away with this wedding. It’s one of my favorites.

  12. ashley barnett: ( )

    Katelyn this is AMAZING! I think it might be my favorite of yours- I love seeing you stretch yourself and shoot in different environments- you always rock it!

  13. Sarah: ( )

    WOAH! Brittany is such a stunning bride! Katelyn, you did fantastic! Gorgeous job!

  14. Bethany: ( )

    Holy WOW! This is such an amazing wedding- what a way to start the year! I think this is the most perfect wedding documentation I’ve ever seen on the blog! Thanks for sharing, you rock!

  15. Rebekah Carter: ( )

    Idk what to say except, “wow!!!!” These are truly magical. Her dress, her smile, her hair, everything is just perfect & documented so well. I think I say this every other week but this is definitely one of your best ever.

  16. Sabrina: ( )

    Oh. My. Heavens. KATELYN! These are AMAZING!!! She’s gorgeous, he’s gorgeous, the wedding party is gorgeous and that light? Beautiful. I think this wedding is my favorite of yours. Ever. I love it!

  17. Alicia: ( )

    Oh my- WOW!!! What an AMAZING wedding! The photos are just above and beyond gorgeous. This looks like a dream wedding!

  18. Jill Powers: ( )

    Oh WOW! Definitely a new fav!! I love everything about this!! Great job Katelyn (AND Mikey!!)

  19. Andrej Pavlov: ( )

    Wow ! So beautiful !

  20. Brittany: ( )

    AHHH! I agree with Caroline! This is gorgeous, not to mention that New York is like gorgeous on it’s own. This is wonderful! :)

  21. Brooke Bakken Photography: ( )

    These are absolutely to die for!!!!! Gorgeous bride but REALLY gorgeous images. Katelyn you are so amazing and such an inspiration!!

  22. molly stillman: ( )

    oh my golly. wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. every image is pure elegance.

  23. Clare: ( )

    Amazing, Katelyn!!! Look at you shooting in NYC on the regular now!

  24. Graham: ( )

    This is hands down my favorite you’ve ever done!!! Beautiful shots Katelyn!!!

  25. Serena Severtson: ( )

    Gorgeous! This is definitely one of my favorite weddings you’ve shot. She is stunning and NY = ♡

  26. Carrie Logan: ( )

    this wedding IS magical! the light… the gorgeous couple… the bridesmaid dresses… this may be my new favorite of yours EVER! and that’s saying A LOT!!!! ;)

  27. Beth Bartelmes: ( )

    Wow…Katelyn. These are AMAZING!!

  28. Laura: ( )

    Why, Katelyn, I think you outdid yourself. :-)

  29. Lauren Hammond: ( )

    This is incredible!! So much fun!!!

  30. Mallory: ( )

    That wintery glow makes for some STUNNING pictures!

  31. ashlyn: ( )

    ohmygoodness. that girl is gorgeous! and the light you shot in… so amazing. every new wedding you post is my favorite. :)

  32. Laura: ( )

    Wow… Looking at these images.. This wedding is like a dream… Beautiful

  33. Julina: ( )

    You knocked this one out of the ballpark!!!!! Lovely!!!! My favorite thus far!!

  34. Alli McWhinney: ( )

    Wow, Katelyn! Those images are AH-MAZING!

  35. Kristin: ( )

    Love it! This wedding is ridiculously elegant!

  36. Allie: ( )

    Love, love, love! Absolutely stunning, Katelyn:) I especially love the floral arrangements.

  37. Justine: ( )

    OH! MY! GOODNESS! These are incredible!

  38. Sharon Elizabeth: ( )

    Katelyn… You KILLED this wedding.. I mean.. HOLY MOLY!

  39. Annetta: ( )

    Beautiful, Katelyn!! And what a gorgeous couple. Love the portraits of Brittany by the window. Stunning!

  40. Lindy: ( )

    so so soo much class. these are just beautiful!!

  41. ashley link: ( )

    dream wedding!!!!! my goodness! she was such a super model! and she looked so joyous in every picture! i love all the reception pictures! she’s so so happy and you can just hear her laughter. it’s awesome! you did a great job capturing all of the emotions in this wedding! so much joy! :)

  42. marion white: ( )

    fabulous pictures of an amazing day- so happy to have been part of it x

  43. Samantha: ( )

    Wow! These are absolutely stunning – beautiful work you two!!

  44. Britne: ( )

    This is so phenomenal… I loved looking through these pictures especially because the bride looked like a princess.

  45. Brenda: ( )

    Beautiful wedding! Definitely a great way to start 2013 and soooo glad that you and Michael were there together! Great team work. This is a favorite!

  46. Daddy: ( )


  47. Alex: ( )

    absolutely incredible!! I love the lighting. This is such a fun wedding and extremely classy. Great Job KK.

  48. Laura Hernandez: ( )

    I might have said this before, but I think this is one of my most favorite wedding portraits you have ever taken. Just breathtaking.

  49. Kelsey: ( )

    Katelyn, you are just amazing. What a dream to shoot!!!

  50. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    One of my new favorite weddings! Brittany is absolutely beautiful…and those bridesmaid dresses (and their bouquets….AH! So much prettiness in one post. :)

  51. Samantha: ( )

    This has to be one of my favorite weddings you’ve posted! Absolutely stunning!!

  52. Stephanie Messick: ( )

    I love EVERYTHING about that!!! Excellent job Katelyn! :)

  53. Lynn: ( )

    Amazing stunning work. Love!!

  54. Mary: ( )

    This is like heaven to me!!! I just want to marry this wedding. Katelyn, you are such an inspiration.

  55. Ashley Jock: ( )

    My favorite!!! I love these!

  56. Kristina W.: ( )

    This wedding is absolute perfection.

  57. Kathryn Grace: ( )

    Talk about some AMAZING light!!! Beeeautiful!

  58. Sandra Rodriguez: ( )

    WOW! Such a wonderful way to capture a special day! Just stunning! Love this post! Best wishes to the bride and groom!

  59. Jessica Vidmar Photography: ( )

    I’m sorry but these are so stunning it hurts! Keep up the amazing work Katelyn : )

  60. Shauna: ( )

    This was gorgeous! Love!

  61. Erin: ( )

    Gorgeous images! Such yummy afternoon light – I agree with you!

  62. Anna: ( )

    Hi Katelyn! I’ve been following your blog for awhile and just wanted to let you know that this post was one of the best I’ve seen!
    The last picture especially is beautiful!

  63. Becca Caniglia: ( )

    wow! this is absolutely stunning! you are so incredibly talented. I only hope to meet and learn from you one day. :)

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    What a stunning wedding and a stunning bride!

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