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officially feel like we live with Delta’s flight crew. We have spent so many hours on planes this past month!! It’s kinda sad but I have actually gotten tired of their “Bischoff Cookies”. I used to love those cookies!! We’re not complaining, we love to travel.. but it has felt good to be home this week! Our trip to Seattle was planned close to a year ago and as we got closer to the date, things started to fall into place! For example, we met up with our sweet friends Ike and Tash for dinner in Richmond several months ago and casually mentioned that we would be in their neck of the woods in September.

They immediately invited us to be their guests for the day!! So after flying into Seattle on Friday night, we spent Saturday morning exploring on our own and then we met them in the afternoon and headed to the State Fair!!! Now I love the fair and I love the horribly delicious food that was waiting for us when we got there… but the BEST part of the day was spending time with such genuine, like-minded people and their adorable baby girl, Wisdom. Seriously, she’s so cute you’re not even going to be able to handle it!! Michael loves kids and so he thoroughly enjoy manning the stroller and walking Wisdom around the fair. He’s going to be an awesome dad one day…. one day, not any time soon! :)

We loved our time with these dear friends and as we left their house, I found myself being so amazed at the relationships we have been able to form through this crazy business. We love Ike and Tash and all that they’re doing in their business!! It’s exciting to see friends have such successful seasons in their lives!! We can’t thank them enough for treating us to a night at the fair and for giving up a Saturday evening to spend with us. :) Enjoy some of my favorites from the trip! …. And let me just say, there is an abundance of “Wisdom” shots because that girl is just so darn photogenic!!

They weren’t throwing a fish… but it was close enough! :)

Thanks to Jordan and Amy, we spent $40 on chocolate covered cherries! 

We watched cheese being made! 

And we stood in line for 45mins just to say we had been to the first Starbucks!

And as amazing as our morning was… our day got A LOT better seeing this girl!!!

She’s just the best! 

THIS was entertaining! 

She licked it like ice cream:)

I totally won on this game!

Ike shot this and I LOVE IT! 

These two… they had a blast! 

So much joy!

And so many calories! 

Tash you’re gorgeous!!

Sweet girl!!

Ike shot these and we love them!!!!

Ha! I love her hand in the corner… 

We wore her out!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan k. Marcus reply

    This is so fun! Now I want to go to Seattle! And aren’t fairs the best?!?! Love the shots of you and Michael and how the light falls in those images!

  2. molly @ still being molly reply

    LOVE these! y’all are gorgeous and my gracious ike, tash, and wisdom are such a beautiful family! LOVE!

  3. Janelle Chung reply

    OMG!!!! I loved this personal post! Wisdom is just the cutest and you all looked like you had a blast! :)

  4. Chelsey Barrett reply

    Oh my goodness! How fun – the one of her passed out is absolutely priceless!

  5. Amy Demos reply

    Ahh!! These are so fun! And sorry for introducing you to one of our most expensive guilty pleasures!! #sorrywerenotsorry #wortheverypenny :)

  6. ashley Mitchell reply

    I LOVE WISDOM SO MUCH. Gah. She is so full of joy and you can see that reflected in her AMAZING parents too. Just love that family! :)

  7. Terri Baskin reply

    Awwww, two of my favorite photography teams!! I love this!!

  8. Deborah Zoe reply

    amazing hair!! Love a rocking bun!! Glad you guys got a moment to have fun together:)!

  9. Tamesha Bendaw reply

    The images of Wisdom Haynes with that cotton candy were everything! She’s like everyone’s favorite little girl and such a fashionista

  10. Sabrina reply

    So much fun! I loved getting to explore that market and all the fun around it. And Wisdom is such a doll and you can’t help but smile at those photos of her!

  11. Erin Fetterhoff reply

    These are my favorite! :) I love the ones of y’all and wisdom! Doesn’t get much cuter! So sweet to see some of my favorite photographers spending time together! :)

  12. Sara reply

    I am jealous of your market photos! I was just there but was a bit rushed by my tour guide and didn’t take any pictures. I planned to go back and didn’t make it. Glad you captured all that beauty for me to look at! Also, Are you following me? ;) You went to both Seattle and Australia a few weeks after my husband and I. Crazy! :)

  13. Natarsha Wright reply

    this is too cute! i love seeing everyone having such a great time. *hugs to my fav fam #teamhaynes*

  14. Tee Kent reply

    I absolutely enjoyed this post. I felt love I was there with you. Great journal of your day. Wis is the cutest. :-)

  15. Tee Kent reply

    “LIKE I was there”

  16. Tash reply

    I squealed! You captured EXACTLY who wisdom is in this very moment! we loved our time with you two and feel honored and thankful to call you friends! there’s still so much to show you, so come backkkkkK!! we love you guys!!! thank you!!

  17. Carissa Kennedy reply

    That looked like SO much fun!!! Great shots!

  18. Rici reply

    Gosh I love them all Katelyn! They carry so much joy & summer warmth! Great post!!!!
    Hugs from Gemrnay :)

  19. Rachel reply

    Oh my gosh are they not the CUTEST family! And you guys look so great also! Couldn’t stop smiling the entire way through this post. What amazingly joyous photos!!!!

  20. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    So cute!!

  21. Stacy Hart reply

    These are so beautiful! Absolutely LOVE them!

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