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If you have followed me for a while, you know that blogging is a KEY part of my business. I’ve blogged EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. since 2008. I may have taken a week or two off for a vacation here or there and I took a break last December…. but overall, I have been VERY consistent. So what has it done for my business? Well, it’s been a game-changer. I wouldn’t have grown as quickly and I wouldn’t have created my “KJ Bride” family without my blog. It has allowed me to grow to the first page of google, attract our ideal clients and market our business for FREE!

However, the internet has changed A LOT over the last 8 years. Don’t you agree!? The internet changes DAILY! So what does that mean for our BLOG? Is it still worth it to blog daily? Should I commit so much effort to this part of my business when overall, blogging stats are down for almost everyone? Is this really the best way to reach your audience when micro-blogging through Instagram and snapchat seem to be taking over? Here are a few thoughts for those of you who have been wrestling with these same questions!

Yes, my blog stats haven’t grown at an amazing rate since the Facebook algorithm changed in 2013. Yes, there are much easier ways to share content in the social media world through Instagram and Snapchat. However, while blogging may not be the newest thing on the internet, there are still several reasons why it’s still beneficial. I think small businesses should have a blog, but I also think that the “rules” of blogging have changed in the past few years. For example, I used to blog 5 days a week and now I blog 3-4 times a week. Michael Hyatt advises against blogging 5 days a week because it’s a lot for your audience to keep up with!! I used to teach that blogging frequently is the secret to growing an audience and while I still think that’s true, I don’t think that it’s beneficial to blog as often as I used to. It’s been a great decision to end Friday blog posts and to skip a Wednesday here or a Monday there.

The thing is, if it’s harder to reach people to get them to read our blog, do we stop blogging? If our monthly readers aren’t actively growing, shouldn’t we stop wasting our time? What’s the point?! Well there are SEVERAL reasons why blogging is STILL a SMART marketing tool…..

1.Permanence : Instagram posts and comments fade and become hard to find later. Snapchats disappear after 24 hours. So where do you post and preserve client educational posts, portfolio work with keywords and vendor credits, and business growth posts?

2. SEO : Social media isn’t going to keep Katelyn James Photography on the first page of Virginia Wedding Photographer in Google. If you want to win the battle with SEO, you have to have a permanent place to publish and store keywords!

3. Buzz & Credibility : When you work with a new client or complete a new project, how do you market that work so that you get MORE work from it? You share it…. but if you share it only on social media, it’s temporary. If you share it on your blog, you are archiving credibility for future clients to scroll through while creating buzz and showing that you’re busy!

So overall what do I think about blogging? It’s still relevant. Don’t worry as much about frequency but instead, focus on your BEST content. Don’t rely on a post on your Facebook page to get all of your traffic to the blog. Instead, focus on how you can get your clients and project partners involved in your posts. (Instead of just posting on FB, we email Vendors when the blog post is live so that they can get excited and SHARE!) Blogging is most certainly not dead… however, the dynamics of the internet have changed and we must change with it!!!! Here’s to less frequent but more intentional blogging patterns for all of us! 

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Shuva Rahim reply

    I appreciated this post. I’ve been blogging every week as well, but have slowed down a lot because blogging is a lot of work as well as other commitments. I started feeling guilty about losing my consistent edge. I agree, blogging is still important but I can forgive myself for not blogging every day yet still keep my audience informed.

  2. Ashley Durham reply

    I totally agree! We still have people reading and commenting on blogs we wrote in the past, still having those blogs shared + found on pinterest and boosting our SEO. Keep up the great blogs, Katelyn!

  3. lisa segal reply

    Thank you so much for the valuable insights!

  4. Ashlee reply

    I totally agree! Like you said, what you post on social media will go away. These were great reasons why blogging is still effective!

  5. Laura Stone reply

    Great points KJ, thanks for sharing!

  6. Kristina W. reply

    And I love to look at your blog!

  7. Photography and Blogging – Kieran Garvey reply

    […] Katelyn James, a Virginia based wedding photographer, wrote a blog post answering the question, Is Blogging Old School? […]

  8. Maria reply

    Just wanted to say when looking for a photographer for my daughters wedding recently, I went to everyone’s blog, it really helped to get a feel for how they do a whole wedding. It made a big difference in who we started contacting. It really helps if the photographer shows their strong priorities in the timeline. Different brides find certain parts of the day most important and that can attract them to certain photographers. Also when getting to the blog, thinking they are a wedding photographer but seeing that they don’t have a lot of weddings and more family/lifestyle also helped us to decide that we weren’t interested. So what I am trying to say is that the blogs really were a big seeking feature for us.

  9. Vanessa reply

    Nice tips of writing blogging.

  10. Jessica Kornacki reply

    I completely agree! I think that for me personally, blogging makes way more sense than any other form of social media. I am very impressed with how much you have blogged since 2008!

  11. Laura Katie reply

    This is great insight! I think most people assume it’s on the way out, but I agree that it is still a necessity!

  12. arianapham reply

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    This is so helpful!! I hate blogging but know it can help! Now I need to work hard at it but never know what to say!

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