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Really?! There has probably NEVER been so much PINK on the blog at one time! I’ve just never been a real “Pink” person. Well, except for high school. I went through the “Pink and orange” phase before I became obsessed with TEAL! So the wedding last weekend mixed red and teal and I loved it! I just always default to doing Teal and green. I’m stuck in a rut. So today I thought I would introduce a fresh new color palette to Wedding Wednesday! Hot pink and teal! Whew! It’s bright! I would never have this at my wedding because it doesn’t look like me but if you are someone who loves pinks and reds, I HIGHLY recommend…

adding a little teal in! Teal just makes everything pretty! Right?! So enjoy some bright colors and pretty flowers today on the blog! If you have ever seen some CRAZY color combinations for weddings, leave a comment and let me know what they were!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Cait reply

    I think that these are PERFECT colors. They compliment each other so well and well TEAL is just so very YOU!

  2. j gar reply

    wow. you sure are poppin these posts out earlier and earlier every week. i’m not even mad, that’s amazing. good work, especially with the wall as the background. the texture of it just makes the colors that much more vibrant. great success.

  3. molly d reply

    I went to a wedding this past June…The colors were fabulous!!! Her colors were rich velvety lavenders mingled with darker shades of purple then a pop with lipstick pink and salmon pink accents!!! I would have never thought of such a contrast but it was
    Ah-maz-zzinngg and so tastefully done! Like so amazing that I could lap it up with a spoon! lol

  4. Anna Burke reply

    Love them :) And if you need a few more of those little birdcages for your wedding… I have a few!

  5. Jenn reply

    Hi Katelyn! I’m a new fan but i wanted to share with you that I think you are an amazing photographer!! Your photos are exquisite and I look forward to reading your blogs!!

  6. Chelsey reply

    Pink and Teal were my wedding colors! My wedding was June 20, 2009…long before the pink and teal trend took off, so I take full credit for it being HUGE this wedding season!

  7. Amanda Hilborn Hedgepeth reply

    Teal, pink and LIME worked for me!!!!!!!!! :)

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