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Today is a sick day. I’m not deathly ill… just a cold. But it’s one of those colds that leaves you feeling absolutely horrible in the mornings and then you feel close to normal by 10am but all you want to do is sit on the couch wrapped up in a blanket!! As I got up in the middle of the night to blow my nose, take more tylenol and try to fall back asleep. I became SO thankful that I’m not one to get sick very often. This happens about twice a year and that’s the extent of my “sickness”. I have a pretty good immune system considering all of the traveling we do and our seasons where we lack sleep!

I’m so thankful that I had another healthy wedding season AND a healthy workshop season! Could you imagine teaching for 12 hours for two days with a stuffy nose?! Miserable! So I’m counting my blessings today even though I feel crummy. And because I’m not sick very often, I really don’t have any “cold-relief” practices. Sure, hot tea is great but what are some of ya’ll’s BEST cures for the common cold?! I’ll take all the ideas I can get! :)

And while my blog is uber boring today… Jasmine’s having a really exciting day over on her NEW blog!! Check out her new look!!!! SUCH a fun and of course, fabulous change!!  Go leave her some love and leave me some cold remedies!! :):)

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Daddy reply

    Hope you feel better soon. Luv ya!!!! haha!!!!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    I’m on day 13 of my cold! Three things I love: A neti pot – it’s a gross process but it SERIOUSLY clears up your sinuses! Nyquil helps me sleep REALLY well(and it has tylenol in it so you don’t have to double-up!) and if you have a sore throat, tea with honey and lemon is an awesome soother! Feel better, Katelyn!! xoxo

  3. Amanda reply

    Oh man! You are so lucky, I seem to get sick whenever the weather changes, whenever my boyfriend has a cold, if anyone at work has a cold – I have a TERRIBLE immune system! Unfortunately there is no quick remedy :( Lots of hot tea and honey, a comfy blanket and bad made for tv movies are how I get through them! Feel better soon!

  4. Marissa reply

    Hope you feel better friend! I swear my immune system was so much stronger when we lived in NC, back her in the Pacific Northwest I’m constantly catching everything! So relax and cuddle your boys today :) I’m a Thera flu and lots of vitamin c kind of girl when it comes to a cold. Xo!

  5. Ashley Herrinton reply

    Oh man, a vicks humidifier is my jam! The one that has the little vicks vapor pads to put at the top is even better! Clears up the sinuses so well! Feel better!! :]

  6. Simone Fox reply

    As soon as I start feeling a cold coming on i do all these steps and I’ve been able to get rid of a cold in less than 3 days!
    Step 1: take a spoonful of honey and cinnamon mixed together twice a day till you feel better
    Step 2: Get Zicam zinc tablets. Zinc increases your production of white blood cells and helps them fight infection more effectively. its the closest thing to a cold cure lol.
    Step 3: Sudafed to help with stuffy nose, and sinus pain.
    Step 4: Neti Pots. They help quite a lot with clearing your sinuses.
    Get better soon :)

  7. Simone Fox reply

    3 day cold cure: As soon as you start feeling it coming on:
    Step 1: Spoonful of honey and cinnamon mixed together twice a day till you feel better
    Step 2: Zicam zinc tablets. Zinc increases your white blood cell production which helps you fight the cold faster. closest thing to a cold cure lol.
    Step 3: Sudafed to help treat the symptoms like stuffy nose, sinus pain etc
    Step 3: Neti Pot. Really helps with clearing out sinuses.
    Get well soon :)

  8. Kristina Bills reply

    I am sick too! The cold is sometimes the worst! I can’t seem to get my runny nose to stop running! haha Get better soon!

  9. Kristina W. reply

    Aww, hope you feel better soon! Sudafed (the prescription kind) is a must to help me feel better!

  10. Mary Marantz reply

    Ahhh feel better friend! My best remedy is to hop in the shower and keep making the water hotter & hotter as you get used to it until it’s as hot as it will go. Does the trick for me every time! Oh and eat hot peppers! :)

  11. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    My family and I drink lots of echinacea and Cold Care tea. We also use use Emergen-C’s, or vitamin c powder with stevia drops in our drinks. If you don’t like to drink tea, echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C pills all help your immune system.. If you need help breathing at night, try Mentholatum.
    Hope this helps! Get better soon!

  12. elizabeth reply

    Aww, praying that you will get well soon, Katelyn! Hope your day has been restful and refreshing. =) Blessings!

  13. Shelley Hohe reply

    I know I am late, I Just happen to see this. after working in the medical field for many years before becoming a photographer…I used to get sick quite a bit. Now having twins even more. What works great is the following…. 1. a clove of garlic, 2. make tea using 2tblsp of honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar, a dash of cinnamon and ginger with hot water. 3.neilmed sinus rinse 4. if you ever have an earache with your cold pour a capful of Hydrogen peroxide in your ear while laying on your side and let it sit approx 15 min till it stops fizzing…repeat on other ear and it works fast! Just thought I would share so you would have some tips for the future :)

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