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I’m ALWAYS tired on Sunday mornings. It’s like my body just knows that it is supposed to rest on Sundays and it starts shutting down. Michael and I got up for Church and I was dragging. I had just shot my first wedding since September on Saturday and my feet were hating me. After pulling myself together, I walked into the kitchen and there he was… making breakfast.. awwwwwwww. I know, he’s sweet. Not only was he making breakfast, he was making “eggs in a basket”…I have NEVER EVER had “eggs in a basket” until yesterday morning! So thanks to my wonderful husband, my breakfast horizons have been expanded and I can now say

that I have officially had “eggs in a basket”…. with a heart on top:) I love being married! Have a fabulous Monday everyone and get excited for a week full of beautiful engaged couples and an awesome bride and groom!

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  1. ali reply

    its a bit like playing house, right?! so yummy.

  2. stephanie boyer reply

    Sooo sweet!! And, I can’t wait to see all your pictures this week!

  3. Rhonda reply

    Sweet – honeymooners!!! LOL make sure he keeps it up!

  4. bethany cox reply

    Isn’t being married the best? It’s followed only by the greatness that is “eggs in a basket”

  5. Marissa Rodriguez reply

    Ahhhh this melts my heart! So adorable!

  6. Emy reply

    that is adorable!! I’m so proud of Michael, he’s such a good husband!

  7. katie b reply

    So sweet and thoughtful of michael :)

  8. Brittany reply

    how. cute. :)

  9. Julianna reply

    Soooo cute!!!! I’m so excited for some engagement and wedding posts!!! Woo!Woo!

  10. Naomi Figueroa reply

    Awww, so sweet! And eggs in a basket are the BEST! :D Glad you had your horizons expanded!

  11. Erika Brewer reply

    Looks like you are just eatin’ up married life ;) So happy for you. I don’t know that I’ve ever had eggs in a basket either! This reminds me that I should.

  12. Deborah Zoe reply

    the breakfast of champions!!;) or ya know, amazing wedding photographers:)

  13. Lydia reply

    My family calls them toad in a hole ;-)

  14. Amy Carroll reply

    We always called them “framed eggs!” Thought you might appreciate that one! :)

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