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have seen these two before! If you don’t recognize them, let me refresh your memory! Kevin emailed me way back in the spring and asked if he could setup a coaching session for his girlfriend, Erika. I normally don’t do this just because I don’t have extra days for more coaching but I said ok because there was something really special about this coaching session…. he was going to propose during it!!! It went perfectly and Michael and I absolutely loved getting to know these two during that amazing day here in Richmond! Who knew that saying yes to one email would result in such a fun experience and new friendships!

Driving to State College, I felt like we were going to visit some old friends. We met Kevin and Erika at the CRACK of dawn on campus. We had just shot a wedding the night before in West Virginia and State College was only 3 hours away and so we made it happen! I warned Erika that I may be half asleep but to be honest, after going through their images, maybe I should shoot half asleep more often! ha! I think we did pretty well for 3 hours of sleep and achy bodies! I’m so thankful they were willing to do this early morning shoot because after we were done and we started heading to my sister’s place, I felt so accomplished! We shot two weddings and an engagement session AND visit my sister in a matter of 3 days…. and those events were all in different states!  So before we get to the pictures I have to thank my wonderful husband for making that whole weekend possible. He drove hundreds of miles so that I could work from the passenger seat and that’s how we get stuff done! Now I also have to thank Kevin’s parents for tagging along and holding on to Lilie during the shoot! Just wait until you see her! She’s precious and despite her energy and enthusiasm, she can be quite photogenic!!

So enjoy this shoot! I have so many favorites and I’m a new fan of Penn State. I had never been to State College until last Monday and so I feel like not only did  Michael and I cover a great distance, we saw new places too! Kevin and Erika thank you for sacrificing sleep on your labor day!!! We love ya and we can’t wait until next summer!!!

We shot these around the arboretum and we had the place to ourselves! 

Love this:)

Could they be more good looking?? Probably not.

And then there was Erika’s ring… so photogenic!!! 

Love this! We have to hold Bokeh that same way! If his back feet are free, he freaks out! 

Love it! Michael was holding this bloom! haha It was quite a sight watching me take this! 

Get it girl!

The next two are very similar… but I posted them both because I don’t know which I like better… and it’s my blog so I can do what I want :) 

Isn’t this an awesome place?!


Love this little spot! 

Another favorite! 

We may have risked our lives for this one but it was worth it:) 

And a few Jersey shots…

How cute is that?! 

Probably one of my all time favorite “jersey” shots. You guys look amazing! 

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  1. Urška Majer reply

    Such a gorgeous session! And their dog is such a cutie!

  2. Rici reply

    Really love the second outfits!
    Katelyn, did you use flash in the risk-your-life-image ? The BW one?
    Thank you! Ihis one is a great shot!
    ~ Saluti.

  3. Shuva Rahim reply

    it’s been a while since I checked out your blog… Love this session! so cute… love the street shot (been wanting to do something like that for a while)… love their second outfits… especially hers… the skirt is super cute… and the jerseys! adorable..and of course, their dog… made me smile :-)

  4. Kat reply

    I love the Jersey shots!! What a cute idea :)

  5. Kathryn Grace reply

    Beautiful! Love the ones with the architecture!

  6. SHalese reply

    Half asleep works for you :) This is a perfect engagement session!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    I love that there are so many different locations in one shoot! Super fun to look at.

  8. Rebekah Carter reply

    These are all so great! I especially love the one with the couple kissing & the dog looking up at them. Adorable!

  9. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    What a gorgeous couple! As always, the pictures are superb! My favorites are the ones by the hydrangea bushes and in the willow tree (of course!!). I think her ring is the one I love the most out of all the engagement rings you’ve photographed. Love it all!

  10. Carrie logan reply

    beautiful!! state college is stunning!! love their jersey shots ;) and that ring shot is my favorite of yours ever!! gahhhh!!!!!

  11. Chelsea reply

    I love everything about this shoot! Penn State anything and I’m in but this would be beautiful with or without my school pride. FANTASTIC looking couple and that dog.. adorable. LOVE the jerseys, too!

  12. Cassady reply

    I just love your images Katelyn :) And isn’t Penn State such a beautiful campus?!? Ben and I looked at getting married at the arboretum a year before we were even engaged when the whole place was brand new because we knew it was going to be so pretty!

  13. Tati reply

    Love-love-love your photos, posing avd locations! Great job, katelyn!;)

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