Sneak Peek!


Adam and Kel are married! Here’s the second sneak peek of the weekend! Enjoy.

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  1. Sarah Hayes: ( )

    oh my goodness! her dress is gorgeous! so excited to see the rest!

  2. Catie: ( )

    Aw so exciting! Can’t wait to see the pictures! <3

  3. Nate M: ( )

    This looks awesome KK! And I am so excited for that hill shot haha.

  4. Heidi: ( )

    Can’t believe you have this up already. You are a machine! Looks great :)

  5. deebs: ( )

    Kk this is gorgeous! You were awesome this weekend! Bridesmaid AND photographer!

  6. Girish: ( )

    Waiting :)

  7. steph: ( )

    Beautiful!! Such a great weekend – I am so happy for you adam and kel!!

  8. Leslie: ( )

    AHH SO CRAZY THEYRE MARRIED!!!!!! i cant wait to see the rest!

  9. Lora Ayers: ( )

    beautiful, and I can’t wait to see more! Such a unique and beautiful bouquet.

  10. Sarah H: ( )

    I love looking at all your pictures. You are so creative and talented at what you do!

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