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and I love our job. We love that we get to create ART… we love that we get to serve our amazing couples… and we also love that we meet so many amazing new friends in the industry. Last July we drove to Fredericksburg, Virginia and photographed Matt and Kat’s beautiful summer wedding! We worked alongside some incredible vendors… one of them being Matt from Matt Rouse Films! He was sweet, so easy to work with and his films are awesome! We love meeting new vendors…. but we love it even more when those vendors get engaged and contact us!! How lucky are we?!

You know that a wedding cinematographer’s wedding is going to be so much fun to shoot!  We are so honored to be a part of Matt and Meredith’s big day. They could have picked anyone to photograph their wedding and they chose us!! That blows me away!  There’s always a little extra pressure when you’re photographing another wedding professional’s engagement session or wedding but as soon as we started and I had a chance to get to know these two, I knew this was the PERFECT fit. Matt and Meredith have such a genuine, joyful aspect to their relationship that makes them extra photogenic!! They are already a gorgeous couple but when they interact and smile at each other, it’s magical for the camera!! Michael and I had a blast exploring some of their friend’s land in Floyd, Virginia. The locations are just stunning!!! This is one of my all time favorite FALL engagement sessions!! (And I’ve taken A LOT of fall engagement pictures!).

We loved our time with them last week during their shoot. The more time we spent with them, the more we loved them!!! Right now they are doing the long distance thing and Michael and I totally remember how hard that can be.  They don’t get to spend a ton of time together right now in this season of life and I think that made their time together during their shoot extra special!

Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited for Matt and Meredith’s wedding next year!! We cannot WAIT!!!

Oh you two…. you make this so easy for me! 

Two of my favorites! 

Seriously?! Such naturals!! 

Bling bling!!

Those leaves! 

Oh my goodness!!! What a view!!


It took a lot of work to get them up here!! … But it was so worth it! 

Such a gorgeous spot! 

And then we went back to the overlook and it was so perfect!!!


Meredith… girl, you are so beautiful! 


Looking good you two!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Elizabeth V reply


  2. Rebekah Carter reply

    Oh my goodness, I love her blue dress. But even more than that I love this gorgeous location. I know the exact spot b/c I went to college at Radford so I spent a lot of time on the Blue Ridge Parkway & in Floyd in general.

  3. Holly reply

    I can’t pick a favorite!!!! Gasp! Love it Katelyn!

  4. Natalie reply

    That view… That gorgeous view! Ahh! Simply perfect!

  5. Lauren Swann reply

    Aww!! So gorgeous, Katelyn!! That view is definitely incredible!!! So good!!

  6. jane reply

    excellent photos, beautiful light and couple. the ring against the multiple layer of leaves is simply gorgeous.

  7. Anna reply

    Favorite engagament shoot hands down! Gorgeous!!!

  8. Mary Marantz reply

    AMAZING!!!! That overlook is INCREDIBLE!!

  9. Karena DIxon reply

    Oh my word, this is beautiful !!

  10. Ashley Duke reply

    Gorgeous! Love their outfit combination with the flannels!!

  11. Casi reply

    Some of your best photos yet!!! I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all!!!!

  12. Anna reply

    I love this!!! SO dreamy!!! I love all the colors and the VIEWS!!!! Stunning

  13. Ariel reply

    These are stunning. The couple, the location, the photos… .i just kept scrolling wondering if they were all as perfect and they were! Beautiful, beautiful, – love your work. <3

  14. SHalese reply

    AH, I LOVE Floyd! You just can’t beat the views!

  15. Janet Collins reply

    Oh My!! My beautiful niece! I can’t choose a favorite, they are all awesome!Wow Wow and Wow, such beautiful pictures of two amazingly beautiful people! Congratulations Meredith and Matt!

  16. Tina reply

    Oh WOW! What a session! Love everything… the colors, their sweet adorable looks of love to each other and of course, that hill!! LOVE!

  17. Claudia reply

    your clients always seem to have fun during your e-sessions. I love how happy they always look. always. every-single-client you feature on your blog. :)

  18. Robyn reply

    oh my goodness! New favorite!

  19. Anna Liz reply

    Gorgeous!! That large vertical shot is just amazing.

  20. Katy reply

    These are beautiful!!!

  21. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    Oh, that overlook! Absolutely breathtaking! And the last three engagements just confirm that I want a fall engagement shoot!

  22. Stefanie reply

    Wow! Amazing. KJ you always inspire my work and love how beautiful and clean your images are. Love following your blog. <3

  23. Abby Perez reply

    The blue dress with the yellow leaves. Perfection!!!

  24. ashley Mitchell reply

    LOVE these!! What a gorgeous couple and gorgeous location! You rocked it!

  25. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Oh my goodness…these are amazing, drop dead gorgeous, etc. etc. etc. Those photos by the barn with the willow tree and the overlook are my favorites. Amazing, Amazing job!!

  26. Lynne Flori1n reply

    You all totally blinged out the property. So beautiful. Need to use your beautiful selves in some advertising pieces, haha!

    Many Blessings.
    Lovely photos!

    And I love the photos by the creek that meredith was baptized in. Incredibly special.

  27. hannah elise reply

    oh man, SO GOOD!! what a gorgeous couple, and that overlook is insane.

  28. Tiffany McClure reply

    I SO need to travel so I can shoot in gorgeous spots like you do! Florida leaves don’t change colors unfortunately..and if they do even a little, it’s to brown! I’ve never even seen a “fall” that looks like this. These are all incredibly gorgeous! Love your ring shots and the mini-guide I purchased from your site last week! You’re a huge help, thanks for your passion to not only shoot, but to help other photogs! :) It’s greatly appreciateD!

  29. Tatyana reply

    Love how they alternated plaid shirts! Such gorgeous scenery <3

  30. Melissa reply

    i love these photos! the scenery is amazing. i am looking for somewhere to do my engagement shoot can you please tell me where these were taken? i would love to do mine in this same location! thank you

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