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The Workshop Experience

Behind the Scenes | November 2014


workshop is one for the books! It mean, I knew about all of the surprises but I didn’t realize just how epic they would be until they happened! We had 12 amazing women drive and fly in from all over the country for this November workshop experience! Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia…. WOW!!! How incredible is that?! I’m blown away just typing those locations out!!! But not only did these awesome ladies make this an incredible workshop, there were TWO PROPOSALS!!!!! WHAT?! Not one, but TWO!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!

Mark + Emily

A Sacred Heart Catholic Church Wedding | Richmond, VA


was greeted by all of her brothers and dad the morning of the wedding. They all had a chance to see her first. Tears were held back and a few were shed. This is just one of the beautiful moments of Mark and Emily’s day. Their first look, their gorgeous ceremony location, the fall leaves in their portraits, Emily opening her gift from Mark and freaking out… There are so many moments that stick out to me. This is our second to last wedding of the season and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint in the slightest! Now I knew that Emily was going to be a gorgeous bride, but I was just in awe of her beauty throughout the day. Mark and Em are such a beautiful, joyful and spirited couple! You’ll be able to see this through their images! I can’t wait for you to view them!!


Ryan + Jaime | Married

A Fall Anniversary Shoot | Richmond Virginia


I have great ideas… and then sometimes I have ideas that seem great but definitely don’t go quite as I had planned. “Coaching Huddles” were a great example of one my ideas that didn’t go as planned. The amazing thing is that my ideas that don’t go as planned always turn out to be exactly what they were supposed to be! I launched a coaching huddle in LA and one person signed up. ONE. But guess what! That one person has become a sweet friend of mine and I’m so thankful that our “huddle” didn’t turn out to be what we thought it would be. Jaime and I hit it off from the beginning and I just love her!!!

Keith + Katelyn | Engaged

A Waterfront Marina Engagement Shoot

We met

them at Keith’s parent’s house up in northern Virginia one evening this week. Katelyn opened the door, we met each other for the first time and 20 minutes later we had to make a conscious decision to stop talking and head out the door for the shoot!! Wedding venues, waterfront property, lawn care… we talked about it all! We could have chatted with these two forever! They are such a fun, genuine couple who can make anyone feel welcomed. I love couples like this!! This is how it should be!

Refreshed and Reset

Take a Little Break from the Daily Demands

It’s been

a LONG time since I have been able to blog something other than engagement shoots and weddings. That has been our life the last few months. This is our craziest time of the year and while we’re so thankful for our work and our clients, I’m looking forward to lazy winter mornings when I can blog about Bokeh Boy or a new home decorating project…. or a new Ask Anything post! The end is near and it’s bittersweet. We love this job and I leave every wedding with a huge “Mission Accomplished” feeling!! It’s incredible to look back at the past year and see all that we accomplished.