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I am happy to announce that the blog is officially on it’s own server and so I’m PRAYING there will be no more glitches! Whew! I have NEVER been so tired of talking to IT support! I feel like that is all I’ve been doing for the past two days. HOWEVER! It was worth it and I have to give a shout-out to my friends at HostGator who put up will all of my stupid questions! Thank you all for your help and patience!!! I appreciate it!  (And because I’m a web dummy, I posted yesterday during the transfer so the comments from yesterdays post are gone for right now… but if you left one, I LOVE you for it!!)

Another HUGE Thank you is order for the wonderful people at PPA and Professional Photographer magazine for featuring MY BRAND in their latest issue! I’m SO HONORED!!!! My branding and office space was featured along with the Youngrens, Justin & Mary, & Jamie Delaine. Like I said, I am honored.  I haven’t seen the issue in print yet but the digital copy makes me smile! The office looks so pretty…. no one will ever know that I had to fight Target to get my settee order right for 2 months or that there is a big knick in my desk where I hit it with a chair….. I guess these little imperfections mean that I’m making it “my own”! I’m so so grateful for my brand and business. Words can’t express how appreciative I am for those who support it daily! YOU ARE AWESOME. Yes, all of you. If you’re reading this, you’re awesome and I appreciate you!


So thanks again PPA for the article and if you’re a photographer, you should definitely spend the $29.99 and receive Professional Photographer! It’s $30 well spent! If you already receive it, this article is on page 38/39!

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  1. Kristina N. reply

    I LOVE the Katelyn James brand!

  2. rebekah j. reply

    Ahhh! I am SO proud of you!!! This is amazing :)


  3. Ashley Daniell Photography reply

    Beautiful Katelyn! I love your brand! I can’t wait for my issue of PPMag to arrive in the mailbox so I can see it in print!

  4. Korie Lynn reply

    That’s incredible girl! WOW! :)

  5. Jill Samter Photography reply

    C ONGRATS Katelyn! Your brand and you are beautiful!

  6. Angela reply

    Oh my gosh, when I saw your branding in PPA I was totally amazed at your cohesiveness. It totally puts mine to shame. I need to pull out my Ann Monteith branding papers again. Love it.

  7. emy reply

    Get it!! KK, you awesome! You better have a print copy of this when I come to your house sunday. please and thank you. peace & blessings my sista! Love you!

  8. James Reyes Photography reply

    Congrats. Such an amazing honor to be featured Professional Photographer. You’ve certainly earned it.

  9. stephanie b reply

    you’re awesome!

  10. Hannah reply

    It looks great, Katelyn! I love your style!

    (BTW, just so you know, the older senior posts still aren’t coming up.)

  11. Gail reply

    Congrats Katelyn! This is awesome!!! :)

  12. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Congratulations Katelyn! That is huge!!!! Kuddos to you!!!!

  13. Kathleen reply

    Congratulations! A true mark of wonderful success :)

  14. Tira J reply

    Congratulations Katelyn! What an honor!

  15. Laurie Bracewell reply

    Congrats, girlie!! How exciting!

  16. Rebekah L reply

    SO exciting! Congrats! I also saw your office pinned on Pinterest by some stranger from Canada…it was so cool! I was like, I KNOW that desk!! Now, everyone knows your desk! lol

  17. jade reply

    Congratulations… Awesome work..

  18. Stephanie Yonce reply

    You must be so excited! That is awesome. This reminder about your super cute office inspired me to rearrange my bedroom so that I at least LIKE sitting at my desk. (No space for an office for me yet, but maybe one day!!! :)

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  20. caroline reply

    well this is huge. can i get an autographed copy? thanks

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