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a photographer and you’re leveraging Facebook as one of your main marketing tools, that’s AWESOME! Keep it up!! However, as photographers, our IMAGES are crucial to pushing our page forward. A few years ago, Facebook limited the file size of the images that we posted. They were all sized to about 750 pixels wide no matter how large the file was. Now, however, that has all changed. Images can be HUGE and high resolution on Facebook and it’s awesome!!! So if you’re a photographer, we need to make sure your images are being viewed in the absolute BEST format possible!!

In my opinion, images should be LARGE on Facebook! The BIGGER the BETTER! I have found that I tend to “click” on images from fanpages where I know they display large images consistently. There’s more “WOW” factor when the image is crisp and clear and takes up the whole window!!! So the million dollar question is, how do you make sure your images are clear and crispy after they are uploaded to Facebook?! Here are some tips that may help you out!! :

1. BLOGSTOMP isn’t just for resizing for blog posts, we have a Facebook template that we use and we love it!

2. Images need to be 2048 pixels on the longest side! Want more of an explanation about that? Check out Trevor Dayley’s awesome Fstoppers article about this topic HERE! 

3. Make sure “High Quality” is clicked when you’re uploading to Facebook! This is the MOST COMMON mistake made by photographers!! (You can find this box on the bottom left corner below)

4. And this doesn’t have anything to do with resizing images… but it’s a helpful tip about Facebook sharing. Make sure you create a template that you copy and paste on every image you post that will give your audience additional ways to connect! For us, Facebook is not the “win”… the BLOG is the “win”! We want to get people to the blog and we use Facebook to do it! So make sure you have a clear and consistent way to display all of your links! Example:

I hope this mini-Facebook post is helpful!! We’re here at UNITED in Santa Barbara and we’re so excited to share a few days with such AWESOME photographers from around the country! My only concern is that I’m already losing my voice!! Ugh. And if you’ve read THIS post, you know why that’s very frustrating for me! But I’m going to try my best to just be a quieter version of myself so that I have a voice left for my talk on Wednesday!!! :):)

So happy Monday and happy posting! I hope your FB images look better than EVER!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Gabrielle C reply

    While I do photography more as a hobby, this is still super helpful! I hate it when my photos on Facebook don’t look as good as they did in camera. And I will be praying for your voice to hold out this week! :)

  2. Tamara I. reply

    Thank you for sharing. Resizing pictures is a nightmare for me. I truly appreciate everything that you share with us.

  3. Tiffany Weaver reply

    Thank you SO much!! This has always been a problem for me. I’m going to check out blogstomp, you’re awesome Katelyn! :)

  4. Tiffany Weaver reply

    Thank you SO much!! This has always been a problem for me. I’m going to check out blogstomp, you’re awesome Katelyn! :)

  5. Sandy reply

    Maybe this is a silly questions… but how do you go about making the word template? Where do you create it and store it in order to copy it to Facebook each time.

  6. Jessica fike reply

    Follow-up questions: jpeg or png format? What resolution? My images still don’t seem as sharp as they could be…

  7. Janelle C reply

    Very Helpful! Thank you!

  8. LOrin reply

    Holla for some facebook tips! Will definitely start resizing my photos this way!

  9. Ali reply

    hang in there, Katelyn…remember what we did in therapy! Humming is therapeutic and healing, shakes out the swelling. Call me if you like…or email me for more details.

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