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like the way Young House Love blogs about their home projects! They don’t just share a 100% completed room all at once, they show the progress! Well that’s the approach we’re taking with our new house! It’s not done but it’s definitely getting closer and closer each month! This past month, I worked on my office a little bit. Several weeks ago I asked all of your blog readers to give your opinion about which image I should blow up for my office wall and the response was GREAT!! I loved hearing everyone’s opinion! Well, I’m excited to show you which one I picked!!

I’m also excited to finally have some curtains in the office! Curtains CHANGE EVERYTHING! They really do! Want to transform a room? Paint it and buy some curtains that are the appropriate length for your ceiling height. Curtains “soften” a room instantly!!! I’m sad that we’re almost done with curtains in our house because I love them so much!! Anyway, here are some before and afters to show the progress of my office space!

Paint | Sherwin Williams, “Waterscape”, Curtains | Z-Gallerie, Desk | Pottery Barn, Chairs, Table & Lamps | Homegoods

So this is before we moved in! 

Progress! See, paint changes EVERYTHING! Our friend Wendy encouraged us to paint the ceiling and I can’t imagine NOT painting it now!

More progress….

Ta-da!!!! I picked the shot from Brian and Kristen’s Californian wedding! The colors of the hills tie into the room so well and the car “pops” off the wall! I love it!  And the curtains make it seem cozy!!

I also added two little canvases above and below Lauryn and Jared’s portrait! Candle from Anthropology.

YAY!!! Check out all of our other “home” posts HERE! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Julie @ Table for Two reply

    I have those curtains in my office too, Katelyn!! Great minds or eyes for design? ;) haha love it!

  2. Sarah reply

    ah Katelyn! I so wish I had your eye for decorating! I love it! :)

  3. Libby McGowan reply

    This is just beautiful.. like a sanctuary.. Love the large canvas..all the elements in that capture.. to.die.for.

  4. Megan reply

    Gorgeous, now I must re-do my whole house. ha ha!

  5. Dixie Dobbins reply

    Love this post, love the room, my fav color. Great job Katelyn!

  6. Gayle Driver reply

    Beautiful, Katelyn!

  7. Krista A. Jones reply

    My hands are on your wall! So fun! :) Love your office!

  8. katie reply

    You are amazing at decorating! I wish I had a knack for it!

  9. Bethany McDonnell reply


  10. Haley reply

    I have office envy! Simply gorgeous!

  11. Rachel reply

    Love this katelyn! And yes, you chose the right canvas. :) I’d would love to see a chandelier like this in your beautiful office!

  12. Rachel reply

    Love the canvas! It’s my favorite picture of your’s ever!! I’d love to see what a crystal bubble chandelier would look like in your office. :)

  13. Annetta reply

    beautiful!! That canvas looks great in that space!

  14. Winnie reply

    Your home is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your progress. God bless you and your husband.

  15. Leandra reply

    I love everything about this room! It looks stunning!

  16. Kathryn Grace reply

    Love it!

  17. Carrie logan reply

    GORGEOUS!! ahhhh katelyn i love it!

  18. Elizabeth V reply

    Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Stephanie Messick reply

    GORGEOUS as always Katleyn! xoxo

  20. Mikaela reply

    Wow! I adore this! Well done, katelyn!

  21. Kristina W. reply

    Those curtains are beautiful! I love white and airy curtains! When I finally buy a house and am allowed to paint my walls however I like I want your decorating advice! :)

  22. Rici reply

    You are incredible!! So much Katelyn! Love it!!!
    ~ Saluti.

  23. Brenda reply

    Perfect canvas choice! The whole office is beautiful. Glad you’re having fun with the house decorating.

  24. Ashlyn reply

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Love the curtains! (And the photo- it matches so well!)

  25. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    That wasn’t the canvas I voted for but I think it looks better in your office than the one I picked! You have such great taste!!

  26. Kelly Green reply

    Beautiful, can you come decorate my house ;)

  27. Amanda reply

    I just told Nathan that I helped you decided on the big canvas print with the car, and he just laughed and laughed. “I am serious honey!!! I did!”

  28. Emily Kathryn reply

    This is just amazing, Katelyn! Thank you so much for posting that paint color…I’ve wondered before what exactly color that is on your walls. My hubby & I are about to open a boutique in Southcentral VA and I told him I want an office like yours. :)

  29. Darcy Potter reply

    Please come to my house and be my interior decorator! I love seeing all your before and afters! Your office is AMAZING and the color is so tranquil :) I would love to work in that space everyday! Fabulous choices on every detail!

  30. Debrah (Tess) Woods reply

    I have the exact same chairs I got quite a while back, but they are pink and I also have the same pillows. That’s too funny, I like them in teal better. I love what you did with the room, looks fabulous!

  31. PAIGE OVERTURF reply

    ooh, just love. the colors are perfection!

  32. Louann spanel reply

    Would you share the color of the paint on your walls. Love your decorating and love the wall color. Thanks

  33. Leesa Peterson reply

    Beautiful Job! I have you pinned I think a few times! Would you mind sharing where you got your chairs? I am doing this wall color in my bathroom and would love this chair for my vanity. Thanks!

  34. Sam reply

    I love your office but I have a question. Where is your storage?

  35. Mel reply

    would you share where you found your desk and what brand it is? I love the shape and it would be perfect for the room i have.

  36. julie reply

    How do you hide your computer cords? I would love to know:) Your photography and decorating are both gorgeous!

  37. Samantha Danis reply

    Hi there! I absolutely love your office space, colours and all. I was just wondering where you purchased your desk from. I can’t seem to find anything remotely similar anywhere! Thank you :)


  38. Lauren reply

    I am so in love with this office!! I have seen another pic from a different angle, in it there is a beautiful white magazine rack on the wall near the desk – I was wondering where you go this from?


  39. Brande reply

    Hi Katelyn,

    I love your office! I found it as a pin on Pinterest a while ago and have been looking for the total room view ever since. I’m definitely looking to mimic your desk look with an old metal desk that I currently have. The room is gorgeous and I look forward to exploring the blog more.

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  42. Katie reply

    Where did you get the desk, and pretty much everything else for this office?! That desk is the perfect style for my new office!

  43. Cassie reply

    Hi! Came across this on pinterest, its a beautiful room!! I’m wondering where you go your desk from? It’s exactly what I am looking for!

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