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and they work A LOT. These two spent a few minutes sharing how BUSY their work schedules are and I found it amazing that we actually had an evening where the 3 of us were able to meet up! Jason and Shannon’s wedding is right around the corner and so we wanted to get their engagement shoot underway as soon as possible! They met at their apartment complex on Monument Avenue years ago and so we began their session there. It’s so Richmond-y (if thats a word) and I loved it! For those of you that don’t live in RVA, it’s important to know that Richmonders take great pride in their historic city and Monument Ave is one of the prettiest

streets around! We walked around about 4 blocks and found a ton of nooks and crannies to shoot in. Jason and Shannon were so wonderful because really, who wants to stand in a nasty, mosquito infested alley in a suit and HEELS?! No one! But they did it anyway and I’m so impressed with their willingness to do whatever for a great pic!


This was my first time meeting Jason and Shannon and after about 15 minutes of chatting, receiving gummy bears (YESSS) and starting the session, I knew this was a good match!! I’m so thankful that I always seem to work with FUN couples!! It makes my job so much easier when couples can have fun at their session!  I’m so SO excited to see these two again for their downtown Richmond Wedding!! It’s going to be beautiful!!!! So enjoy some favorites from this engagement on Monument Avenue and you’ll be seeing these two on the blog again SOON!!


Love this!

Thank you Richmond for having random cute doors EVERYWHERE!

Love finding doors that MATCH the shoot!


You guys are beautiful!! Bring on the wedding pics!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anna K. reply

    I love these Katelyn! You did an amazing job, when I saw that Red door I was thinking this is SO PERFECT with their outfits!!!

  2. Jessica Fike reply

    JASON STICKLER!!! HOW ARE YOU!?!? If you ever read these comments, CONGRATS!! You look super FAB in Katelyn’s pictures and I cannot wait to see the wedding pics! YAY for random connections. :)

  3. Rici reply

    Cute session and please tell Shannon she has a great taste in shoes!! The picture with the big red door is certainly a new fav!! ~ Saluti.

  4. Sydni Jackson reply

    i love their black outfits! classy

  5. ashley link reply

    i love anything richmond-y! :) i also love how her red shoes make that red door pop! so cool!

  6. Sabrina reply

    I love when you have shoots in Richmond! One day I hope to shoot there, until then, I’ll just look at your pictures over and over! LOVE that they got so dressed up… and I agree with Rici… Shannon has amazing taste in shoes. The red ones are awesome but the green are my favorite!

  7. Wanda reply

    Katelyn, I just HAD to say something! Not only do you consistently take great pictures, but some of these look like they were taken in the Museum District of Richmond, which is where I grew up!!! I still go through there on occasion for nostalgic reasons! Were you near Belmont Avenue? By the way, I LOVE the red shoes!!!! LOL!!! Wanda MacFarland

  8. caroline reply

    love how they matched!! and YAY for a red door!!

  9. Elizabeth reply

    I am so behind on my blog stalking ;) but I absolutely LOVE this session!!!! fabulous job, as always :)

  10. Terri John reply

    They are fantastic pictures!

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