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I’m currently chaperoning a student leadership trip to DC and having to PAY FOR INTERNET.  Sad day.  You would think that as much as we are paying each night for our hotel room, they could spare a little wi-fi! Anyway, I love being here. It seems like it was just last summer that I was doing Student Leadership University and having a ball! I seriously learned so much from this 4 year program and would credit it for a lot of my business sense and people skills! I’m thankful to be a part of it again. However, It’s a little weird to be on the adult side of things this round!

There are currently 900 kids here this week! It’s the biggest SLU they have ever had and so at times, it’s easy to get lost in a crowd, spend 23 minutes waiting for an elevator or tap the shoulder of a kid that isn’t one of yours and start explaining where the group is headed next.  (I only did that once!)  Needless to say, I’m glad I was needed to fill in as a chaperone for a couple of days! I had a blast and I appreciate all of them putting up with me and my late night cravings for frosted flakes.  Thank heaven for 7-elevens! Enjoy!

You would think Corey was modeling….but he’s definitely staring at a helicopter.

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  1. Anna reply

    It looks like everyone is having a blast! I think you need to sell some of these monument shots as postcards… that’s what you could do to make millions… and make Dave proud :)

  2. Frank reply

    I will have to teach you how to hack into that WiFi!

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