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The Day

after the girl’s sleepover at our house, I wasn’t thinking and scheduled two sessions that were back to back! I was a little worried about my lack of sleep and how that would affect my energy level. Well, I am happy to report that I made it through just fine and shot two of my most favorite sessions from this fall! Maybe I should shoot with less sleep more often! (Michael, I’m kidding).  Stephanie has been on my “can’t wait to hangout with” list since we started emailing this past summer! She was so excited to be engaged, LOVES pictures and LOVES details! I love her!! The best part about engagements sessions is that I get to meet the bride’s other half! I had never met

Andrew before last Saturday and all I can say is that they are perfect together…….absolutely perfect.  Andrew is so kind and soft spoken, he would do anything for Steph.  Together they are one of the most genuine, sweet spirited couples I have ever worked with…truly. I love them and I left their session being reminded of why I LOVE my job. I get to work with happy, amazing, GORGEOUS couples that are in love! It’s incredible.  Andrew and Steph will be married next July and I wish we could move their wedding to January! July is a LONG time to wait! However, I know it’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to be a part of it! Steph and Andrew, enjoy a ton of my favorites!!! I’m so blessed to have couples like you two!!

Love these two… absolutely love them.

This was our first spots to start shooting…can you IMAGINE how excited I was when this was one of our first shots?! Oh man! Steph, you’re absolutely gorgeous!


A fav!

How cute is this?! Random donut shops make me happy… and make for cute backdrops:)

Andrew, your serious face is awesome!

An awesome outfit change… I’m always a fan of lace!

oh sweet goodness!

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  1. Bella Johnson: ( )

    Sorta going on a comment binge, but cudn’t resist. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Such a great locaition too. Makes me want to move back to where I was born! :) :)

  2. sharon: ( )

    these are wonderful!!! such a cute couple!

  3. Stephanie B: ( )

    AHHHH okay this comment is going to be short because I have to look through this post all over again because once is just not enough but AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH KATELYN!!! I love them!!!!

  4. Jonathan M: ( )

    These are so amazing. Love the photos!

  5. Natalie: ( )

    Absolutely gorgeous! You can see how fun, happy, & love they are. Great work!

  6. Faith: ( )

    Wow — great pictures!

  7. Diane Nou: ( )

    What an AWESOME album!! I can’t wait to see the wedding day photos. What a good looking couple..=)

  8. Christa: ( )

    These were so cute! I am so happy for you!

  9. Nicole Lawson: ( )

    What an awesome shoot!! The couple is beautiful! And I loooove the weeping willow pictures… The lighting and everything is perfect! You are a camera queen, Katelyn!!! xoxo :)

  10. Katherine: ( )

    The pictures are beautiful! These two look so in love! I think my absolute favorite is the one where Andrew is tickling Stephanie–it’s so you two!

  11. Reina: ( )

    Steph, you are beyond gorgeous. Andrew, I would say you better take care of her, but everyone already knows you will better than anyone else could. And I LOVE the photo with the Bible — such a great touch! :)

  12. Zach: ( )

    YAY!! Congrats Stephanie and Andrew!!! You guys are amazing!! Love the pictures!

  13. Natalie: ( )

    These pictures are aboslutely AAMMMAAAZZIINNGGG!

  14. Julia: ( )

    These are all gorgeous! Great job Katelyn! And Steph-You look beautiful and I couldn’t be more happy for you and Andrew!

  15. Chaney: ( )

    these are GORGEOUS! :) Congrats!

  16. Kelsey: ( )

    I love all of them!!! Congrats Steph and Andrew, and awesome job Katelyn!!

  17. Rhonda: ( )

    WOW – these two are HOT and can’t wait for them to get married so I can see more – can they move up the wedding?? LOL Great job as usual Katelyn.

  18. Katie B: ( )

    i love the donut shop background, and how cute it is with him holding the bible and holding her hand. LOVE IT!!! :)))))))))))

  19. Chelsea: ( )

    Sooooooooo Pretty! I love the lace

  20. kevin garcia: ( )

    Ummmm I wanna get engaged so i can be beautiful like this. O_O SO GORGEOUS.
    ;-) can’t wait for the big day!

  21. kevin garcia: ( )

    AND PS- Where is this?! Cause i want a photoshoot here.

  22. Aubrie: ( )

    SO Gorgeous!! You look so happy!! Congrats!!

  23. Andrew G: ( )

    Katelyn, the pictures look FANTASTIC! Thanks again for everything! Looking forward to seeing you in July!

  24. Kayla: ( )

    I love you two! Congrats! Cant wait for the big day :) these pics are amazing!

  25. Alex: ( )

    oww! oww! sweet goodness is right, this couple is adorable and sexy. they make me so happy! excellent job, so many favorites!!!!

  26. Heather: ( )

    adorablee :] congratulations, Stephanie!

  27. Rick: ( )

    Great photos. Beautiful couple!!

  28. joronda: ( )

    Congratulations you two! I love the one with Andrew holding the Bible, may the Lord bless you!!

  29. Hannah: ( )

    Andrew, you two look so freaking precious! I am so happy for you. She looks like a wonderful woman. =)
    The photos are absolutely amazing, too.

  30. Connie: ( )

    STEPH! OMG!!!!! I’m in love….these are so so SO beautiful. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and Andrew both, Your wedding is going to be gorgeous. O and the lace top was AWESOME for these photos…too cute! :o) love you girl!

  31. jessica spragg: ( )

    stephy, you are so gorgeous!!! so excited for you two, y’all make a beautiful couple :) love you!

  32. Fiona: ( )

    These pictures are all beauuuutiful! :)

  33. Marie: ( )

    They all look great :)

  34. jordan: ( )

    these are absolutely beautiful!

  35. Taylor: ( )

    These pictures are so cute! Congratualtions!!!!

  36. Carrington: ( )

    These look amazing!

  37. Shelly: ( )

    You guys are sooo cute! These pictures are amazing.

  38. Stephanie Johnson: ( )

    Stephanie, these are soooo gorgeous :) Congrats on the engagement, and best of luck with married life!!

  39. katie yuen: ( )

    love love love love!!!!!! this is one of my favorite shoots now too!!!

  40. EvaLynn Lott: ( )

    Wow! these are beautiful! Love the pictures. Where were they taken? Makes me want to get married. HAHAHA! Love you Stephanie!

  41. Jenny: ( )

    So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Bonnie Parker: ( )

    Congratulations on your engagement, Stephanie! Your pictures are so beautiful!

  43. Maggie Dean: ( )

    Steph! Beautiful! I’m so excited! You guys make an amazing couple. Katelyn-these are wonderful!

  44. Erica: ( )

    Love these photos! One of your best sessions. I adore the last black and white picture.

  45. Taylor Williamson: ( )

    Oh my goodness! all of these pictures look amazing. you guys are such a cute couple!

  46. Sheree: ( )

    All the pictures are beautiful. You two look so happy!

  47. Jennifer: ( )

    really wonderful images Katelyn – my favrouite is the close up where they put their heads together – kind regards from Holland

  48. SarahAK: ( )

    Beautiful, all of them are beautiful.

  49. Jordan: ( )

    These are beautiful pictures; I love them!

  50. Girish: ( )

    Great shots. Fan of the shots after the outfit change.

  51. Emily: ( )

    beautiful, Steph! AKPsi <3's You!

  52. Sabrina: ( )

    Oh my word… these are amazing. The light. The couple. The setting. The outfit change! Nicely done, Katelyn… as usual! Hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving together… as husband and wife! :)

  53. AJ: ( )

    Incredible Pictures.

  54. Corey: ( )

    Great Photos!!

  55. Chris Scott: ( )

    Congratulations, Stephanie! I’m so happy for you! The photos are awesome!

  56. Olivia: ( )

    They are soo pretty!! Congratulations!

  57. Angela: ( )

    Although all the photos are absolutely beautiful, I love the first picture the best.

  58. michael: ( )

    WOW 51 comments… And I can see why! These pictures are amazing. Can not wait to see some wedding shots!

  59. Ellen: ( )

    These pictures are adorable!!! Congratulations again Stephanie,,,these pictures are amazing!

  60. Sam: ( )

    These look great!!!

  61. Sam: ( )

    These pictures look great!!!!

  62. Barenise Olsson: ( )

    Congratulations Andrew and Stephanie…the photos are BEAUTIFUL! Wish you guys all the best!!

  63. Jemal Harris: ( )

    Great Photos and Congratulations

  64. nicole: ( )

    oh my gosh these are tooooo cute! amazing photos of some very photogenic people!

  65. Faith: ( )

    LOVE these!!! :)

  66. Kelsey Tolson: ( )

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of a terrific looking couple! Congrats Andrew! And what a beautiful photo shoot! Excellent work!

  67. Julie: ( )

    These photos are so beautiful!!!! Love you two!!!!!!

  68. Erika Franz: ( )

    Love love love them!!! You two look so good together!

  69. Kristy: ( )

    Oh my goodness…these are all perfect. I’d hate to pick just a few. Daniel..I remember you as a teenage boy and can’t believe you’re getting married. You make a beautiful couple and I wish you ALL the best.

  70. Derek: ( )

    These photos are amazing, congrats guys!

  71. nikki: ( )

    beautiful people AND beautiful light! what a great combination!

  72. Jessica: ( )

    Awesome!!! I think they look great together and the picture quality is excellent!

  73. Bret M: ( )

    These are great!

  74. Becki: ( )

    Stephanie is such a wonderful person and so gorgeous, but these pictures make her look even better! Its unbelievable! Congrats girl!

  75. Cathryn S: ( )

    Andrew and Stephanie, these pictures are amazing!! very happy for both of you! =)

  76. Mychaela: ( )

    Congrats! You both look so beautiful =)

  77. Hannah: ( )

    Wow you guys look great. Congrats! =)

  78. Lindsey C: ( )

    These are so pretty Andrew! Congratulations! :)

  79. R Reed: ( )

    Gorgeous. Congrats on the wedding. We can’t wait to be there.

  80. Bethany Johnson: ( )

    Congrats Andrew, Im very happy for you too. I can’t believe your all grown up! Best wishes to you both!

  81. Melody: ( )

    These are amazing. You two look great together. :D

  82. Erika Barker: ( )

    absolutely looovee! You’re sooo beautiful, and you guys are such a beautiful couple! best of luck!

  83. Bryan K: ( )

    Stephanie the pictures are AMAZING!

  84. Anna: ( )

    these are so cute! you guys look so happy!

  85. Caitlin: ( )

    These pictures are amazing and make me super excited for Stephanie and Andrew’s wedding! beautiful couple =] love them both, and Congratulations you guys =] !!!

  86. Cody: ( )

    Congrats guys!

  87. YK: ( )

    Great pictures of a lovely couple!

  88. Morgan L: ( )

    This pictures are absolutely gorgeous! LOVE THEM

  89. Kasie: ( )

    These are gorgeous pictures :) They seriously deserve a copy for their new home!!!

  90. Nathan G: ( )

    So much love… Congrats you two!

  91. Heather Gaines: ( )

    wahhhhh so prettttyyy! xD you guys are adorable together!! *^-^*

  92. Jenny: ( )

    These pictures are gorgeous! Congratulations!

  93. Lisa: ( )


  94. Sam Ko: ( )

    Hey Steph, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but seeing these pictures really made me miss you. lol I wish you the best. Congratulations on your getting engaged!! God bless, I’ll be praying for you. Hope this comment helped!

  95. Sijbren: ( )

    Ah every one of these pictures are stunning!!

  96. Juyoung: ( )

    these pictures are wonderful. congratulations stephanie and andrew.

  97. Caylen: ( )

    These are so pretty! I can’t wait to see what your dress looks like :)

  98. april Fultz: ( )

    Awesome pictures!

  99. kristi: ( )

    Steph, these pictures are gorgeous! you look amazing. congratulations!

  100. Nathan Wells: ( )

    Absolutely wonderful pictures!! Congrats again to the both of you and God Bless!!

  101. Aunt Sandy: ( )

    Andrew……you are an absolute cutie pie!
    Stephanie…..welcome to our wonderful family! We already love you! You too are a cutie pie!

  102. Emily: ( )

    These are beautiful Stephanie! Congratulations :)
    -Emily Segal

  103. Allison: ( )

    Dang!!!! 102 103 comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s probably because you rock at what you do!!!!!! Beautiful engagement session girl!!!!! :)

  104. CC: ( )

    These photos are stunning!!! You don’t know me yet, but I stalk your blog religiously, and someday when I’m engaged, I will hire you to be my photographer too!

  105. Cindy Harges: ( )

    My goodness these are amazing!
    I love the one with the bible in his hand.
    My favorite is the real close-up with neither of you looking at the camera. That lace top is precious.

  106. Jimmy: ( )

    Congrats you guys all the best in your new life journey

  107. Stephanie McCann: ( )

    Stephanie, you’re pictures are AMAZING!!!! I’m so happy for you! You are so beautiful! I love and miss you dearly! I wish you and Andrew the best!

  108. Cindy Bradshaw: ( )

    Awesome pictures, Stephanie! You both look great and happy! Congrats

  109. Leah: ( )

    What BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! We are so happy for you both!!

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