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Ask Anything

First Looks
weddings first looks for brides and grooms

First Looks.

….they might possibly be the best new wedding trend out there. When I first heard about doing a “First Look” I thought to myself…”that’s cool… but I’ll NEVER do it for my own wedding”.  Ohh I can be SO wrong sometimes! Not only did Michael and I share a First Look on our wedding day, I also encourage ALL of my couples to do one as well! First Looks are amazing and SO incredibly helpful to photographers! I have had several photographers ask about First Looks recently and so I thought that maybe I should do an Ask Anything post about them! I’m definitely not a pro at shooting them but I have had more couples

Andrew + Stephanie | Engaged

Ashland Virginia Wedding Photographer
steph and andrew virginia wedding photographer

The Day

after the girl’s sleepover at our house, I wasn’t thinking and scheduled two sessions that were back to back! I was a little worried about my lack of sleep and how that would affect my energy level. Well, I am happy to report that I made it through just fine and shot two of my most favorite sessions from this fall! Maybe I should shoot with less sleep more often! (Michael, I’m kidding).  Stephanie has been on my “can’t wait to hangout with” list since we started emailing this past summer! She was so excited to be engaged, LOVES pictures and LOVES details! I love her!! The best part about engagements sessions is that I get to meet the bride’s other half! I had never met

Jazz Nativity!

A Night of Jazz at Gayton Baptist Church
jazz nativity gayton baptist church

Love Jazz?!

Love coffee?!!  Love CHRISTMAS?! Then you’ll LOVE Jazz Nativity at Gayton Baptist Church! Gayton Baptist is our new church home in the West end of Richmond and we are so excited to a part of their Christmas Season. Ever since we started talking to this church, we have been hearing about the Jazz Nativity! Evidently it’s a big deal!! We’re excited to experience a relaxed evening  of coffee and amazing music.  If you’re free DECEMBER 4th or 5th, live in Richmond and are up for little Jazz concert,

A Day of Thanksgiving

And a whole lot of food!
thanksgiving dinner decor


Yay for eating way too much food, being with family, and getting to hangout in the mountains! This year Michael and I decided to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in the beautiful mountains of Charleston, WV! Michael’s Aunt Susan and Uncle Ed’s house has been an infamous location in the Alsop family for years! Michael and I came to visit several times during high school and we were so excited to come back! Michael’s family has felt like my family since BEFORE we started dating (8 years ago!!!).  However, it had been fun being here and being a REAL Alsop for the first time! I love it! Today we did a whole lot of nothing and it was wonderful.


Wedding Wednesday

Travel Lenses for the Honeymoon
travel lenses for honeymoon

It was my

biggest dilemma…. more important than which flats to take, or choosing to take 5 necklaces rather than that one realllly heavy one that I love. This decision drove me crazy for a few days before the honeymoon. I remember saying to Michael “Ohhhh I just don’t know which one to choose!!” He would always respond with something like “Katelyn, it’s not that big of a deal.”   Ummm Excuse me?! YES, yes it is most definitely a BIG DEAL! Deciding which lenses to take to our Mediterranean honeymoon was huge.  The first thing I did was take my battery grip off the bottom of my camera body. That saved me a ton of shoulder pain! Next, I thought about what I