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literally on my way to the airport. Like, I’m in the car, typing on an iPad so please forgive the typos! I’m shooting a wedding in CA tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited!! It’s going to be beautiful!! So today I’m sharing a little peek of my packaging!!! This post is long overdue! I’ve been using this packaging for a while and I can’t believe I haven’t blogged it yet! Last year I decided that I was tired of CD’s. My disk drive was going bad and the burning process was burning me out (haha I crack myself up:). So I opted for a more modern option….the flash drive. It’s small, it’s easy and it’s compact!

I ordered 50 8gb drives and 25 2 gb drives and I reworked my packaging to accommodate for this change. I loved it! Packaging a flash drive is so much faster than my CD’s. I’ll be sure to share where I order all of my packaging supplies but before I mention that, let me explain a little something.
I truly believe that it is only a matter of a few years before “packaging” becomes obsolete in photography industry. I’ve already switched to a gallery program that allows my clients to download high res files instantly. (I’ll be blogging about PASS soon!). So why package up weddings and engagements when the client already has access to their files online? I think it comes down to two “P’s”: Personal & Presentation
When you’re a small business, your greatest asset is YOU. You have the ability to be personal with your clients! When you only work with 30 couples a year in your business, why not take advantage of the fact that you can actually KNOW them individually. Every time I send out a client’s flash drive, I include a personal note that is handwritten. I never understood how this was important until I received my CD and note from Jasmine for our engagement pictures. I loved that she took the time to write us! And I still have ALL of her notes and packaging saved with our wedding stuff. Why? Because that was a part of our experience! Being personal in little ways makes an incredible impact on your clients because it allows them to feel connected to you in one more way.
The other perk of packaging is that it’s a tangible presentation of your business. To be honest, my packaging costs over $1200 a year. That’s pretty pricy for something that isnt necessary. So when I started using PASS, I told Michael that my packaging days were over. Then I was reminded of why presentation is SO important when several clients tagged me in picture on Facebook that showed off their packaging that they had just received in the mail. Now, it’s common to see at least 1-2 of those posts a month! My brides love getting little pretty things in the mail and I can totally relate!!
So even though packaging isnt a necessity for file distribution, it’s a necessary part of my business. It represents my brand in a classy, chic way and my brides are loving it!! So here are some resources that I use:
Flash drives :
Stationary and paper products: WHCC
Boxes: h-b photo
Ribbon: Walmart
Return address labels: Vistaprint
(I’ll include links when I’m not 20,000 feet in the air with sketchy wifi!)

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  1. Clare reply

    Oh my word! I can’t wait to see that in my mailbox. Have fun in CA, girl!!!! Can’t wait to see the photos! xo

  2. Brittani reply

    So beautiful! I love the custom stamps and the fact that a jump drive can save your computer a little wear and tear. I’m big on personal thank you’s, and I also think it’s important to start offering that personal touch even at the beginning when a client initially books. I always send a hand written thank you note after I get their contract :)

  3. Shelby Anderson reply


  4. sharon elizabeth reply

    i still have all of your notes too Katelyn! =) =)

  5. Sara S reply

    Yup, it totally made my day when we got our engagement photos that way in the mail!!! Loved it. Also, love the shot of Bokeh at the end ;)

  6. katie reply

    so pretty!!!!

  7. Anna K. reply

    Katelyn! Thank you so much for doing this post! I have been using PASS and it is AMAZING, but I feel like their is a disconnect with my couples and one even asked me if she could still get a disc. So this totally makes sense! Thank you for always being so helpful and informative! Have a blast in California!

  8. Kathleen Carey reply

    I hope Michael was taking you to the airport and you weren’t driving as you typed this! :) haha just kidding! I haven’t gotten engaged or anything but I can see how I would appreciate hand-written notes and pretty packages with my photos ready to be uploaded to my computer! So I can see how it’s a good investment, even if it is a little pricey each year. Enjoy California!!! I’m sure you will have some GORGEOUS photos (as always!) to show us soon!!! :) Praying for safe travels for you!

  9. kelsey reply

    O My I loved and squealed when I got my teal package and couldn’t wait to open it and still have it in the teal box that sits out :) your personal touches are priceless!

  10. Amelia reply

    Getting our zip drives in the mail made my day!!!! Definetly worth it!!!

  11. Lydia reply

    I live in California! Where is your wedding at? Absolutely love your packaging!!

  12. stephanie fay reply

    I have been searching everywhere for a good USB company! im sold! :) Your presentation looks SO beautiful! :)

  13. Kristina W. reply

    Even though it’s pricey, I don’t think an online gallery could ever replace giving your clients a flash drive. With an investment in wedding photography I would want something tangible that can’t be taken away by a bad internet connection.

  14. Charlotte Jennings reply

    Thanks for sharing Katelyn! Beautiful as always!!! Love how it’s so fresh and so clean, clean. LOL And that little Bokeh is just tooooo stinking adorable!!!

  15. Charlotte Bryer-Ash reply

    I love your packaging!! Just the sort of thing I am looking to achieve, and like you say its making the service personal :) Have a great weekend x

  16. Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} reply

    I adore your packaging, Katelyn! And I couldn’t agree with you more on the handwritten note and continuing to make everything pretty and personal for your brides/clients. It’s part of your brand and who you are. And I love that you are sticking with it! <3

  17. Hannah Elise reply

    First off, I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! You are an amazing photographer and I am always so inspired by your work. Thanks for all that you share. Lovely packaging…I totally agree that it is SO important..that is one of my favorite things to do–package things for my clients. I’m curious where you got the oval stickers in the last picture of this post? those are awesome!

  18. Annetta reply

    Thanks for this Katelyn!! I think I might have to move in this direction. It would be so much easier.

  19. Stephanie Fox reply

    couldn’t agree more!

  20. Rachel Ruffer reply

    So, do you encourage your clients to store the drive safely somewhere, or back the images up onto a computer (or two) and encourage them to use the flash drive for other things, too? (Free marketing!)

  21. danielle reply

    did you just use the dvd clamshell and take out the dvd thing for your box or what type of box did you order?

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  23. Danielle lathwell reply

    I was just wondering, a flash drive is a fabulous idea but how many images are you managing to fit on the 8gb flash and at what size??

  24. Trish Kemp reply

    This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I have been working on creating something similar for my clients. Awesome work!! :) – Trish

  25. Pabst Photo reply

    Awesome. i am a photographer in chicago looking for custom packaging ideas. Really dig it.

  26. Devon reply

    Wow! your packaging looks beautiful! WE are currently in the process of switching from Dvd to flashdrive and i found your blog, you gave me lots of great ideas.

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  28. Amy reply

    Hi!! I was wondering which box it was u ordered from h-b photo? I know they offer different ones and I noticed yours doesn’t have the slot for the USB made in and I like that! Did u get the invitation box? If so what size is this one?

  29. Ashley Neth reply

    Hi, I love the packaging. I wanted to ask where you got the tags that are attached to the USB drives from?

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  31. Becky reply

    Hi Katelyn, I am still in the early stages of wedding photography so I am not wanting to spend a ton on packaging yet. I’m thinking of trying to come up with something similar to this with my logo and branding. I was wondering what kind of box you got form b-h? Also did you add the cover to the box??

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