• Welcome to Terrific Tuesday!

is among us!!! I mentioned yesterday that this was a HUGE day for 3 reasons. 1. I’m in CT and I’m going to be a part of Justin and Mary’s “The BIG Next” live event in the afternoon speaking on Office Management!! I’ll ALSO be giving away ONE FREE WORKSHOP SEAT so tune in HERE to hear how to have a chance at winning!! ALSO, The Workshop Experience is on SALEEEE!! But only for 24 hours! Grab your seat TODAY before Midnight!! Want to read more about the Workshop Experience, check out this post!

If you’ve been wanting to attend one of the Workshop Experiences, now’s your chance!!!  SIGN UP HERE!  So that’s ONE exciting thing that’s happening today!!

The SECOND exciting piece of new is that Registration for CONNECT is now OPEN!!! If you’re a married couple in the photography industry looking to spruce up your marriage, business and teamwork skills, CONNECT IS FOR YOU!! Seriously, it’s going to be a blast!! More info HERE!

 LAST but certainly NOT LEAST… I’m so incredibly HONORED to have been featured on Jasmine Star’s blog today as a guest blogger!!! WHAT?!! Oh dear goodness PLEASE let there be no spelling errors!! I’m sharing a post with her viewers that I blogged back in the spring about pre-visualization and I’m hoping some Jstar fans find it helpful!! If you love Jstar or Me or Josh & Mandy’s wedding…. stop by her blog and leave her a little LOVE!!  You can find that post here! :


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  1. Kristin reply

    Can’t wait to see you in The Big Next Today! Good luck!

  2. Emilia Jane reply

    Big hugs on all of this awesomeness! Just finished watching you on Showit Live with Mary. You’re the best!!

  3. Michelle reply

    So I watched your segment on the Big Next and thought your Big List idea was GREAT! Utilizing that. Then read Jesus Calling (I saw you read this too) the next day and thought it tied in great with that whole concept of making realistic goals for each day and letting the rest go for that day. Thanks for that little tid-bit and the rest as well :o)

  4. Erin reply

    Will you be speaking at the Connect retreat? I’d love to go with my husband and I’d love it even more if you were there! :-D

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