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It just hit me as I was finishing these pictures and storing them inside my “engagement” folder on my computer.  I created a new folder and titled it “Seth and Emily: Engaged”.  Wow. This is SO surreal!  Seth and Emily! They are getting married! They have engagement pictures on my computer and will be husband and wife in less than a year! Why is this such a big deal and why am I using an abundance of exclamation marks?! Well because ever since I met Emily, this has been her dream. I have heard Emily’s dream of being a wife and mother and having a family since I met her and now I’m watching it all unfold! I’m SO excited for her I can hardly stand it!


For those of you who don’t know, Em and I have been close friends the last 5 years and housemates for the last 2.  I’ve never had an older sister but I’ve always told her that when I envision what that role would look like…it looks like her. We have shared life together.  We’ve shared amazing, joyful times and we have been through some of the darkest moments of life together as well.  It’s so crazy to think back on the long, late night talks about how hard relationships can be and how boys just don’t make sense…. and then look at where we are today! We’re planning our weddings together! We’re getting married! It’s wonderful!


I couldn’t be happier for Em and Seth.  The housemates have been fans of Seth since the day Emily came back camp and told us about him! Seth is everything she needs. He’s her best friend and they just get each other….it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle and see her sweet daddy give her away. The wedding is going to be absolutely wonderful and I will be sure to wear waterproof mascara.


Em, I love you so so much. You have changed my life just by being my friend and loving me the way you have for so many years. I wish you the very very best and I’m praying for your marriage!

Love this next one!

I LOVE Emily’s laugh and so I never thought a serious pic would be a favorite….but oh how I love this next one!

Whew. You guys look goooood!

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  1. Stephen reply

    Oh My Gosh!!!!! Amazing

  2. Julianna reply

    Love them! So beautiful. And I love that huge tree!

  3. emy reply

    OH MY GOSH!!! KK you never cease to amaze me! These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Em and Seth, congrats… ya’ll are adorable! I’m so happy for you!

  4. britney reply

    AHHHH!!!! its happening! u are getting married! this pictures are fabulous. ur kids are going to have great eye lashes hahaha… look at pic 7!

  5. Emily reply

    KK these are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats, Emily! :)

  6. Jill reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I could not stop smiling as i went through them- Em, i am so happy for you two!

  7. Michael reply

    I agree that I thought the laughing ones would be my favorites, but ya’ll look good serious. Miss ya Emily, come down and visit soon.

  8. Melissa Coleman reply

    Katelyn, you are a fabulous photographer with such incredible talent. These pictures are beautiful. Thanks for being such a blessing in my sister’s life! See you at the upcoming bridal showers!

  9. lindsay reply

    Katelyn, these pictures look so good! You are so talented. My favorite is the piggy back picture. Love it. It must make your job easy when your subjects are BEAUTIFUL people! Great job girl. :)

  10. Brendan reply

    Katelyn, these shot are amazing. Congrats Emily!

  11. Melissa reply

    ahhhhhhhh!!! oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! LOVE them! what a GORGEOUS couple!!

  12. Rae Barnes reply

    I can hardly stand how cute you guys are!! CONGRATS!!!!! These are beautiful, and you guys are going to be such an amazing team. Many blessings to you both!

  13. Jena-Marie reply

    Ahhh! I cried and cried! I just can’t believe its really happening! Emily looks so happy! I am so proud of both of them!

  14. Mallory Gladding reply

    Katelyn you have such vision, the pics are wonderful! and Emily you are so pretty in all of them, you two are adorable! miss you all!

  15. Elizabeth V. reply

    WOW!! These are ALL so good, but I’m not surprised, look who’s in front of and behind the camera! I will say ya’ll do the serious thing really well, very striking. Congratulations!!!

  16. Catie reply

    wow, is pretty much the only way to describe those pictures! adorable couple, and the colors you captured were phenomenal. they looked so natural in those pictures too. amazing.

  17. Mo reply

    these pics are so good! great job KK!

  18. Kelsey C reply

    ahh congratulations emily!!! so exciting! these are absolutely beautiful!

  19. Mandy reply

    Oh my gosh!!! These are so awesome! I seriously love them all…the serious pictures are stunning and the laughing pictures are adorable and really show their love for each other in such a tangible way! What truly beautiful people! KK you’ve put together another awesome blog post! I’m SO happy for you Emily and Seth!

  20. Elise reply

    LOVE the photos. LOVE the people. LOVE the colors.

    AHH I’m so excited! Em you are so beautiful!

  21. daddy reply

    i like these pics kk!

  22. Lauryn reply

    this is definitely one of my favorites!!

  23. Tiffany reply

    OMG These are so beautiful!!! Congratulations Emily!!! I am sooo excited for you!

  24. Leslie reply

    favorite session ever. cant believe ems getting married!!!! love you guys!

  25. whitney reply

    katelyn these are absolutely wonderful!! i am in tears – you captured both of them so beautifully… i can just hear emily’s laugh! i am SO excited to see my brother so content and to welcome emily into our family!

    again, excellent work katelyn – i am looking forward to meeting you at the WEDDING!

  26. Christian Mikesell reply

    Would it be weird if I made ya’ll my facebook profile picture?? I love you two! I am so happy and excited for ya’ll!! I mean that so much!! Seth your a stud and Em your just lovely! Love you guys!!

  27. Steph reply

    absolutely wonderful! kk you never cease to amaze me! em and seth you guys look amazing i am soo happy for you two! Come visit soon!!! this week? love you soo much!

  28. Melody reply

    Oh…I hope some of this talent rubbs off this Saturday….I love the one by the big tree….just hope neither are allergic to poison ivy….

  29. hali reply

    I have been a quiet fan of yours for a long time. I think your pictures are absolutely captivating the way you capture a moment is unbelievable. I only wish that I still lived in Virginia so that when I get married/engaged you could be my photographer!!!! keep up the amazing work!

  30. Mareike reply

    They’re gorgeous (I mean both the photos and the couple…) Fantastic job as usual, you are an inspiration. I feel like going out with my camera just now and shooting – it’s a pity it’s 8pm, dark and rainy here! Haha!

  31. Carrie reply

    This has got to be my favorite engagement pictures yet!!! I love them! You have definitely been blessed with an amazing talent :)

  32. Leslie reply

    i just looked through these again, and i cant believe their getting married. 2 of my top 3 favorite couples are getting marrieddddd. And the other broke

  33. Leslee reply

    Katelyn- Your photos are gorgeous. I think they are absolutely breathtaking.

  34. Emily Wolven and Kevin Smith reply

    We’re in the library and just decided to take a looks at these pics. They looks great and we love them! The laughing ones are the best! – oh wait, that’s most of them haha! great work KK.

  35. caroline reply

    oh I cannot believe this is finally happening – HOW EXCITING!!
    great shots kk :)

  36. Kevin reply

    Awesome and I too am praying all God’s best for their marriage. Have a great day.

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