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Michael + Brittany

A Wedding at The Maples | Upperville Wedding Photographer


walked out of our hotel to head to Michael and Brittany’s venue, The Maples, and my heart sank a little bit…. it was raining. It was sprinkling just enough to be annoying and by the time we arrived at the venue, everything was soaked. So I immediately started planning out all of our “covered” portrait options around the property. I have explained before that rain doesn’t hinder our work… if anything, it makes us MORE creative!! But we all know that no bride PREFERS rain on her big day! So for the sake of Brittany (and her pictures), I was praying for the skies to clear up! …. And guess what?! They did!!! The sun peaked through the clouds right as Brittany was stepping into her dress!! Even though I was a little disappointed when I thought that it was going to be a rainy day, deep down I knew that no matter what, rain or shine,


The Workshop Experience

September 2014 | Behind the Scenes


moving slow today! I just finished a two day workshop where I taught all of our new photog friends that blogging early in the morning or the night before is the BEST way to get the most traffic… and here I am blogging at 12pm! haha What a hypocrite! :) I’m giving myself some grace because we’ve been going non-stop and so I totally slept in today! Bokeh did too!! We’ll be in recovery mode for the next two days and then we’re off to Ohio for a wedding!

Tony + Bryana

A Morais Vineyard Wedding | Bealeton Virginia Wedding Photographer
morais vineyards wedding


an excitement that photographers experience when shooting at new venues for the first time! This past weekend we got to shoot at TWO new venues that we have never shot at before and it was so much fun! These locations were GORGEOUS! The first wedding was Tony and Bryana’s at Morais Vineyards in Bealeton, Virginia! We have passed this venue on the way to other weddings and I have always made a comment about how it looks like it could be located in Tuscany or Spain! This venue is awesome! It’s TOTALLY different from any other venue in the state. The style and architecture is gorgeous and I just loved having a chance to photograph something NEW! New getting ready location, new portrait locations, new ceremony location… it’s exciting to change it up every now and then! The more venues I shoot at in Virginia, the more I appreciate our state! We have so many awesome locations for WEDDINGS in Virginia!!


Meredith's Bridals

A Classic Richmond Bridal Shoot


not often that I get to do bridal sessions. However, when I do, I LOVE them! Especially when I’m working with brides like Meredith! I just love her and I’m actually feeling a little bittersweet writing up this blog post because it’s her last post! I can’t believe their wedding has already happened! I feel like we were just emailing about how she had just gotten engaged!! Is it just me or does time seem to fly by faster and faster the older we get?! We’re approaching the final months of wedding season and we can’t believe it! So back to Meredith! Meredith lives in Wytheville but was sweet

A Change in the Plans

Bokeh's Bandage & Puppy Insurance


have recently spent a large amount of time with our friends that have kids. Toddlers, 6 month olds, 3 year olds…. the one thing that seems to be consistent among all of them is that their life and their schedule is determined by their children. You can plan on getting 6 hours of sleep but no matter how hard you try to plan, if your baby wakes you up at 3am, you’re not getting your 6 hours. Plans have to be flexible. Michael and I are not ready for that big life change quite yet. However, every now and then, we get a teeny tiny taste of what parenting may be like one day.