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After a SUPER long but exciting weekend, I was tired.  Specifically tired of driving. So Monday rolled around and I wasn’t thrilled about the thought of driving 2 hours to DC for the Showit’s Free to be Me Tour. If you know me at all, you would know that that is not me. I’m normally thrilled to get together with people, especially photographers!!

So I was doing great. I had made it off the interstate and then that’s when my Garmin decided to forget how to work.  It froze and I had to figure out where Street F was! Wouldn’t you think it would be in between Street E and G?! Yea, well DC’s roads are by far the most confusing roads ever! It’s a miracle I made it to the Ebenezar’s Coffee Shop right behind Union Station. If you haven’t heard the story behind Ebenezar’s, check out their website! So coool and such an awesome place!

After I finally found parking and the massive thunderstorm rolled in, I made it inside. My attitude changed completely! It was like I remembered…. “Aw I  do love people!” and “Yes! This drive was worth it!!” I LOVED and I mean LOVEDDD getting to know new friends and meeting some blog readers (What?! I have blog readers?!) and hanging out with some old friends.  Photographer’s are just wonderful! So welcoming and fun and quirky.  And when I say quirky, I mean that in the nicest way! I’m quirky… I remembered my chewing gum that I bought before the show but not my notebook to actually TAKE NOTES from the speakers! I’m a mess!

Anyway, I’ll get on to the pictures! (I haven’t blogged much recently and so I feel like I’m just rambling on and on!)

The talented Molly Jenson was our musical guest for the evening and she was great! Such a nice addition to the tour!

We heard from the Boudoir Divas, David Jay and last but not least, the super talented Promise Tangeman!

Awww friends!! Michelle, Julie, Me, Courtney!

Isn’t she cute! You should hear her awesome British accent! Such a sweet girl! Check out Kristin’s blog!


Rebekah! Just love her and this was only our second time getting to hangout! It looks like I’m squeezing her to death…I wasn’t… I don’t think.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Sara reply

    That sounds so awesome! It’s really cool how close-knit the photographer community is :)

  2. angela reply

    this is so cool!! I am going today in NY.. can’t wait!

  3. Katy Blevins reply

    It was great seeing you again Katelyn! You look super cute, as always. Showit Free to Be Me was AMAZING!

  4. Sabrina reply

    Wasn’t it just so much fun?? I loved getting to go! I made the three hour drive to Atlanta and DJ was a little shocked that people would come from so far. But I mean, why not?? It was totally and completely worth it. I’ve already been emailing back and forth with one of my new friends from there. We have so many ideas, but it’s nice to have someone to talk to that understands where I’m coming from. So fun! And glad you found F Street! Things can get a tad confusing in town there…

  5. Sarah Danaher reply

    Sooooooooo awesomely wonderful! Thanks for sitting with me. =)

  6. Holly reply

    Yay! You met my Jenni! Glad you had fun! I love the pic of the outside of the space!

  7. Evie Perez reply

    I am so glad you enjoyed yourself!!!! Sometimes we are reminded that we need people in our lives to make us feel better, even when we are in a funk – lol. That happened to me this weekend so I can totally relate :) You and Michelle are so beautiful and thanks for sharing pictures.

  8. Kristin Partin reply

    You are so fabulous! I mean really. It’s so weird to read your blog for so long and then meet you. You are just as sweet in person as your words play you to be. Looking forward to some kind of session/hangoutage/thingy in the future! Oh and thanks for the photo and link ;)

  9. Rebekah reply

    aww loved getting to see you!

    haha and if it makes you feel any better i got lost getting there WITH a perfectly working GPS :)

  10. Selena Jetnarayan reply

    Hey girl! So nice to meet you at showit. Love your work and cant wait to see your wedding pics :)

  11. Julie Renee reply

    How cute are we!?! It was an incredible day, wasn’t it? I had a great time hanging out with you again! I can’t wait until you live in Richmond and we can go grab coffee sometime.

  12. Kevin reply

    It was so great to see you again! Love the new website design and the new domain name. ;-) Thanks for being such a great Sherpa and helping with the event!

  13. Katie J reply

    Katelyn, it was great to meet you! It’s always fun following blogs and then meeting the blogger in person.

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