Surprises. I'm so bad at them! Ask Michael! The last time I thought I had REALLY surprised Michael was when I planned a HUGE "Welcome Home" party for him last August. Turns out, he planned the whole thing and it was really an engagement party for US! That is definitely his strength. . As bad as I am at surprises, I still LOVE them.  I love being surprised, I love trying to plan surprises, and I LOVE watching other people experience huge surprises! Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience an amazing surprise during Justin and Anna's session. It was beautiful and I can't wait to share these with you!!

Speaking of surprises! Inspired Designs has a big surprise coming SOON! Get excited!!

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  1. Tina: ( )

    How fun!! Can’t wait to see the rest:)

  2. Michael: ( )

    Oh man….get ready for the comments!!! Anna were you suspecting this?? Cant Wait to see the rest!!!

  3. Deborah Zoe: ( )

    this is WONDERFUL!:) what a beautiful image!:) How did you get this couple? I would love to photograph a proposal during a session some day:) awesome as always!

  4. em: ( )

    Oh my gosh!! yayaay!!!! its official!!!!! Congrats anna and justin! can’t wait for your wedding! So exciting!!

  5. Jessica Beale: ( )

    Well it’s about dang time he made a move…geez.

  6. britney: ( )

    so cool kk! that’s awesome you got to catch the surprise on camera. and there are so many sneak peaks! i can’t wait till all the post come hehe…

  7. Anna: ( )

    Heck no, I wasn’t suspecting that!!!! I was shocked… I think Katelyn was too! But, like you, Justin is good at surprises :) It was probably the best surprise yet!

  8. Nicole' Felton: ( )

    I love it! Anna, you are no longer in charge. Way to go Justin. I am so very very proud of you. Your love is strong and everlasting. Great surprise!

  9. Charity DellaCamera: ( )

    Finally it’s Anna’s turn!!! So excited to see the rest of these…this one looks awesome!

  10. Alex: ( )

    i’m so excited!!! this one looks like so much fun =]

  11. jenny haas: ( )

    BEAUTIFUL!! what an amazing moment, and tree!

  12. Karen: ( )

    I love the emotions you captured here. =] Can’t wait to see the rest!

  13. Judy Burke: ( )

    Fabulous photo-fabulous couple (not that I have any bias in the matter, whatsoever…)

  14. Catie Ronquillo: ( )

    How fun you got to be part of this special occasion! A proposal!

  15. Kristina N.: ( )

    What a fantastic moment to capture! You did a great job!

  16. allyson magda: ( )

    congratulations!!! Best of luck to you with your upcoming wedding!!! I love the cherry blossoms!!!

  17. caroline: ( )

    oh my goodness. i definitely looked at this but i didnt comment. COMMENT!!!!

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