As I’m sitting here, thinking about to start off this post, I am reminded of so many school-related tasks that are yet to be completed.  Like for example, a fully documented Genogram that is due tomorrow and readings that I have been calling my name for two weeks. So why in the world am I blogging about something that really isn’t necessary?! Well, because I love it! I can’t wait for the day when blogging and shooting and editing and designing are my daily tasks, full time! It’s going to be amazing!

Speaking of my Genogram…if you have ever had to make one, you will either love your family for being small and non-complex or you will want to strangle the aunt that had 14 children that are now all married! Thank goodness I don’t have a complex family structure, but it did get me wondering about where I get this artsy passion from. Daddy has always said that I remind him of his mom. I never got to meet my Grandma but I love hearing stories about her.  She was fashionable, creative… loved painting and loved crafts! (I used to have a thing for “crafts” but we’ll save that for another post:) It’s neat to think about where I inherited my love for design and one day, while searching for something in our kitchen cabinets, I found an ancient Olympus 35mm camera and you’ll never guess what lens! …a good ol’ 50 1.8! Amazing! It’s so neat to think that someone in my family, a long time ago had an interest in photography.  So cool!

So now that I’ve blogged and have gotten my fix for a day or so…I will go attempt to conquer the Genogram. funfun!

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  1. caroline reply

    haha kk i love it :)
    isnt it cool how God works?!
    have a wonderful day best friend

  2. lauryn reply

    hey i just put up a picture of my super old camera on my blog here. Neat!

  3. daddy reply

    Believe it or not that’s my old Olympus.

  4. Anna reply

    I can’t wait to read the blog post on “Katelyn’s Crafts” :)

  5. Stephen reply

    I second the post on the ancient Katelyn’s Krafts

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