Our Maternity Portraits

  • For Baby Alsop #3

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m blogging maternity photos again. I must sound like a broken record when I say that the last two years have been insane. I don’t remember what it feels like to get to wear normal clothes for more than a couple months at a time. I REALLY don’t remember laying on my stomach!! And I’m in awe of what God has allowed my body to do. In April I will be giving birth for the 3rd time in 26th months and that’s amazing.

When we found out that we were pregnant again in August 2019 after losing James in May of 2019, I worried about my body being able to do this all over again. My OB assured me that my body could handle it.  She was more concerned for me emotionally than physically because of all of the stress that comes with growing another baby after experiencing one of the worst case scenarios just months before.  Thankfully, this pregnancy has been everything that I hoped and prayed for. It has been my easiest pregnancy to date and I haven’t had any complications…. I don’t even have gestational diabetes like I did with Evy.

There is a part of me that worries that my struggle and complications will come with birth… but then again, I have no reason to think that would be the case. I have never experienced a normal pregnancy and so I think I’m just automatically accustomed to assuming that I need to be ready for bad news. I don’t want to live in fear and so I’m constantly asking God to help me trust Him throughout my final weeks carrying this little boy.

I say “little” boy but he’s been measuring in the 96 percentile for a while now…. he’s not little. Most people I say that to say “Oh well they are always off with those numbers” and I agree…. but then I remind them that Evy was 9lbs 10oz.  Suddenly their “Oh he’s probably not big” comments subside and they just say “Good luck”. haha Thankfully, unless I show signs of pre-eclampsia, he shows signs of distress or he turns breech, I will be able to wait to go into labor on my own and I’m praying for that.

This entire journey has been such a gift to me. Every time that we leave our OB office with nothing but normal, good news, I’m amazed and so incredibly thankful. I may feel huge and tired and totally over being pregnant but I look at these beautiful images that my sweet friend Jill took at Big Spring Farm and I’m amazed that God has given us another baby….. who is healthy.

Enjoy some of my favorites and thank you Jill for capturing this season of our lives for the third time!! Ps. These were taken at 30 weeks! The latest maternity portraits I’ve ever taken. Lets just say, it’s a little more flattering to take them earlier, especially with your third! But I’m just so thankful to have them done and that Jill could do them!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Courtney Adams reply

    Good heavens, you are gorgeous and your family is so precious! Congratulations!

  2. Molly Stillman reply

    absolutely beautiful, katelyn <3

  3. Kim reply

    Such gorgeous photos of gorgeous people! Praying for you and baby boy, for a continued healthy pregnancy and a healthy, natural delivery.

  4. Lindsay Adkins Photography reply

    These are STUNNING!!
    I’m so happy for your family. This brings so much joy to see that beautiful belly. Hugs!

  5. Katrin Kind reply

    Such a cute family! Alle the best for you until he will finally be in your arms. I´m so excited!

  6. Renae reply

    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and your hair looks so good! Best wishes in the weeks ahead!

  7. Our Maternity Portraits – Paula Le reply

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  8. Sara reply

    You are absolutely stunning, Katelyn! Jill has done an amazing job on your maternity pictures for your three babies! I cannot wait to hear your son’s name. Rainbow babies are so so special. I had the easiest birth imaginable with my rainbow baby and I pray you will as well. When friends heard that, they’d say, “Not fair!” And I said, maybe it was because the almost two years leading up to the birth were so stressful? You deserve all the sunshine and rainbows coming your way. I am so happy for you and your family and so glad you’re having a great pregnancy.

  9. Amy reply

    Katelyn!! SO happy to read the great news about your healthy pregnancy!! I’m also still pregnant (due tomorrow!!) and reading such positive stories makes my heart sing for you and your family!! Will be thinking of you!! x

  10. Laurie Haarer reply

    Katelyn, you look absolutely beautiful. Almost time! I’m so happy and excited for you all! Envy will be a great big sister! It’ll be exciting to watch them bond. God has blessed you with a precious gift!

  11. Cecile reply

    Hi katelyn just followed you resently and curious about your story. I brouse your website and read your blog.Your story is truly inspirational. Your faith and love to your kids is unconditional. I wanted you to know that a lot of us support you in prayers. Godbless.

  12. Kristi reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love your blog and all your educational resources, but I especially appreciate you sharing your heart with all of us. I had a miscarriage in October and then got pregnant again right away, and it has been so hard to enjoy this pregnancy (most likely our last one). Everything has been fine so far, but it is so hard to live with the fear, and just reading that I’m not the only one going through those thoughts and feelings on this journey too has been so encouraging. We really don’t have to live in fear, because we are not alone! I wish the best for you and your family, and will be praying for you all!!! God bless!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    Hooray for Baby Alsop #3!!! Hoping for a smooth and safe delivery for both of you.

  14. Jacinthe Dina reply

    Ahhh congratulations Katelyn and Michael!!! I am so out of touch, I never even realized you guys were expecting a baby again! But I’m SO happy for you guys! We’re having our third baby in a few weeks too. :) Please pray for us if you will — and I’ll def. pray for you and your expanding family tonight! <3

  15. Jacinthe Dina reply

    P.S. I totally forgot to add… Katelyn you look BEAUTIFUL on these photos! I think you see yourself differently than we do. :) You’re a gorgeous pregnant mommy, really! And now I’m off to dream of belly pictures for us too…

  16. Thea reply

    These look so soft and natural! Your dress is beautiful as well. I’m planning for my maternity photo shoot and I’m having a difficult time finding something nice to wear. Could you share where you got your stunning dress from?

  17. Adam Cavanagh reply

    Such beautiful photos. And congrats!!

  18. Leeann reply

    Beautiful! Congratulations!

  19. Angela Harrison reply

    The way your husband looks at you, the way you look at him. It’s a love that only a few know, because it’s the love of Christ. You both are blessed by our makers hands, as we now know, your baby boy is a healthy “hunky” fella. Best of all, your going to raise someone’s husband and possibly father. Your already raising someone’s wife and possibly mother. What amazing role models, not ashamed to show their love of Christ, each other and family, among many other things. God Bless

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