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You’re going to think I’m crazy… but this past weekend we DROVE to Minnesota and BACK! … In less than 36 hours! It was pure craziness!!! My sister had her heart stolen by this little fluffball and so my mom and I decided to go out with her to get him!! You know he must be one special pup!! My mom and I drove to PA Friday night after she got off of work. We got to my sister’s house at 9pm and then we all jumped into a rental car and hit the road that night!!

My sister was just a LITTLE excited and she drove straight through the night!!! I stayed up with her and before we knew it, we were driving through downtown Chicago at 4:30am! We made it to Minnesota by 11am, picked up my new furry nephew and we were back on the road by 1pm! We would have made it home to PA by 1am or 2am but Momma accidentally missed a little turn and we went to Kalamazoo on accident, so we stopped there for dinner. We walked the puppy outside of Arby’s and we ate in the parking lot before continuing our journey.

Little did we know what was happening just 5 miles from us. I don’t know what the purpose of this little detour was because we were unknowingly in incredible danger. The shootings were taking place while we were there and the shooter had to have driven close by the Arby’s at some point that night because it was directly in between two of the shooting locations. We are SO thankful for God’s protection and we’re praying for those poor families who are experiencing such devastation right now.

So we completed our journey home at 4:30am. Shuba sniffed around his new home and then it was crate time. He cried for about 15 minutes and then went to bed!! YAY for amazing puppies!! Bokeh did NOT handle his crate that well when we brought him home!!

Some people have asked “Was that road trip miserable?!” I can see how they would think that. We were gone for 36 hours and NEVER slept in a bed! We just took turns sleeping in the back of the car! It wasn’t the most comfortable experience of my life but we had FUN! I love my momma and my sister!! We did this trip for the memories and the fun of spending time together and it was so worth it!!! Enjoy meeting our newest member of the family!!! This is SHUBA! “Shuba” is Russian for “Furry Coat”….. hey, they didn’t question us when we named our dog after a photography term and so we’re not questioning them!!! haha!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amber reply

    Looks like you had a fun trip! Super cute new addition to the family too <3

  2. Anna Burke reply

    I don’t envy that drive at all, but I remember how fun it was the first few times I made it! And hitting Chicago in the middle of the night is the best ever! Glad y’all had a fun and memorable trip, and I can’t wait for Shuba to visit Sparta so we can meet him :)

  3. Angela reply

    He is SO cute! What kind of dog is he? You both have teddy bear puppies :) Also glad that God was watching over y’all in Kalamazoo and that He brought you guys home safely!

  4. Melissa reply

    What an adorable puppy!!! I live a couple hours from Kalamazoo and what happened is so scary! Crazy that you just happened to end up there while that was all going on. Glad you are safe. <3

  5. Ashleigh reply

    When it’s for a fur baby it’s crazy what you will do! So thankful you guys are safe! He is so adorable! Congrats on the new addition to the family!

  6. Paige Kane reply

    Emy, he is so stinkin’ adorable! Love the photos!

  7. Tracy Waldrop reply

    What a cutie!!!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    Awww Shuba!!!! Congratulations Emy and Joe, he’s so cute!!! I don’t envy that roadtrip though – I couldn’t do that!

  9. Lacy reply

    Love!!!! What a sweet story! BTW, what is the wall color in the living room?! It’s beautiful!

  10. Sydni reply

    Oh my gosh I love him!! You can tell he’s going to be BIG. Wow, praise God for keeping you guys safe!! I cannot believe you were so close to that madness. Thank God.

  11. Ashley Ziegler reply

    Oh my gosh, I’m dying… I just wanna snuggle him right up!!!!

  12. Lindsey reply

    I wish we could have offered you a less scary visit to kzoo… my little town usually isn’t so frightening! Thank you for your prayers… we need them so much.

  13. Rebekah Carter reply

    Soooo cute! Glad y’all were safe on your unexpected detour to Michigan.

  14. Ashley Y reply

    Oh my! What a CUTE baby!!! New puppies are just the best! Wish we would have known you were in town! We could have treated you to some coffees—or diet cokes ;) So happy you stayed safe! xoxo

  15. jamie delaine reply

    ADORABLE so fun.

  16. Rici reply

    This is the cutest!!

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