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I remember getting engaged and immediately people asked me what the colors were going to be… and the theme, and the venue and my dress. AH! Talk about overload! Wow! I wasn’t one of those girls that had been planning her wedding since she was 5. I had no idea what type of dress I wanted, what venue I wanted or what our colors were going to be (well I knew one of them:).  I was overwhelmed. As we started planning, I remember when I thought of Peacock! It was like the light bulb came on and the ideas started flowing. Without a theme, I was lost.  I had no direction whatsoever! Every cute vase I saw, I wanted to use it… but it doesn’t work that way. Luckily I had a theme

decided about a month after we were engaged and I started collecting very specific things….. like peacock feathers, and vintage green vases from thrift stores.  Every time target had their large vases on sale I bought them ALL. The cashiers must have thought I was CRAZY.  But hey! When you have 42 TABLES to decorate…. you gotta buy in bulk! As the year went on, my vision of the wedding became clearer and clearer.  The details that I had been building up in my head were finally starting to take shape!



My biggest fear throughout the whole year of planning was that I wouldn’t be able to use all of this STUFF that I had been collecting. The old frames, the vintage vases, the bags of birdseed, etc. etc.  What if my ideas didn’t work? What if this stuff was a huge waste of money? Luckily, I used EVERYTHING except one peacock wreath that the mice had gotten a hold of in the basement and 3 pillar candles. That’s pretty good! I was so pleased with myself that I came upstairs and made an announcement to the whole family about my accomplishment! You see, I set up EVERY single station in the basement and since the reception was in the field behind our house, all we had to do was transfer those stations out of the back door! I made labels and diagrams of where everything was supposed to go because the hardest part about the wedding day was knowing that I couldn’t set everything up! So I gave very specific instructions to a dear dear friend (Gayle Terry!) and she came at the crack of dawn to set it all up! It was perfect! Everything about the day was perfect! The only thing that DIDN’T go according to plan was that my fake eyelashes fell off! ….. really! That was it! 10.10.10 was more beautiful than I ever imagined and I can’t wait to share more!! But for today, we’ll stick to the details! … and beware… this is probably the longest Wedding Wednesday post EVER. Enjoy!!!!!

Before we begin! I HAVE to thank the wonderful couple who captured our day so perfectly! Jasmine and JD were absolutely incredible and they deserves so much credit for this post. Thanks to them, I was able to actually ENJOY my wedding day and not worry about whether or not details were being captured.  It was wonderful! So be sure to check out her blog post and give her some love from the east coast:)

Ps. Great story about the Ralph Lauren Romance perfume that I bought SPECIFICALLY for 10-10-10… come to find out.. Michael is ALLERGIC to it! We found this out a few days after the wedding and now we know why he kept sneezing during the “first look”! oh. my. gosh. How funny?!

This broach as well as ALL the antique furniture belonged to my great Aunt Margie! My Dad’s parents passed away when he was a teenager and so Aunt Margie and Uncle Alvin became my grandparents once I entered the world! It was so special to use her antiques and incorporate them into our wedding! (ps. that broach is REAL! I was scared to death that I was going to lose it!)

Jasmine have we told you that we LOVE our ring shot? Definitely a fav!

Thanks to the fabulous Janie Medley for our flowers! Love her to pieces!

Ok, I KNOW this is an incredibly LONG post but let me just say… I have been working on this thing for over a YEAR of my life and so I’m going to show it off! There, I said it! I love love LOVE details and so the post makes me so happy to see how it all came together! What a relief!

So obviously I couldn’t afford to do place settings like this for 400+ people. However! I did do a place setting for the bridal party table! This table design was my baby… I was determined to set this up myself and so I arranged it all the night before and covered it with plastic until the morning! (I think there is a little bit of a Type A in me!)

This display was outside of the church!

The CANDY BAR! (One of my favorite tables!)

This was the “Farewell” Table (I named all my tables… I’m weird like that).  Michael’s wedding gift was this globe! Before you judge my lack of creativity in gift giving… you should know that Michael has ALWAYS talked about wanting a real globe! He was a history major and so when I saw this, It was perfect and I had an idea of a way to include it in the wedding! We put an “x” on Italy and had people spin it to find our honeymoon destination!

The entrance of the reception! Momma worked so hard growing those flowers all summer!!!

We had the most AMAZING caterer! Mosaic’s WOWED everyone not only with their food but with the presentation of it as well! Look at this cool ice tea dispenser!

Peacock Lemonade! Our specialty drink!:)

The Legacy table was one of my favorites! Not because it was the prettiest or most detailed… but because it meant so much to our parents and grandparents. We displayed pictures from all of their weddings and even one portrait from Michael’s great grandparent’s honeymoon back in 1910! Crazy!

We had patio lights strung across our patio and had a lounge area underneath.  This was the wall display on the side of our garage!

Gift Table!

Photobooth! (The money saving way to do a photobooth:)

This was another lounge area under the tent! How awesome are those suitcases that Mosaic provided?!

Guestbook table!

Last but not least… the “Love Notes” table….

And here’s a little shot that gives you an overall view of the reception…. next Wedding Wednesday is all about LIGHTING! Love me some lighting!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Chrsity Payton reply

    KATELYN, your wedding was GORGEOUS!!! I love all the bird cages and the old vintage decor. So creative and beautiful! You are so talented!

  2. gayle reply

    type A Personality…ya think?
    The wedding was amazing, thanks for the privalege to share in the festivities! Love you!

  3. Amanda reply

    What an amazing wedding – I read about it on Jasmine’s website and have since been reading all the back history on yours – you did an amazing job! I cannot even imagine all the time and energy that went into it. I must ask out of curiousity – what was your rain plan? Thankfully the weather was perfect

  4. emy reply

    Ahhhhh i love it!!! especially that last picture… OH MY GOSH, SO COOL!!!!! KK, you’re wedding was beyond perfect and absolutely spectacular!!! love you!

  5. Katie reply

    Holy cow, this is AMAZING. A teal lover myself, I looooove your theme. Love love love. The details are incredible. Gorgeous!

  6. Michelle Castle reply

    incredible & AMAZING!!! how you managed this while working is beyond me..even with a planner! Congratulations & I hope your life together is just as breathtaking :D

  7. Anna Burke reply

    I was SOOOOOO hoping you would do a Wedding Wednesday post today and all my dreams came true! ha! I LOVE IT :) Your wedding was wonderful… don’t you wish we could do it all over again? I do :)

  8. val reply

    LOVEEEE it too! your wedding was super beautiful!

  9. Becca reply

    I lOVE this post! What an incredibly detailed wedding you put together! I especially loved the tags you made for everything! The bridal party table was super. Everything honestly I can’t say enough how pretty & put together it was! Love how you collected so many pieces, the birdcages, card cage & vases looked great together! A beautiful wedding!

  10. Caitlin reply

    Not only did J* and JD take fantastic photos – but I love your decor! I love the ideas you have and how similar you and I think – (must be a Caitlin/Katelyn thing!) Anyways – looking forward to our wedding and you shooting it :)

  11. Stephanie Boyer reply

    Oh the HOURS that must have gone into planning that wedding!! And, it was sooo worth it!!

  12. Sydni Gould reply

    WOW you did such an amazing job at putting together your vision! Everything looks so awesome! Loved this post – I’m glad you made it super long :) I feel like I was there! PS I’m excited to see you this weekend! YAY!

  13. Rheanna reply

    You did an amazing job, Katelyn. Best wishes :)

  14. gayle reply

    …one of my favorite things in the closeup shot of the bouquets, is the fact there are so many true love waits rings on the hands. that’s good stuff.

  15. Melody reply

    Seriously Katelyn….you could have a second job as a wedding stylist and planner! Im just sayin!

  16. Danielle Lux reply

    Katelyn, your wedding was a masterpiece! Beauty doesn’t even begin to describe it! Congratulations on everything. You deserve it! Best wishes and may God bless your marriage <3

  17. Meredith reply

    I loved seeing your wedding photos back when Jasmine posted them a few weeks ago! But they’re even more fun to see on your own blog. Everything came together perfectly! Also, love the J&M feature from this morning!

  18. Meredith reply

    I loved seeing your wedding photos back when Jasmine posted them a few weeks ago! But they’re even more fun to see on your own blog. Everything came together perfectly! Also, love the J&M feature from this morning!

  19. Mary Marantz reply

    Love love LOVE!!! You are AMAZING!!

  20. Tira J reply

    I have loved following your wedding plans, and just adored your wedding photos. J* & JD did an awesome at capturing YOU BOTH, and every detail that represented your day. I remember watching the slideshow and I cried! No really….I cried…happy tears! xoxo

  21. Kristina N. reply

    All your details are amazing! Your wedding looks so wonderful.

  22. Brenda (Momma) reply

    KK, you did an amazing job planning, designing, and creating every aspect of your wedding. The details were so “you”. . . your style and , of course, your color teal! It was worth all of your hard work and, if we’re being honest here, a few “melt downs” that we had together! Your Daddy says it was worth it too! :) I wish we could do 10-10-10 again because it was sooooo much fun and it went by way too fast. I have enjoyed looking at this post and seeing the pictures AGAIN. What wonderful memories we have and a special thank you to J* and JD for capturing the day so well.

  23. Katie reply

    Love it Katelyn! :)

  24. jenn reply


  25. Lydia reply

    Katelyn, your details are AMAZING!! Love LOVE!!

  26. Natalie Kline reply

    I am addicted to your photography! My daughter is 10 and I hope when she gets married one day that you will do the photography! I know your wedding pix ar by J* and JD–but you are AMAZING!! Congrats!!1

  27. Rima reply

    Katelyn.,.i just love ur wedding details..and peacock wedding theme…feathers on side of the cake looks just amazing…

  28. Linda Gould reply

    This is the most phenomanal reception I’ve ever seen anyone do in my life! After just experiencing Sydni’s wedding and being on the verge of overwhelmness I can completely appreciate all of your work. I sincerely hope your guests totally appreicated all your effort. The photos are priceless. You are priceless.

  29. Danielle reply

    I have been following your blog for a while now, let me first say I LOVE YOUR WORK, but the details of this wedding are absolutely amazing, and quite frankly one of the most creative things I have ever seen! You did a great job!! Congratulations I know you two will have a great life together. Best wishes!

  30. Stephanie reply

    all of your pictures and wedding set ups are the cutest, most creative thing I have ever seen

  31. Karen Stott reply

    Wow girl. You had way more details than I remember seeing. GORGEOUS job. I seriously love all of it :)

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  35. Hannah reply

    Katelyn, I am totally blown away. These details are too amazing for words!!!! I am IN LOVE with your style and all the little details you had! OMW, girl — you should have gone into wedding design!!!

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  40. Maidel Perez reply

    I fell in love with your wedding. I knew I wanted a peacock theme wedding, I googled millions of ideas and when I came across your page, I said to myself finally someone did it just right. May your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding. Please let me know if you have anything still left for purchase. I’m starting to work on mine pretty soon.

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  42. Ahzsa Guyton reply

    OMG!!! I absolutely love everything about this wedding. I’ve been browsing the net for about two weeks looking for ideas for my wedding, with the peacock theme or course, and I was in heaven when I found this page!!!

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  48. K. Lenox Photography reply

    This is so neat to see all the details from your own wedding! And it’s so cool that Jasmine Star shot it! Thanks for sharing!

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