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This is just a reminder/announcement for ALL VA MD DC Photogs that are a part of Photographers Unite! If you have never heard of this group before, I’m glad you’re reading this! Photographers Unite is basically a group of area photographers that love Jesus, love their jobs and love to meet new people! Photographers all over the country meet and fellowship with one another in settings like this and it’s about time that the VA MD DC area has a group of Christian photogs that commit to hangout every now and then! Our first meetup was this past summer in Fredericksburg and it was a blast! (see link:)

I met so many new photographer friends and we began to form somewhat of a community! Well, it’s been way too long and we’re ready to get together again! It’s awesome to be surrounded by people that share the same passion for photography and their faith! So if you’re a VA MD DC Photographer and are free this coming Friday night, please head out to the West end of Richmond and say hello! We’re meeting at Mimi’s Cafe at 7pm! There is more info on the Facebook event here: CLICK HERE



Here is what to bring:


1. $ if you want to order dinner…. which you should, Mimi’s is good:)


2. An amazing, humble attitude! We’re simply here to have a good time… not compare blog stats:):)


3. You business cards to share! About 30 to be exact.


*** If this is your first time hearing about Photographers Unite, click HERE and become a fan on Facebook so that we can keep in touch!!! ***

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  1. Becca reply

    I wish I hadn’t bought tickets to the Rodeo now! Hope it goes great and that’ll you’ll have another one soon!!

  2. Beth reply

    Oh my goodness!!! this sounds amazing! I don’t live to far from shortpump…and I have been DYING to meet you (you are my top pick for a wedding photographer–if i get married any time soon:) ) ever since I found your blog a year ago…
    I just might be there… :)

  3. Korie Lynn reply

    Holla!! I’ll be there! :)

  4. ali reply

    Will there be a group getting together at WPPI in Feb? I live in NC and can’t make it this time, but would love to meet some of you ladies!

  5. Hannah reply

    This sounds awesome, it’s too bad I live in PA though.. :( Blessings!

  6. admin reply

    @ali yes!! that’s a great idea! :):)

  7. Cindy reply

    I wish I could attend!! Next time though :)

  8. Heather reply

    bummed that it is in Richmond :( I have a wedding to finish so the 4 hours of driving is not going to happen right now…..are they going to be quarterly meetings?

  9. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Aww.. Wow! Im just getting started and am still going through the complicated decision of buying my first “real” camera in the next week or so. I would LOVE to meet you! Luv v v v your photos and blog daily! Maybe next year.. ;)

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