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Wedding Season has officially begun! And what better way to start than with TJ and Meredith!!! You may remember their fall engagement session at JMU… there was a TON of Purple and Yellow going on… and their wedding wasn’t any different! These two JMU Alum celebrated what I like to call the “JMU Wedding” last saturday!! Purple and Yellow filled the bouquets and JMU apparel kept showing up everywhere! From the guestbook to the garter, I think it’s safe to say that TJ and Meredith LOVE their school!! It feels like we were JUST walking about campus talking about this day. Meredith emailed me over a year before their wedding date and we set up a meeting time… with the WHOLE family! I loved meeting her parents

and TJ from the beginning because when I showed up on the wedding day, I literally felt like I was a part of their giant, fun loving family! The laughter and cackling from their hotel room could be heard all the way down the hall and there was NOTHING BUT JOY filling their wedding day. TJ and Meredith have been dating for quite some time and so TJ is just considered a part of the family these days. I totally understand this concept since Michael and I dated for 8 YEARS!!! After a relationship THAT long… you are so comfortable with each other’s family’s that they feel like your own.  This was so evident on Saturday. As their parents walked them down the aisle, tears of joy streamed from all of their family members faces. This day has been in the works for a LONG time and it was beautiful… absolutely beautiful. The weather, the couple, the venue… it was just an amazing wedding celebration and I was so honored to be a part of it! I don’t know how it happens…but I always end up working with the most INCREDIBLE couples… and I’m thankful.. TJ and Meredith, you two are the greatest example of why I LOVE doing what I do. Being with you on your wedding day was such a privilege!!! I love you both and I am SO excited for you guys!!! Enjoy your blog post!!!

Ah, comfortable wedding shoes:)

Meredith’s dress was stunning! So perfect for her!!

RADIANT! Love that shot of her!

The daddy moment… gotta love it!

First Look at his bride!

Love this!

We found the last bit of Wisteria left in Ashland! 

Love me some curvy branches! They make composing an image EASY!



BRAVE. She’s so BRAVE!! And I love her for it!


LOVE these long dresses! 

Most beautiful day for an outdoor ceremony!

Such a powerful entrance!!



Yes!! Meredith never stops smiling!

Seriously, this makes me want to get get some sour skittles! I LOVE SKITTLES! 

LOVE this Mother/Son Dance shot… maybe a new all time favorite. She loves her boy!


I’m just guessing… but I *think* he’s excited!:)

Venue |  Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel

Florals |  Tommy’s Garden
Hair | Jessica Colvin at Hair Prefections
Makeup | Faces by Joy
Cake |  Cakes by Graham
Bridesmaids Dresses | Jasmine Bridal from Bridal Elegance
Favors | Candy Buffet
Honeymoon | Aruba!!!
Designer |  Allure Bridals
Purchased at: Bridal Elegance, Richmond, VA
Earrings/Bracelet | Etsy; shop Crystal Avenues
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. TJ VanWagner reply

    I am a Katelyn Groom!
    Thank you for everything Katelyn. You did an amazing job. I hope we all can catch up soon.

  2. katie reply

    The train track pictures… I’m so in love!! Beautiful couple and wedding!

  3. molly reply

    SO MUCH FUN! i looooove them! i remember their engagement sesh and being so excited to see their wedding. and i LOVE the exit idea! such a great time!

  4. Catie Watkins reply

    amazing!! :D

  5. sharon elizabeth reply

    love this couple!!!!! they are so HAPPY!

  6. Meredith VanWagner reply

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH KATELYN!!! <3 them all!!!

  7. Anna Grace reply

    AHHH I went to JMU and this is so fun! The colors are so beautiful and the exit is awesome. Love the detail shots from this wedding Katelyn!

  8. Maggie Fortson reply

    These are so incredibly beautiful! They look so happy and your passion really shines in these images, Katelyn!

  9. Amanda Wilbourne reply

    These are great. Glad to have been a part of it. :)

  10. Meredith Sledge reply

    LOOOVE these!!!!! And yay JMU! I’m going there next year! :) Also, I have those sparkly TOMS. So fun!

  11. Emily Baxter reply

    THE BRIDE SAT ON THE TRAIN TRACKS BEFORE THE CEREMONY?!?!? I am soooooo impressed! Great wedding

  12. Victoria reply

    I LOVE absolutely everything about this shoot!!!!

  13. Kimberly Hill reply

    So beautiful!! You captured it so well Katelyn!!

  14. Shelby reply

    Ahhh I love these!!!! Congrats once again!! Katelyn you did a great job of capturing the day!

  15. Emily reply

    The pictures are AMAZING. Meredith you look GORGEOUS, TJ you look quite dapper, and Katelyn you did a phenomenal job!!


  16. Kristin reply


  17. Alex reply

    So pretty! Where are the invitations from?

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