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  • Proud Sister

While you are patiently awaiting the next wedding to hit the blog, can I just brag about my little brother?! I spent the last day and a half watching Corey play in the Regional golf tournament in Williamsburg and I must say… I’m a proud sister.  So proud that I pulled out my HUGE camera and started taking pictures of him while they were playing.  As soon as he saw me with not my little 50mm lens, but my giant 70-200 zoom lens, he immediately motioned for me to put it away! haha I managed to snag this picture before he caught me!

Round two is tomorrow! Goodluck Buddy!

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  1. Michael reply

    “OHHHH Corey…he’s such a little man”

  2. Brendan reply

    Good work Katelyn. Corey, you look like a pro

  3. Jessica Beale reply

    Ohhh, I like those shorts! Whoever marries that boy is one lucky girl! ;)

  4. emy reply

    I want to see more!! blog more blog more blog more!! awww wish i could be there =(
    i hope he does well tomorrow!!! Good Luck Buddy!! I love you both!!

  5. Anna reply

    When your Mom told me Saturday evening she was going to Williamsburg with Corey I figured you would make an appearance and it would be documented on the blog! I love it :) Good luck, Corey!!!

  6. Julianna reply


  7. gayle reply

    Way to go Corey! Doug can’t wait to get those shorts as hand me downs!

  8. caroline reply

    ah!!! look at those plaid shorts!!
    cant wait for them to be handed down :)

  9. caroline reply

    oh my gosh i did not realize my mother practically posted the same thing eh

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