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thing to shoot a session for a fun, high school senior… and it’s another thing to shoot one with a girl who you ADORE. I love Margeaux. She’s a part of our youth group at Gayton and she has become a huge part of my life this past year. It started with one coffee date… and then that let to another and another.  Over the course of this past year, I’ve really gotten to know Margeaux over multiple slices of Starbucks’ pumpkin bread and Cookout milkshakes! Marge is incredible…. but like most high school girls… and really, most women in general, she doesn’t realize how amazing she is. She has a personality that literally lights up a whole room and when you’re around her….

there’s never a dull moment. For example, on Sunday night, I walked into the youth room and I found Margeaux planking on a bookshelf… you just never know what you’re gonna get with Marge!! She sees the world differently and it’s so refreshing.


I love hearing about her life, her friends, school, long boarding, concerts, lacrosse, and what it means to be a vegetarian. Lets just say, I learn a lot from Margeaux!! …. and hopefully she’s learning a little something from me too.  She’s a senior and in a few short months, we’ll be celebrating college admission and Michael and I will be at her graduation party. Then summer will fly by and she’ll be off to school….. and I REALLY HATE talking about this because it’s just so sad! Margeaux means a lot to me and cherish her friendship. I’m so excited for her to enter the real world and attend the college of her dreams… but I’m going to miss having her around.  So enough with the SAD stuff! Lets move on and talk about this session of hers! It was a blast. From beginning to end! We drove down to Petersburg because that place feels like it’s abandoned and it has AMAZING locations for portraits! It was PERFECT! After 2 hours and 4 outfit changes, we realized we should probably stop taking pictures because no one needs 1,200 images!!!! Marge is quite the model and so enjoy my favorites!! Happy Tuesday!

Seriously… this is one of the FIRST 5 images I shot…. and I knew it was going to be a great day!:)

so cute.


Marge you’re gorgeous.


Love overcast days!! The color it awesome!!

Like this pose…. Marge made it up… So proud:)


another favorite!!

If you knew what it took to get into this nice wheat-filled area….. you would be impressed! I was shooting through a FENCE and Marge climbed over this fence… in a MINI SKIRT. Good times.

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  1. Allie reply

    Love these!! The colors are SO pretty. I really love the last ones in the wheat-filled area. I would have never known you were shooting through a fence! Very nice! :) Love all your work!

  2. Girish reply

    Beautiful pictures !! love them. REally love the use of colors here. Fantastic location. Truly.

    How much time for a senior shoot like this, can you share.

  3. Kari Jeanne reply

    Gorgeous! I loved all of them – especially the two in the middle of the street, I like the feel the buildings give the photo’s.

  4. Hadley reply

    MARGO!! I LOVE IT! Mallory is probably so excited :)

  5. Julianna reply

    HEY GIRL HEYYYYY! You be lookin’ reeeeal good, Mo-Mo! Now come back to VT, please.

  6. Mallory reply

    AhhhhHHHHhhhhh, Hadley I AM excited! Alllll of these are gorgeous!! Marge, I love you and these are fabbbuuullouusssss.

  7. Meredith Sledge reply

    Your favorite = my favorite!! WOW. So beautiful!

  8. Danielle reply

    Ahhhh!!! Marge you are soo gorgeous!! Great job Katelyn!! love you both :)

  9. Debbie reply

    My daughter and I do shoots in Old Towne often. It is great for engagement shoots also. There are a couple places with outside cafe tables that are nice for couples. The photos are awesome.

  10. Megan Lesley reply

    Love it! She looks like she has so much spunk and would be a ton of fun!

  11. Cheryl reply

    These photo are beautiful and Margeaux is gorgeous! The colors are amazing!

  12. Amy Stumpf reply

    These are awesome!!!! Margeaux looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous her eyes look. You both did a wonderful job =D

  13. Kristin reply

    So fun!

  14. Maureen Callahan reply

    First of all, who has skin and eyes like that? You are sooooo blessed. I am your mom’s long time friend, and definitely see her bright smile in you! All the best to you in your senior year and your future college years. Sounds like you are surely going to leave a lasting impression.
    God Bless,

  15. Emy reply

    EY’ O Gurrrrll! You are beautiful Margo!!! These are so great! Not to mention I love all your outfits.. .get it!!

  16. Kristina W. reply

    Can we say fantastic model face? What a great shoot!

  17. Jody & Phil Faig reply

    Thank you Katelyn for capturing our Margeaux’s true beauty and fantabulous personality!

  18. Kristin Partin reply

    I was going to say! I KNOW that spot and I KNOW y’all did some sneaking to get that. Worth it!

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    […] I was like “GIRL! Those eyes are amazing!!!” and they are. You just wait and see.  Alyson,  Margeaux and I walked around downtown Richmond and shot her senior portraits a little over a week ago and it […]

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