• An Old Town Alexandria Anniversary Session

We originally scheduled their anniversary session for July but then we realized that we were BOTH pregnant and the 100+ temperatures and 90% humidity weren’t ideal for a shoot! So we postponed it until August and we are so glad we did! The heat wave slipped away just in time to have a beautiful shoot this past Friday evening! The light and the breeze were perfect!

We have known these two since before their wedding! Anna Grace attended one of my workshops all the way back in 2014!! Then we had the privilege of being their engagement, wedding and now anniversary photographers!! We love their story, their families and their love for one another! It’s so much fun to not only see AG’s business grow but now we get to watch their FAMILY grow too!!! That little baby is so lucky to have such incredible parents’s!!
So enjoy some of my FAVORITES from their shoot and if you’re wondering where we took these, this is a little park at the end of Old Town Alexandria and I love it!!!
xoxo, Katelyn
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  2. Shweta reply

    Lovely Couple. I am so delighted to see you always together. Thanks so much sir for this amazing article.

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    Beautiful looking..! Nice out-feet for all collection and colour combination are also good

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    Great photos. So sweet

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