sneak peek!


So I have been trying to get away from sneak peeks but I just HAD to show you this! AHHH! Don’t you love it!? I literally squealed when I took it! Get excited to see the rest from Kenny and Christy’s wedding today!


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  1. Mindy: ( )


    This is stunning!

  2. Elise: ( )

    Dang girl! Love it!

  3. Jessie: ( )

    Aaaaamazing!!! Can’t wait to see the rest! Oh, and I have one word for you: CANVAS!!!!! :0)

  4. Charity: ( )

    holy sweet goodness!!! My wedding is in 3 weeks from today and i would like this picture please haha. You are amazing !!! Love it, I’m sure the rest will be just as beautiful!!!

  5. Leslie: ( )

    PTL for the blog.

  6. Anna: ( )

    Yep! You were right… LOVE IT, KK :)

  7. JT: ( )

    KK, you never cease to amaze me. This is a GORGEOUS picture.

  8. Brittany: ( )

    This picture is stunning. What a perfect day!

  9. Sarah Hayes: ( )

    absolutely gorgeous. so excited for the rest!

  10. Stephen: ( )

    This looks like the default Windows XP background. Nice.

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