Sneak Peek!

  • Sneak Peek!

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  2. Jan reply

    Thanks for all of your hard work today KK!! Can’t wait for the pics!!

  3. Julie reply

    Can’t wait to see all the pictures. I’m sure that they will be awesome.

  4. em reply

    SO good!! i can’t wait to see the rest. you did such an awesome job on saturday, i loved getting to see you at work. You’re great!!

  5. Judith Cleek reply

    Katelyn, I do not think it is possible for you to take a “not” good picture. You are so blessed with beauty, intelligence and talents galore. We will always be able to keep yesterday alive forever thanks to you. And I know it was difficult, especially after Richard’s glorious two songs. I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere; not even from my son who is not a crier anytime but especially in public where he might be seen shedding a tear, but yesterday got him for sure. Thanks for all of your hard work, dedication and fabulous pictures for everyone to see and share. You are indeed one gifted young lady. AND, best wishes to you and Michael and I am anxious to hear how the “count” turned out at Gayton Baptist today, but I know in my heart he was voted in unanimously. Love to you both.

  6. Cati reply

    can’t wait!

  7. Girish reply

    Waiting :)

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