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again, we are working with another bride who LOVES photography! I knew Britta and I would be a great pair when she emailed me asking me about her ceremony location and the direction of the sun. She wanted to make sure the lighting would be perfect! My kind of girl!!! :) Britta is a photographer and she is marrying her high school sweetheart outside of Seattle next year! Zach and Britta are the sweetest couple… so in love and so ready to start their new life together! We absolutely loved meeting up with them in Seattle for their engagement session.

We talked about the wedding, their house shopping process, Seattle’s “grey-ness” and their story. I have such a soft spot in my heart for couples who are high school sweethearts. It takes a lot of patience and grace and maturity to date throughout the teenage years! I love that they have been in love for so long! Their wedding is going to be so wonderful and we cannot wait to be a part of it!

Britta decided that we should meet up at the Chihuly Museum in downtown Seattle.  This amazing museum is full of stunning glass exhibits! I loved it! On a dreary day, this place added a POP of color!! Enjoy some of my favorites of this cute couple!

How much do you love this place?!!


I love how our color scheme changed with each exhibit!!

Moving into the fire orange section! 

And purple! 

Britta has a gorgeous ring! 


Love this:)

Britta you are stunning!!

I see Seattle back there!!

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  1. katie reply

    so so so so gorgeous! Rainy Seattle has never looked better!! I love her teal pants!

  2. ashley link reply

    chihuly has some amazing work! it was awesome when it was at the VMFA. great job! it’s crazy how “grey” the pictures look in the background! they almost look black and white! such a beautiful engagement session! great job, katelyn and micheal!

  3. Janelle C reply

    I love how you incorporated each section of the venue – the color in each area was amazing! Beautiful Engagement Session!

  4. Sarah Beth Tapanes reply

    Wow! So many wonderful locations to shoot- and what a beautiful couple!

  5. Beth reply

    These are awesome!! So much fun with all the different colors! Plus you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous/iconic skyline! Great job!!

  6. Kristina Bills reply

    Beautiful! Love these! :) I am from Seattle! It’s refreshing to see images of what Seattle is looking like right now! Since I don”t life there anymore. Beautiful!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    Wow! This couple did a great job of choosing locations!!! I love the bright colors from the museum and that the skyline behind them is iconic Seattle! Wondeful photos, Katelyn!

  8. Kami Shaw reply

    Katelyn, these are wonderful! I have been waiting for these and you didn’t disappoint. The Chihuly Museum pictures were totally worth the rule breaking! Ha Ha, at least you didn’t get arrested!

  9. Holly reply

    Ohhhh I love Chihuly! What a gorgeous shoot. I am jealous!

  10. Kathryn Grace reply

    Beautiful! What a cool museum!

  11. elizabeth reply

    Loving the epic glass exhibit location – the colors are gorgeous! And that overcast lighting is simply dreamy. Love their outfit coordination, too. Awesome work, as usual!! <3

  12. Robyn reply

    Love Chihuly! Fantastic shots!

  13. Tiffany Weaver reply

    Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous!! :) I love them! You do beautiful work and really inspire me!

  14. Tiffany Weaver reply

    Wow, these are gorgeous!! You do beautiful work and really inspire me! :)

  15. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    What a beautiful couple! I love Britta’s ring too…it’s so unique and perfect. :) I love the wide variety of outfits and places in this engagement shoot…and you can just feel their excitement in every photo!!

  16. Kelsey reply

    this couple is my cory and Topanga, glad you were able to capture them they really are a one of a kind couple with a one of a kind love

  17. llama reply

    …And to think I almost convinced Zach to drink with me the night before

  18. AmandaK reply

    Beautiful, I especially like the ones of her in the black dress! And she is definitely an Amanda Seyfried look-a-like!

  19. Keith Bachand reply

    I love the creativity and the details you captured! I love your work!

  20. Annetta reply

    Pretty! Love the orange flowers.

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