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Let me just admit that I have been trying to get this post done ALL DAY! It’s hard to finish a post when you keep remembering shots you reallly loved and just HAVE to add! Paul and Cindy are an incredible couple who met and fell in love at CNU! My almamater …. so weird to say! When they told me that they were trying to have their ceremony in the Trible Library I was excited, but I really wondered what this was going to look like.  There has never been a wedding done on the main campus of CNU but I should have known it was going to be fabulous! Everything flowed so smoothly!


Cindy was escorted down the curving staircase by her dad and met her husband-to-be directly under the rotunda.  Family and friends circled Cindy and Paul as they committed to loving each other and being best friends for the rest of their lives. It was beautiful! Gosh, I just LOVE WEDDINGS! I love seeing families and friends celebrate together. Everyone is so joyful and excited.  One of the highlights of this wedding was having Michael second shoot for me. There was something so awesome about being able to catch his eye and smile at him during the ceremony. I loved having him there. I also loved that I had someone there to grab that monster of a camera bag that I tote around!


It was so strange to use the library as a wedding location! I’ve spent years avoiding that place but now that I’m done with school, it’s actually quite pleasant!  It’s a beautiful location and the campus of Christopher Newport University is one of the prettiest in the state…but I may be biased. Enjoy a TON of images and leave some comment love for Paul and Cindy!


Cindy’s shoes were so perfect!

Cindy you are beyond gorgeous! Loved this shot!

So classy!

Hint to future brides: Have a TON of natural light in the room that you get ready in! You’ll have a TON of pictures because I just couldn’t stop using that light!

The boys!

This was the first wedding ceremony to ever be held in the library and I guarantee there will be more! It worked out perfectly!

Just FYI, it was Michael’s idea to use the study area to grab some bridal party shots while we waited for the guests to leave! What a great second shooter!

aw, look at him!


So they were walking away to the next stop for portraits and it hit me! The light is amazing! We should just stay here! So glad we did!

Ah! That light!!! It was amazing!

Transition shots are always some of my favorites!

I spent A LOT of time in that building!

A few shots from City Center!

Super fun details!

Paul and Cindy,

I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be apart of your big day! You are an amazing couple and are admired by many! Capturing your day was such a joy and an honor! Thank you! Enjoy the rest of the honeymoon!  xoxo, Katelyn

To see some more of Paul and Cindy’s images, view their slideshow by clicking here!

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  1. Kristen: ( )

    I can’t stop looking..they’re so pretty!!

  2. Erin: ( )

    It was a wonderful day…and now you have wonderful pictures to always remember!! Yay!

  3. Christine: ( )

    These pictures are beautiful! I love that they got married on campus.

  4. Michele: ( )

    Love all the yellow details, and the sparkler photo is amazing!

  5. Grace: ( )


  6. Andrea: ( )

    I love that you took photos at City Center. They turned out perfect! Especially with the fountains in the background.

  7. Melissa Farmer: ( )

    Love the photos in the library :) All the ones by the new mcmurran rank as my favorites :) Love yall!!!

  8. Sam: ( )

    I still love these pix!

  9. Lori: ( )

    The pictures are amazing!

  10. Lauren: ( )

    Wow, I love all the different lighting effects and the scenery is just gorgeous!! Beautiful photos! Congrats you two!

  11. Scott Berger: ( )

    Nice Paully. You hired a great photographer. You deserve a very big cracker for that.

  12. JJ Williams: ( )

    Wow, these photos are absolutely amazing. Congrats Paul and Cindy, you guys make a heck of a duo! :)

  13. Tyler: ( )

    Paul & Cindy you guys are so adorable! Cindy you looked beautiful! Wish I was able to celebrate with you!

  14. Sam: ( )

    I’m surprised you haven’t gotten 150 comments yet…..

  15. Sam: ( )

    Here is another commment – I still love the photos!

  16. Megan Bakel: ( )

    Everything looked perfect! You both look beautiful. What an AMAZING wedding a great pics!

  17. Paul Clegg: ( )

    I would like to say that we chose black and gold to go with the marble floor, but it was just a coincidence. Those aerial shots look great Katelyn!!!

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