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The Garter and All Things Peacock!
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Once again…

I got a little “glue gun” happy with this project. I made my garter back in July and I love it! I love it because it’s different, it’s vintage-y and it has PEACOCK FEATHERS on it! I have been living and breathing “peacock” for a YEAR now!!!!  Actually, over a year! Luckily I haven’t got tired of the teal, feathery goodness. Every time I see something peacocky I think to myself “I’m sure we could use that somewhere for 10-10-10!”. I have a huge collection in our basement! I have thrift stores, online craft stores and YOU to thank! Seriously, some of you guys have share some of the CUTEST links on my wall! I love it! I’m going to be sad when 10-10-10 is …

…… over and I have no reason to collect peacock things….however, I think I have a solution! (Michael hasn’t heard about this yet, surprise!) We’re going to have peacock themed Christmas Tree!!!!  It’ going to be perfect! Our living room has a splash of deep teal and so a peacock tree would work so well! Not only will our tree match the room, it will also be an awesome reminder of our wedding day! I’m pumped for Christmas already!!!  So, hope you liked my garter!  and let’s hope my sewing job holds up ok! ha!

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  1. Chelsea Patricia: ( )

    You are SO creative!

    LOVE everything for the wedding so far!

  2. Sydni B: ( )

    Katelyn, this is so cute! The garter is so pretty and I love the embellishments. You (and faithfully stalking your blog all summer) have inspired me to go vintage peacock for homecoming!!

  3. jenn: ( )

    love the garter and love the idea for the christmas tree! i hope michael goes for it too :)

  4. molly d: ( )

    Can’t wait to see your wedding pictures!!! I know it will be beautiful!

  5. tori: ( )


  6. Brittany: ( )

    Is there anything you CAN’T do?! Too cute!!!

  7. Susan: ( )

    Now I KNOW I should have added a peacock feather to my project!! Please feel free to add. :D

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