Rainy Days

and becoming "Those People"

Welp, we have

officially become “those people”…. ya know, the type of people that talk to their dogs like they are humans, the type of people that have more pictures on their iphone of their puppy then of themselves and the type of people that buy outfits…. for their PETS. Yup. We’re guilty. I used to see pictures of dogs in little outfits and think “Oh MY gosh, you probably spent $15 on a sweater vest for your chihuahua!! How ridiculous!!”. Well as we walked through Petsmart… we spotted a little tiny red raincoat…with a hood included. Michael stopped and looked at it, and then looked at me… almost as if he was saying

“Are you going to be THOSE people?”.  We paused…. looked at miniature sized rain gear one more time and then unanimously decided to put it in the cart.  Yes… we are THOSE people and we love it.  When you have a puppy that looks like a stuffed animal… you can’t help but want to play dress up!


Today is a nasty, rainy day in VA so after Michael left for class this morning, Bokeh and I played in the rain.  He actually doesn’t mind his little outfit. He runs around and gets dirty just like he normally does with it on. It keeps his belly from getting soaking wet and you have to admit…. he’s adorable. We love him so much and we”re totally ok with being “those people”.  The last two weeks our lives have revolved around this little fluffball and despite the little messes and having to constantly take bark out of his mouth…. we love him. We love being puppy parents who are completely obsessed with their new member of the family. He won’t stay a puppy forever and so I’m totally using that fact to justify my abundance of puppy tweets and instagrams! Have a fabulous weekend and stay dry!!!

Thats the “Mom I’m tired of all these PICTURES!!” look

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  1. Susan: ( )

    Absolutely adorable! Four legged babies are awesome :)

  2. Abby Grace: ( )

    He really does look like a stuffed animal! I love the raincoat- it looks perfect on him. Matt and I were at PetsMart on Wednesday preparing for our new addition (EEK!!!) and I was like “honey! we can get her a mini jersey for when football season starts up again in the fall!” and he assured me that we (pointedly ME) will never. ever. ever. dress our dog up on clothes. Whatever- I’ll just do it when he’s not home. lol

  3. Amanda: ( )

    I love it!!!! I am one of THOSE people also!! I have absolutely no problem spending $15 on a sweater for my chihuahua!!! In fact I’ve spent it many times on sweaters, rain coats, tiny boots and more and she’s worth every penny!!! Enjoy being one of THOSE people…it’s so much fun!!!! :)

  4. Jillian Tree: ( )

    That raincoat is SO ADORABLE!!

  5. Anna Burke: ( )

    I love it!!!! Corey was telling me about Bokeh’s raincoat this week! I think he LOVES Bokeh!!!! Keep it up because it’s cute and there’s no way on God’s green earth I could EVER get my 2 monsters in outfits :)

  6. Aunt Susan: ( )

    Now he needs some little yellow boots!,

  7. Hadley C: ( )

    So I looked at this when I finished my exam a few minutes ago and started jumping around in my chair, you could say I was a “distraction” but Bokeh is cute enough it’s okay :) :) :)

  8. Gillian: ( )

    what a cutie!!! Photographer’s kids and Photographer’s PETS learn very quickly that they do NOT like to have their picture taken for the millionth time…LOL My dog actually CLOSES HER EYES when she hears the focus *beep*!! Enjoy your newest little family member :)

  9. anouschka: ( )

    welcome to the club of those people (i’ve been a proud member for years already ;) ). He looks SO cute in his little raincoat. Love it!

  10. Krista Jones: ( )

    Oh my gosh Katelyn! He’s so adorable he doesn’t even look real!

  11. Mallory: ( )

    Oh my gosh, the one with the “I’m tired of having my picture taken” look is classic.

  12. Lauren: ( )

    oh my gosh! so cute!!! he DOES look like a stuffed animal… with the little raincoat he reminds me of paddington bear! :)

  13. McCall: ( )

    Abby…don’t worry…my husband refused to even entertain the notion of buying dog clothes. We now own like 6 sweaters and 4 holiday costumes for our two dogs and he enjoys dressing them up! I think some dogs hate wearing stuff, whereas our dogs come running when they see us holding out something, sit still, and keep them on all day. Enjoy the puppy! Katelyn…pics are priceless as always. :)

  14. Korie: ( )

    That raincoat on that puppy?! Wow, he sure has life rough, doesn’t he?! Precious little thing!

  15. sarah danaher: ( )

    I WANT ONE!!!!!

  16. Hannah: ( )

    Bokeh is the cutest tiny doggy ever!!!! We have a Golden Retriver and I don’t think you can get away with dressing her up as easily. I just love his curley chesnut locks! :-)

  17. kaitlyn: ( )

    he is TOO PRECIOUS! i completely agree, if you have an animal that is that cute its wrong not to dress them up. i for one know that my fiance’s dog loves the snuggie i got her :] and puppies in raincoats are the best kind of puppies! keep the pictures coming :]

  18. Deborah Zoe: ( )

    welcome to the club my friend:)! embrace the puppy love:)

  19. Lexi: ( )

    oh.my.gosh. I think I just died a little bit. Bokeh is the CUTEST puppy! Love that red rain coat…we have a little yellow one. :)

  20. SammieJo: ( )

    Awh, I just want to squeeze him. Adorable!!

  21. Christy: ( )

    I cannot even handle the cute! My puppy wouldn’t wear clothes if her life depended on it – and it’s so sad!!! haha (Okay – maybe not SAD, but I wish she would!!)

    How big is Bokeh supposed to get? He’s such a tiny little stuffed animal right now – I just wonder how much bigger he’ll be?

  22. Sara: ( )

    Seriously, could he get ANY cuter?! I think not!!

  23. Stephanie: ( )

    This is just too adorable. He looks like a cuddly stuffed animal! Love it.

  24. Monica: ( )

    He’s so yummy! Thank you for making my day a little bit brighter.


  25. ashley barnett: ( )

    TOO CUTE. :)

  26. Kristina W.: ( )

    Cute overload! He looks adorable in his little raincoat!

  27. Meredith Sledge: ( )

    Okay, it’s official. I’m as obsessed with your dog as you are. He’s the cutest thing EVER. Really. I love these pictures. I’m actually considering setting one as my computer background……

  28. Amanda Truth: ( )

    Oh my gosh. If he’s not the cutest stinking thing I’ve ever seen I don’t know what is!! I love his rain jacket, and that it has a duck on it haha!! Enjoy being a puppy parent!!

  29. Stephanie Stewart: ( )

    Too.Cute!!! Have you taken any video of Bokeh yet? Love his raincoat!

  30. Sarah Syhakhoun: ( )

    I’m pretty sure if I parented the cutest dog on the planet, I would take just as many photos! Seriously, Bokeh could not be any cuter. My heart melts seeing all of his photos.

    Great choice with the raincoat! It suits him well. :P

  31. Bethany Cox: ( )

    Im in love. I swear that Bokeh and Hattie need to meet. I COMPLETELY understand what you are dealing with and talking about. I think the sun might actually rise and set on my puppy. I adore her. Trust me… we get you. Next time you’re in Boston… lets set up a puppy date, since you’ll most likely be looking into puppy plane tickets soon, (we do).

  32. Chloe: ( )

    KK, you make me want one of these! He is SOO unbelievably cute! and hey, the clothes do suit him, right? ;)

  33. LeolaK: ( )

    Love this entire post! I don’t blame you guys at all…he is ADORABLE! And that coat is perfect!!! Love the..no more pictures momma pic. LOL

  34. Lydia: ( )

    Aww, how can you not take a ton of pictures of such a cute ball of fluff!

  35. Michael: ( )

    thats my boy!!!

  36. Elizabeth: ( )

    oh my goodness, he is so beyond adorable!!!!!!!

  37. Laurajane: ( )

    buying a raincoat is perfectly justifiable for your puppy. how on earth do you get him to stay without a leash?! that is one thing i wish my puppy would do. she got out through the door once and just took off running, and man does she run fast.

  38. Truan: ( )

    Wow, so freakin adorable! :)

  39. Shannon Rosan: ( )

    welcome to the club :) I never thought I would buy outfits for dogs…until I became the proud puppy parent of wo adorable boston terriers. they totally have changed our lives for the better. have fun and enjoy all the moments of your puppy, they go by so fast!

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