Caitlin never emailed me in panic mode… she never showed stress or worry even while it poured during hair and makeup and she could see it through the window… she never even showed hesitation about getting her dress dirty. I was shocked and honored at the same time. It’s almost like she knew that if she just trusted me, she would still have beautiful pictures and I cannot express how amazing that feels on a wedding day!! Ray and Caitlin were amazing and their wedding day was an absolute blast. Family, friends and guests celebrated with them for hours and hours despite the weather and it was perfect!

Their pup Cooper was the ring bearer and one of their good friends officiated the ceremony. The rain cleared for about 5 minutes and we had a chance to get the two MAIN shots I really wanted (with the overlook and the vintage truck). And if their day wasn’t already awesome enough, then Caitlin’s Maid and Matron of honor toasted…. BRIDESMAIDS style. The whole room was dying of laughter.

And then of course there was the surprise finale… you can’t forget the FINALE! It was amazing! Ray and Caitlin heard the POPS happening outside of the venue and so they rushed to the edge of the pavilion and SURPRISE! Ray’s dad had a fireworks show for them!!! I scrambled and had just enough time to capture some of my FAVORITE fireworks shots to date!!

Before we left the house, Michael told me I should bring my rain boots and I’m so glad I did. I wore them ALL day…. AND they matched the bridesmaids dresses! I wish I could say I planned that! :) Michael and I felt so honored that we were the ones entrusted with capturing the memories of this day!! I’m so excited to share Ray and Caitlin’s big day with you!!

And ps. You may recognize a past KJ couple in these pictures!!! Michael and Laura, you two are just the best and such a joy to spend time with too!!! Love you guys!

Gosh, Caitlin you are seriously stunning!

Headphones in watching a video from Ray! The sweetest thing!

Cooper got a last name change too! :)

Just. the. sweetest.

This porch was our saving grace!!!

No rain for a few minutes?! We took as mainly portraits as humanly possible!

This is an Irish Bell (right) that was a part of an Irish bell tradition during the ceremony!

Surprise! Fireworks!!!!


Dress Store | Posh Bridal

Dress Designer | Martina Liana

Venue | Shenandoah Woods

Coordinator | Jenny Keen

Catering | The Early Katering Company

Hair + MakeUp | SAS Studio & Salon

Florals | Rick’s Flowers

DJ | Marc Augenbraum DJ Services

Entertainment Services | Entertainment

Videographer | Michael & Laura Photography

Guest Cinema Service | Story Mix Media

Invitations | Minted

Photo Booth | Tip Top Photo Booth

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To view what equipment we use, click HERE!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Stefani Ciotti reply

    I just love your work Katelyn & Michael. Its ridiculously beautiful. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into your work, it shows in every picture and is such an inspiration. LOVE!

  2. Sarah Heacock reply

    Aw love these! It’s amazing how the details stress kind of melts away once it’s time to get married!

  3. Deborah Fox reply

    Thank your for sharing your beautiful photos. Rain and all, looks like it was a wonderful day for this couple! Who says a little rain is bad. Not only is rain on your wedding day, it’s suppose to be good luck. This couple looks so in love and I’m sure there will be plenty of clear skies a head for them.

  4. Laura Archer reply

    AHHH I’m just DYING over these.. thank you so much for these perfect memories of this amazing day!!! xoxoxo

  5. Jessica Ranae Photography reply

    I love that the bride was truly focused on what was important and put her trust in you! And as always you did awesome!! Those porch shots are amazing! Some of them look like they are completely outside and not under a porch!! Just loved these!

  6. Melissa Farmer reply

    Oh Ray! Your day was so beautiful <3 I have never met Caitlin but she's stunning and you both look so happy. Katelyn, what a wonderful job – you can hardly tell it's raining and that the porch wasn't made for their day anyhow! So glad everyone was trusting and this day couldn't have been more perfect for them I am sure!! Love Luray, VA and the Shenandoah Valley – here's to your happily ever after y'all!! <3

  7. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Absolutely beautiful…the bride, the fireworks, the portraits…WOW!!

  8. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    What a stunning wedding! You would have never known it was raining if there wasn’t an umbrella involved! You did an amazing job with the circumstances of the day!! These are some of my favorite portraits of yours from the entire YEAR! I love the indoor bridal portraits and the ones on the porch. Amazing! Love love love!!

  9. Alicia reply

    KJ, you’re incredible!!! You handle the rain with such ease and grace — thank you for being a constant inspiration!

  10. Anna Burke reply

    Gorgeous!!! I ended up wearing my rain boots all day, too :)

  11. Holly reply

    my new favourite wedding of yours!!!!!
    …and that cake topper – WHOA! so unique & beautiful!

  12. Brooke reply

    Love the color scheme, but especially love your teal boots Katelyn! :)

  13. Mylah Renae reply

    I love EVERYTHING about this wedding! The colors! The crates! The fireworks! Beautiful!

  14. Rebekah Carter reply

    What a gorgeous bride! Stunning pictures, regardless of the rain!

  15. Becca reply

    New favorite wedding of yours. The rain picture at the very end and those fireworks shots– BREATHTAKING. Also I think that is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

  16. Caitlin & Ray reply

    Thank you Katelyn for these amazing photos! We absolutely LOVE all of them. We’re having such a good time going through them and remembering all the details and moments of the day (since now everything seems like a blur). You did such an amazing job keeping everyone’s spirits high, while having to get rained on yourself! The rain can’t stop us!!! Thank you for everything!!!

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  18. Laura reply

    Katelyn, do you know what brand her earrings were? I’ve been searching for a pair EXACTLY like those to match my borrowed necklace and have had zero luck! Please help! :)

    • Caitlin & Ray reply

      Hi Laura –
      I actually got them for less than $10 from (last minute jewelry change to match my borrowed heirloom necklace). If you can’t find them – let me know I’m happy to give them to you

  19. Matt Selby Photography reply

    Wow, amazing set of photographs. The details and color scheme are lovely :)

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