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TEAL….. it’s kinda obvious around here. And I love jewelry! So naturally, I really love TEAL JEWELRY! I have more teal necklaces than I do pairs of socks…. I think that’s actually true! It’s obsessive but I do wear them daily! Jewelry and accessories are a girl’s best friend if you can’t afford diamonds. Please, who needs diamonds when you can get a knockoff bubble necklace from ebay?! Accessories “make” the outfit and complete the “look”.  So when I’m shooting a bride and groom, I make a point to shoot the details. Boutonniere, bouquet, necklace, dress detail, earrings etc, etc.

Brides normally love these shots, especially when you can make their details look like they just walked out of a fashion ad! So how do we do that?! STUDY THE ADS!! Not all, but A LOT of detail images are shot in a way that minimizes distraction and forces the viewer to pay attention to the subject. In my case, the subject of a detail shot may be a bouquet or necklace, etc. The best way I have found to minimize distraction is to crop out the eyes. Focus on creating a flattering jawline and then focusing on the subject. We naturally look to the EYES in an image FIRST THING. “Eyes” draw us in and we subconsciously look for them in order to tell if the image is in focus or not. So when you’re focusing on a necklace or bouquet and the EYES of your model are included in the shot, you’re taking away from your subject!! So here are some tips for accessory shots! :


1. Minimize Background Distractions. Try to have a CLEAN background when shooting details. In my opinion, a light, smooth background is best! Ex: A bride’s dress! That’s the EASIEST setup for a bouquet shot because the florals are going to “pop”!

2. Crop out Distractions you can’t get away from…. the BIGGEST distraction are the EYES! :



3. Focus directly ON the subject of the image. This sounds elementary but it’s a common mistake. Be sure that you’re focusing in on EXACTLY what you want to be the main focus! Ex below: I wanted to get a shot of Sara wearing her beautiful sapphire necklace from Dave!…


4. Take a secondary shot… especially if you’re a blogger! This is just how I think when I’m shooting! If I take a detail shot, I need to take another shot in that same vicinity to be able to blog two vertical shots side by side! I know, I’m type “a” when it comes to this stuff! But this really does help my blog posts flow more evenly! :

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. ashlyn reply

    this was so helpful! especially the part about “no eyes”. makes so much sense!

  2. charity reply

    Fantastic! What great tips. I do the same thing, take a secondary shots, because (like you) I think in blogging terms. :)

  3. Jessica Vidmar Photography reply

    Thanks so much! What a great post!!

  4. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    Great advice, Katelyn! Thanks for the reminder :)

  5. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    Great advice, Katelyn! Thanks for the reminder :)

  6. Abby Grace W reply

    Very very helpful!!!!!!!!!! You are such a great photographer!!!!!! :):) God bless!!

  7. Sheila Sim reply

    Really useful tips, Katelyn – and of course, gorgeous photos :-)

  8. Laura Gordon reply

    You ALWAYS have the best advice! And that shot of the flower girls with the floral crowns…. SWOON!!!

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