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The pastor told everyone to have a seat and then he proceeded to say how awesome and uniquely special this ceremony was to him because these two were two of their own. Andrew and Maddie’s families both attend this church and are a part of the same church family. Their pastor shared that when two homegrown kids grow up and decide to get married, it’s such an honor to be a part of their story and I would have to agree. Andrew and Maddie’s ceremony reminded me so much of our own. From getting married in their home church with all of their friends and family surrounding them to their worship team friends leading the music to Andrew’s tears as Maddie walked down the aisle, it took me back to our wedding day. There is something so powerful about that walk down the aisle. Andrew and Maddie had the sweetest first look….but nothing will beat Andrew’s face as he watched his bride walk down the aisle to him during their ceremony.

These precious moments are our favorite to capture!! And Andrew and Maddie had a lot them!! However, not only do we love the sweet, emotional moments, we also love the PARTY. Dancing shots are FUN… especially when you have a super EXPRESSIVE bridal party. Now let me just say this… these two have some CRAZY fun friends… and you’ll be able to see what I mean when you scroll through their reception pictures! Hilarious!

I always ask my brides “Isn’t this like the BEST DAY EVER?!”… and they always agree! It was so easy to see that this was one of the best days of their lives. From the beautiful toasts to the groomsmen’s surprise dance, they had it all. What a dream day! Andrew and Maddie, it’s such an honor to not only call you friends, but to be your wedding photographers!! We absolutely loved being a part of the FIRST DAY of your marriage and we wish you decades of happiness!!! God has big plans for you two and I’m so excited for you to experience life as a TEAM!! Love you both!!!!


So clean and classic!

Looking sharp Andrew!!

Maddie has always been beautiful but she was extra stunning on her wedding day! So pretty! I loved the bottom of her gown!

So much anticipation!!

LOVE this sweet moment!!!! One of my favorites! 

Still excited about seeing each other… which makes this the perfect time for some portraits!!

The light was gorgeous! Thank goodness for reflective concrete sidewalks! :)


Sweet shot of Michael’s…

And then we found this adorable house! PERFECT! 

Maddie just stop… you’re so good at this!

Andrew…this is now your beautiful wife… you are one lucky man!!



Such a sweet moment! 


Andrew FLEW down the aisle! He was a little excited!:)

A favorite for SURE!

The groom’s sweet parents. 

These two are self proclaimed nerds and so there were books EVERYWHERE!!

They had trivia on the back of the escort cards!

How delicious looking is this?!!


Haha, his response to one of the toasts….

Glowy light time!!!

This is one of those images that just makes me happy….

So romantic you two!!!!

Let the PARTY begin!! HA! Look at that guy! So much fun!

Beautiful mother of the bride!!

Special thanks to Eric from Surf and Sound for providing uplighting! It makes a WORLD of difference in photos! 

hahahah! Cracks me up every time!

Ceremony | Vienna Presbyterian Church
Reception | International Country Club
Florists | Karin’s Florist
Dress | Bobbie’s Bridal
Dress Designer | Jasmine Couture
Bridesmaids | J. Crew
Groomsmen | Alfani Red
DJ | Surf & Sound Events
Invitations | The Dandelion Patch 
Cake |  Cakes by Happy Eatery
Catering | International Country Club
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sara Winant reply

    Maddie!! You are a stunning bride!! It looks like your day was everything you and Andrew deserved :) so excited for you both!!

  2. Kristina W. reply

    Lavender/Purple Weddings are always my favorite! Congratulations Andrew and Maddie!

  3. laura reply

    Maddie, oh. My. Goodness! So gorgeous. I am so happy for the both of you! So excited for your many adventures together xoxo.

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    This is so beautiful! I love the lilac bridesmaids dresses, their florals, Maddie’s dress, etc. That vertical black and white photo of the couple kissing is amazing!

  5. Michael Alsop reply

    Such a fun day!!! and a great party!!!

  6. Aunt katy reply

    Absolutely LOVE the pictures!! You two are so photogenic! The pictures are a true reflection of your many sides… Romantic, sweet, funny, serious, playful! Love them all & can’t wait to see more! I’m so happy for you both! Love you!

  7. Megan k. Marcus reply

    They are so cute… I love the touch of purple throughout the day. I’m slowly learning how to incorporate those kinds of things in images to make everything look more cohesive! You always do it so well!

  8. Kristen money reply

    Hey Katelyn, My name is Kristen Money and I have been following you since August 6th, 2011. My Friend Natalie was a Bridesmaid for one of your clients Casey Hamby!! The moment i looked through Casey’s wedding photos i became hooked! I Just want to let you know that your talent and skill for photography amazes me! Your willingness and joy to see others succeed and you humility with this gift inspires me!! I have loved watching you and your business grow!! And one day maybe if and when I get engaged My dream of having you as my photographer will come to life!!!

  9. Sharon reply

    Perfect couple! Perfect wedding! Love it :)

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    The information and the aspect were just wonderful. I think that your viewpoint is deep, it’s just well thought out and truly incredible to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts so well. Good job and keep it up.

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