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finally heading home! YAY!!! After two weeks of traveling, we’re excited to head back to our bed, see family and do laundry! Whew! Normally I overpack… but this trip is proof that sometimes all of my outfits are completely necessary! I think Michael is re-wearing clothes for the third time today! Yikes! We’ve been gone for a while and we have had such a great break from the day-to-day grind of emails, blogging, editing and more editing! In my opinion, a GREAT vacation results in a renewed energy to work again! I’m definitely feeling that… but I’m also excited for Thanksgiving break! :)

While we didn’t work on the trip, we did make time for some quick portraits on the beach when we were in Grand Cayman! And when I say “quick”… I mean like 20 minutes! I took a few portraits of each couple for a few minutes and it was so much fun. After scrolling through these I realized something…. we have GORGEOUS friends!!!! What beautiful travel buddies we had this week! Enjoy a few of my favorites from each couple!!

And a HUGE thank you to Jill and Troy and Aimee for taking so many beautiful ones of US!!! YAY!!!! We love having new portraits!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Emily reply

    these are all so adorable! such gorgeous couples!

  2. Natalie reply

    This is just perfect! I’m so glad you had such an incredible trip! Xo!

  3. Ashley Durham reply

    So gorgeous!!!

  4. Kat reply

    Beautiful!!! So happy you had an amazing time!!!

  5. Tori Watson reply

    so many cute ones of ALL of you! love these!

  6. Debbie reply

    So gorgeous! Makes me wish we had photog friends to travel with so that we could have vacation pics too! We just got back from Florida and only have selfies to show for it :-( Meet you in Miami next year ;-)

  7. Amy Demos reply

    You guys!! Love these so much!! All that’s missing is a Photoshopped Amy & Jordan :-) We’re living vicariously through these!

  8. Keri reply

    Obsessed with these!!! What lens did you use for these gorgeous shots?

  9. Caroline Logan reply

    Adore every single one!! So happy you all could have this sweet time together!! :)

  10. Amanda reply

    Wow! How beautiful! What is your technique to getting perfectly exposed photos on the beach?? if you dont mind me asking of course-

  11. adam barnes reply

    these are perfection… enjoy the time away!

  12. Kristina W. reply

    Wow, the water looks incredible! :) I’m sure everyone is really hapy to have such beautiful portraits with such a beautiful location!

  13. Karena DIxon reply

    So cute! What a great idea!

  14. Johane reply

    Hi. Love all these pics!!! Which lens did you bring for the vaca?? Thanks

  15. Shaina Koren reply

    Beautiful portraits as always! Cannot wait to catch up with you two!

  16. Katie reply

    this looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! <3

  17. Katie reply

    P.S. Katelyn you look AMAZING! those burgundy pants have to fit you by now! ;)

  18. Casi reply

    These images are absolutely stunning!!!! So glad you were able to get some downtime and relax. You deserved it – all of you!

  19. elizabeth. reply


  20. Rachel May reply

    You guys are so stinking gorgeous, all of you!! what a blessing to spend time resting and relaxing with good friends!

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  22. Sydni Jackson reply

    Ummm this is like the best post ever! So many gorgeous photos of gorgeous couples !Love!

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