Sneak Peek!


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  1. Sarah Hayes: ( )

    the groom’s shoes totally remind me of my best friend. she’s already informed me that she, myself and all the other bridesmaids will be wearing converse all-stars for her wedding.

  2. Connie Beth: ( )

    CHUCKS! This is a pre-amble to September Katelyn :o)Nate and all of his groomsmen are wearing chucks and I am too :o)

  3. caroline: ( )

    aw this is going to be good….i bet they have a lot of personality!
    sooo excited about this one kk :)

  4. Mandy: ( )

    I can’t wait to see the rest! I love the red shoes…and the colors in general of this picture! You’re just so great KK :)

  5. Jill: ( )

    The pictures are so awesome. Beautiful and full of life.

  6. Jasmine*: ( )

    Oooh, I love me some red shoes!! :)

  7. Allison: ( )

    Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the red shoes!!!

  8. Alicia Candelora: ( )

    Hi Katelyn!

    I have not had the chance to write you since I met you at UNITE in Vegas, but it was really great to meet you. And…I LOVE your work! GORGEOUS!

    Keep in touch, ok?

    Love, Alicia

  9. nazwal: ( )

    awesome work u have here….

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