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I’ve been receiving that question since I tweeted that I was attending the PASS Tour in Washington DC last week! Well, as you all know, I’m a HUGE FAN of SHOWIT and I give them all the credit for making me look LEGIT. My website is totally ME and that’s because they gave me the tools to be able to create my website on my own! Their drag and drop technology revolutionized my WEB PRESENCE! If you want to see for yourself, visit my official website HERE! Well, David Jay and his awesome team of Showit people have now introduced a NEW product that is going to, once again, revolutionize this industry.

PASS is a new way of sharing, displaying and transferring full galleries of images to your clients. Instead of packaging up DVD’s and mailing them, this creates an option for your clients to simply download whatever he/she wants straight from their customized PASS site. Not only will this allow all photographers with Showit sites to really create a cohesive “look” between their website and client galleries, it is going to make Facebook your biggest marketing tool! (if it’s not already!) Clients can share full galleries by one click of a button and your link will be displayed on their facebook wall for all to see…. but get this….it automatically credits you with a link right back to their gallery! Talk about GREAT SEO advantages! This idea of online storage and instant downloading is going to take off and as they continue to develop PASS, I’m thrilled to start working it into my workflow! However, I did fuss at those showit guys for releasing this 6months too late! I JUST redid my packaging and I LOVE IT. So clients, don’t you worry, you will still get a pretty little TEAL package with a bow! At least for now!


So not only did we get to hear from David Jay about PASS and all that it has to offer, we also heard from other leading photographers and designers in the industry and I left feeling inspired! I also left with a new TO DO list!! Enjoy a few images and be sure to visit the PASS website to learn more!

Zach and Jody Gray of GRAY PHOTOGRAPHY.  They have HUGE hearts and amazing talent!!! Love them.

My sweet husband that sacrificed sleep and getting work done just to drive to DC and hangout with a bunch of photogs! He’s the best…. and he’s handsome.

Promise Tangeman and her awesome hair. Seriously, every time I try to do the “teasing” thing to my hair, it NEVER looks cool…. I envy her! Promise is just as sweet as she can be and so incredibly talented. It so refreshing to hear a DESIGNER speak, rather than a photographer. It’s such a different perspective and it’s refreshing! She makes me miss my graphic design era! (ya know, that 1 year internship in college… I totally told people I was a “graphic designer”… yea right.)

David Jay showing off PASS! I think he’s excited about it!

Amazing photographers that made this trip so much fun! Loved seeing you all!!!!

Ps. Continue to say a little prayer for Fat Susan…. my 27′ imac that is undergoing surgery today at the Apple store! I’m SO ready for her to come home so I can be productive!!!!!

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  1. Abby Grace Photography reply

    thank you SO MUCH for explaining PASS. I was completely befuddled when I went to the PASS website to try to figure it out, and all I could get out of anyone in ways of an explanation was that it had something to do with online galleries. I don’t currently use ShowIt, but this definitely makes me more interested!

  2. Rachel Tatem reply

    Sounds Amazing! Thanks for explaining!

  3. zach & Jody reply

    And how did we NOT get a photo together at the event!!! arg!! Love the blog and hopefully we will see you again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo – Jody

  4. JasmineStar reply

    Yes, I agree. Michael is handsome! ;)

  5. Chelsea LaVere reply

    Daaaang, girl, just had to put the one up where I totally look like I just bought out the cheese store! haha :)

  6. Sarah Mariel reply

    So great meeting you finally!! Noah says hi:)

  7. Jane Ammon reply

    Hi Katelyn! It was so nice to meet you there (I see myself in one of your images!) hopefully we can connect more! I am so excited to use PASS in my family photography!

  8. Josiah Blizzard reply

    HEy Katelyn, I got an email from David Jay and Pass saying that to sign up I need to email a showiteer and it took me a to a link of a video that you were in. I was hoping you would be able to send me an invite to join since that is the only way I can sign up. Not sure how this whole thing works yet, but it sounds amazing! Thanks so much!

    – Josiah Blizzard

  9. Sara Revermann reply

    Would you be able to send me an invite to pass? Thank you!!

  10. sarah mattix reply

    Hi! I saw your post about pass! I was wondering if you would be so kind to send me an invite! I would greatly appreciate it =)

    Thank you in advance!!

  11. Emily Martin reply

    Hi Katelyn! I was searching for the PASS website and found your post first. I know a ton of people are asking for invites, but you’re the only Showiteer I know! :) Anyway, if you’re able to send invites, I would absolutely love one! Thanks a bunch :)

  12. Erica reply

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I WOULD REALLY appreciate it!

  13. GlamourEffekt Hochzeitsfotograf reply

    cool stuff..

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