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  1. Allison reply

    OMG what a tease!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. britney reply

    ahhhh more more more please!

  3. carleemerissa reply

    Gorgeous!! So fun!!

  4. Stephen LaBelle reply

    So are they going to eat all those cupcakes and then read all those books on their picnic date???

  5. Cati reply

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

  6. Michael reply

    WOW WOW WOW…and this was yesterday?? It was beautiful outside…Look at all of those props. Ok we need to see more….I give you 4 hours. Can you do that? I am sure you were editing all night. Love you! Great Job!

  7. Sarah reply

    WOW!!!!!! Practically in LOVE already!

  8. Stephanie reply

    Aww! I cant wait to see more!!

  9. Lauryn reply

    THATS MY BEST FRIEND!!! You look good girl! :-) And you too Nathan!

  10. Erin reply

    AH! i cant wait to see the rest, they look amazing! look how sweet and in love they look! And those cupcakes look delicious. . .

  11. Sarah Danaher reply

    HOLY COW!!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the shoot!

  12. Katie reply

    Your pictures look AMAZING!!! :) A true reflection of how happy you guys looked yesterday! Love you all!

  13. Jessica reply

    GAH! MY FRIENDS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!?!?!?!? i’ve known them since BEFORE day 1 and it still NEVER gets old. :)

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