• Seth + Emily

That’s the nickname that kept floating through the air on her wedding day. Em has dreamed about this day for so long.  Marrying the man of her dreams, being surrounded by her best friends and celebrating with her sweet family.  I remember late nights, sitting with Em on my bedroom floor in the Middle House, just talking about weddings, relationships, the future… everything that we were so uncertain about.  Seth and Em started dating at the same time that Michael left to go to North Carolina.  We were both experiencing long-distance relationships and the struggle that that brings. Some days we would laugh at how hard it was, some days we would sit on each others beds and cry…..

…and then some days we would do both…. at the same time! Such girls. It was a hard year for both of us. Really hard. But the Lord is so faithful and look where we are today!  Em is married to her best friend and in less than 2 months, I will be too!  Because I have walked through so much “life” with Em… it made her wedding day so incredibly special for me.  After the bridesmaids were done with their portraits, I stayed back with Emy and shot some bridal portraits.  During those few minutes that we had together, I became overwhelmed with the privilege that I had on that day. As I was trying to adjust shutter speeds and W/B settings, the tears started flowing. She was beautiful….absolutely beautiful.. and not just because she had an awesome birdcage veil and stunning dress… but because I know her heart.  She has longed for this day for so so long and it was finally here.  In less than an hour, she would be walking down the aisle to the love of her life… the boy we had been praying for since we met my freshman year.  This was a special day.  What an honor it was for me! Not only did I get the opportunity to photograph most of their wedding day, I was also a bridesmaid!  It was such a privilege to be there and I loved every minute of it!


Between their amazing families and dear friends that surrounded them on their wedding day, I don’t know if it was possible for them to feel more loved than they did last Friday night. Seth and Emily danced the night away and celebrated.  Such an awesome party for an awesome couple. Em and Seth, I can’t tell you how much I love you! What a beautiful marriage you are going to have! I’m so pumped you’re going to be in Richmond so that Michael and I can shared life with you two! I love you and I hope the two week honeymoon is fabulous!  Love, K

I’m begging Michael to let us have a red room in our house! Just one! Don’t you love that?!

Seth’s mom did an AMAZING job on the florals!!

Just a little note to future brides… the Mill is an INCREDIBLE venue….. I’m begging my sister to get married there one day! haha

Someone described Em as a “girly tomboy”… so fitting. Loved the boots!


Ok, so I remember when all of Em’s older siblings were getting married! We looked at their pictures and were so excited for their family. Well, now there are grandbabies! Awwww….Talk about an exciting 5 years for Em’s parents! Whew!!

Momma Rice.

And Dad…. her moment alone with her dad was precious.

She’s got the best laugh… and dimples:)

The Rice sisters… love it.

ohhh lalala… Love the light!

HUGE thanks to Jill and Rae for being incredibly awesome and shooting the ceremony!!! Love you two! Jill got this next shot and I LOVED it!!

Thank you Rae!!! LOVED meeting you! FINALLY! What a huge blessing you were to me! Thank you for being so willing to help!

Now it’s Portrait Time! (I capitalized it because it’s THAT big of a deal! Love my time with the couple!)

Ha! Love.

Favorite! I lucked out with no rain and awesome soft light!

Thanks again Rae! I almost forgot I was supposed to be in this one!

Um. How cute are they?! They are ALL siblings and probably the most well behaved kids I’ve ever seen in a wedding party!

Huggin momma.

Emy’s mom made her cake! Isn’t that awesome?!

Parents watching Seth and Em dance:)

Seth and Em, I LOVE you! Congratulations!!!!!

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  1. sharon reply

    just adore these!!!! love their decor as well!!! just my style! =)

  2. Brittany reply

    These are FABULOUS!!! I love the cowboy boots and all the little details!

  3. Michael reply

    MAN THAT LAST ONE IS SOO GOOD….they are all really good….glad I could be there to help!!

  4. Steph Murray reply

    these pictures remind me of the fall, perfect on such a hot, sticky day! i love the individuality the bride and groom showed on such a special day! great job again katelyn :)

  5. Mandee Widrick reply

    I absolutely love the boots! The picture of the entire wedding party together is great. :)

  6. Rebekah reply

    As always AMAZING/FABULOUS photos!!!! You truly are a great photographer! I think it is so cool that you got to share this wonderful moment with your best friend on her wedding day!!!! PS I wish I could go back in time and relive my wedding day and have you as our photographer. You do such a great job of capturing the love that each person shares for each other and pay attention to so much detail! I can’t wait for you to do my trash the dress session!!! Love the cowboy boots :-)

  7. Katty Touchet reply

    You get better and better all the time. EVEN when I didn’t think it was possible! :)

  8. Catie reply

    Oh my gosh these photos were fantastic. I loved their engagement session too!!! The cowboy boots so so so cute!

  9. Lisa Baxter reply

    Oh, Katelyn!
    How beautiful!! I am speechless!! I was already speechless at your wonderful talent, but now I’m speechless for months!! You are amazing and beautiful, inside and out!! What a joy to know you!! I will pray for your wedding in October. Hope it’s the most beautiful, and the happiest day for you ever!!!
    All my love,
    Lisa Baxter
    PS Hope to see you SOON!!!!

  10. Heather Corporan reply

    Your photography rocks girl! And your heart, well I <3 it, and I don't even know you : ) There's nothing like the bond between two sisters in Christ. Awesome photos!

  11. Constance Woods reply

    What a beautiful Southern-style wedding! It is so soft and full of family, friends, and flowers! It is just gorgeous, with great photography to boot! …speaking of boots,,,What a fabulous idea!

  12. Katie Batten reply

    These pictures are absolutly beautiful. I enjoy your blog posts. You have such a gift.

  13. Cait reply

    Not only were the pictures stunning – but you were gorgeous as well. The photos were amazing. I love all the ones with the stone wall behind them :)

  14. beverly reply

    oh my. oh my. oh my. this needs to be published in the southern living magazine. seriously. well done katelyn. i just love the way you capture each couple’s love for each other. praise the lord for this union! em- you brought sexy back. just so flippin gorgeous.

  15. Elizabeth reply

    WOW, beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the bridal portraits inside. And the mill; love the stone walls. Love the flowers, love the couple, love it all! I wish them so much joy together.

  16. Alex Kulifay reply

    KK these are exceptional. you never cease to amaze me. this is a lucky couple =]

  17. Anne Taylor reply

    They are stunning, Katelyn! What a beautiful wedding. The colors and details are so pretty. Congratulations Emily!

  18. Em reply

    KK, WOW!!! these are SO good! Congrats Seth and Emily! Katelyn guess what?!? you’re next. yay 10.10.10!!!!

  19. Michelle Brooks reply

    Just simply beautiful.

  20. Leslie reply

    I cant believe em is married!!!!!!!!!!!! These are so good, the wedding was SO beautiful, and I love you so much seth and em! congrats!!

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