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when couples put their personalities into their wedding planning! It makes our job more interesting and I feel like people FEEL more in their images because they are showing more of who they are! For example, when Haley and I were emailing about their engagement shoot, she mentioned that she and her fiance, Brady were Chef’s and they wanted to wear their Chef Whites for a few shots. PERFECT! These pictures are at the bottom of the post because I saved the best for last! :) Of course I learned something… many things…

from Haley and Brady about the world of culinary arts! I know NOTHING about that world. Ask me anything about the photography industry and I’ll have either an answer or an opinion but the culinary world is so foreign to me!! For example, I thought that if you went to culinary school, you just became a chef! There are different majors!! I never knew that! Haley specializes in Pastries and I just think that’s so cool!! I also think it’s amazing that she’s so THIN and yet she works with sugary goodness all of the time! To all of you out there that are well educated when it comes to the cooking world, you are probably rolling your eyes at my lack of knowledge. It’s ok, if I keep working with chefs, I’m bound to learn SOMETHING about the kitchen!!! :)

Haley and Brady couldn’t have been any sweeter. Haley has been following my blog since before she even MET Brady! CRAZY! That just blows my mind! I’m both honored AND embarrassed that she has seen it all! I think it’s safe to say that she has seen me improve over the years. :) The cool thing is that last week, it was finally HER turn!! I’m so so thankful that it worked out for us to meet up in Rome, Georgia while I was at the P31 Conference! The weather was amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect shoot!! Enjoy some of my many many favorites!!

Haley and Brady, you two made it easy for me.  Your love for one another is so evident in these pictures and it was such an honor to capture them!!!!!!

Cute from the beginning! Love this!

Haley you are GORGEOUS! Beautiful blue eyes!!! Ps. Love the one of the right! Such pros!

You can’t drive past that mountain view and not stop! 

These two are from opposite sides of the country! And so these shots will come in handy for something fun on their wedding day!


Love it!

One of my favorites! Don’t you love Haley’s dress?!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anna Liz reply

    Beautiful! LOVE their first location choice, and those last ones are so fun!

  2. karen rehberg reply

    Thanks Katelyn!! Beautiful pictures. A dream come true

  3. Fallon reply

    Love is just bursting from these photos! Hizzie you deserve it!

  4. Kat reply

    The last few are so great!!! I love how they used those books & the license plates!!

  5. Janelle C reply

    Ahh!! She’s from Georgia!!! I love her style!! Great session!

  6. Melissa reply

    genius idea with their whites & the books :) So fun!

  7. Kathryn Grace reply

    Beautiful!!! I love the bridge ones! And the chef shots are so cute! Love it when couples do something truly THEM for engagement pictures!

  8. Sabrina reply

    Katelyn, I love these! Forgive me for not asking how things went when you came back to Winshape, but I knew with how beautiful that day was that the photos would be phenomenal! My brother is a chef so of course I love the ones in their whites :-) So much fun!

  9. Lisa reply

    Hey I too am from SoDak…and living in GA…small world!! And it gives me hope that Ill be able to find someone down here to know that if it works for these two being from completely other sides of the country, it can work for me too!! Congrats…lovely pictures! :)

  10. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Oh how cute…especially those last “chef” ones! :)

  11. Jaime reply

    These are beautiful!! Love them!

  12. Sarah Adams reply

    Adorable!!!! Love that they incorporated so much personality in this! Awesome, Katelyn!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    Awww I love the chef pictures! So cute!

  14. Susan Mortensen reply

    So beautiful and so fun!!

  15. Emily Ferris reply

    these are so sweet! And of course you know i love the props!

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