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I mentioned when writing about Jason and Jackie’s session that it REALLY does make a difference to shoot engagements, or any portraits for that matter, at a location that is “you”! So many couples just pick places because they are cute and they have seen engagements done there before. I would like to throw a challenge out there for all future Inspired Design brides! : Pick a location that means something special to you and your fiance’! It’s so worth it! Even if it’s not the prettiest place in the world….we can make it awesome! Promise.


Speaking of awesome… Rachel contacted me before our session last Friday and asked if we could start on the rooftop of their apartment for pictures! Now that’s awesome! They have engagements at their first home! It worked out wonderfully! Their quaint little apartment rests over top of Elle’s Salon in Downtown Fredericksburg and it couldn’t be cuter! Rachel’s Ikea inspired style made me wish I was decorating a new home! (one day!)  Needless to say, I had a blast getting to know this couple and I was so glad that they took a risk and chose to shoot their engagements somewhere different!


Check them out!

Look at those shoes!

Cute isn’t it!

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  1. britney reply

    ohh wow! nice colors in this one kk…like the last shot too; it’s cute!

  2. Anna reply

    These are good! Does this mean you would go to MN to do our pictures??? JUST KIDDING! I do not want to go to that frozen place, but that is where many of our memories are :)

  3. Michael reply

    Yeah these are awesome!!! I wanna live in Downtown F-Burg.

  4. Rachel reply

    KK, you impress me.

  5. Catie reply

    AHHH!!!! SO CUTE!!!! i love the shot of them with the tree with the leaves falling on them! :) amazing job KK

  6. Mandy reply

    Aw KK these are so good! I love that cool willow tree! Also, the picture with the leaves falling around them was so cool!! You are awesome.

  7. Tira J reply

    So much fun!!!! Love all of the color!

  8. natalie reply

    Hey Katelyn, I found your blog a couple of months ago and decided to check it today. I started reading the post and couldn’t believe it when I read you had taken pictures on top of Elle’s Salon. It’s my mom’s hair salon! =) What a small world. Her nail tech actually just did your client’s nails. And I was just in side that apartment before the new tenants moved in. lol. Anyway, I am a fellow photographer also and just thought I’d introduce myself after looking at your blog for so long and say hi. And thanks for listing the location of the salon too. =)Beautiful session by the way, you really made our rooftop look good.

  9. caroline reply

    oh yes. there is intimacy in these photos thats just priceless. i like the ones of them at the table with coffee mugs and the one on stairs!

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