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True friends are friends that see potential in you and then take a risk to tell you what you should be doing. Tyler Herrinton… without REALLY even knowing me at the time… took that exact risk. Over two years ago Ty told me that I should be doing more with video and I knew it was true but the problem was, I didn’t have anyone who could DO the video work. Well, what a coincidence! Tyler was a videographer!!! He was 100% spot on with his opinion and we are beyond thankful for him.

Two years after he sent me that email we have created SO many projects together…. one of these projects being the KJ Consistency Course! I don’t think you guys understand how much work this was not only for ME… but for Tyler… and Emily… and Michael. Everyone had a job and specific duties to fulfill each week. Week after week, lesson after lesson, workbook after workbook, video after video, module text after module text…. we completed our tasks. There have been SO many late night phone calls to Tyler asking for help or panicking because I forget something like a bonus video or a intro graphic!!

Creating a 6 week, INTENSIVE course is no joke. We literally had no idea what we were getting into and neither did Tyler! That’s why we’re so thankful for him! We couldn’t have done this without him!! We also couldn’t have created the course without Emy either!! She has been playing a huge role in the site maintenance! She manages FAQ’s, Lesson workbook editing, exporting and uploading, spell checking, directory maintenance, email management, etc… What would I do without these amazing people! And Michael?! We can’t forget about Michael! Michael has literally been holding down the fort while I made it through the last 6 weeks. He’s dealt with tears and more panic modes than I care to admit and I’m so thankful for him. He’s the one managing the initial course system setup and implementation. That was QUITE a job. Course systems aren’t for the faint at heart! He also managed the webinars!

So now that I’ve thanked the team…. I have to thank the STUDENTS! KJ Consistency Course friends, you have blown us away with your kind words! Every week when I would get overwhelmed, I would get an email from one of you explaining how this course was changing your business and it made me motivated to keep going! What a lot of you probably don’t know is that we altered the course as we went along in order to give you more of what you needed. Your questions and requests and responses actually reshaped the course into a more custom experience and so we’re beyond thankful for your feedback!! Because we’ve been so thankful for the amazing feedback, we thought we would share some of our favorite testimonials!!!

“Awesome course! Big kudos to KJ for this! I’ve purchased quite a few courses from the top wedding photography educators and this is among the best!! It’s really going to make a huge difference in how we do business! Thanks again!” -NATE

“I FINALLY know my style, my brand, my goals, and what I want. THANK YOU Katelyn James Photography! Seriously, this is the best course I have ever taken and I still have 2 more weeks!” – KATE

“Until this course, I never saw an issue with my editing. I thought I was on the right track and that I had a pretty clean edit. BEST money I ever spent!” -LOREN

“This has been an unbelievable course! I never dreamed that I would learn so much in 6 weeks.  It is revolutionary!” -SHELIA

“I just finished week 3 and have definitely already learned more about editing than I did while getting a photography minor in college. Thank you so much Katelyn, I can’t wait to finish the course then rewatch it to learn even more!” – RACHEL

“I cannot express my gratitude in words. I felt like I was drowning, spinning my wheels trying to grow my business. This course has given me the courage, strength, and knowledge to actually grow my business in an efficient way! Seriously. You two are amazing. Thank you so much!  2016 = Me getting my life back and my business moving forward!” -KATIE

If you’re interested in being a part of the next KJ Consistency Course Class, we need to have enough demand for it before we set the enrollment date! So let us know in the comments if you’re interested!! Be sure to join our NEWSLETTER so that when a new enrollment period comes about, you won’t miss out!!

Big thanks to these two… or should I say THREE! We couldn’t have made it through the last 6 weeks without either one of you! To check out The Herrinton’s site CLICK HERE!

And a big thank you to Ash. We stole a lot of “Ty Time” with our late night calls and urgent requests! We love you!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Paige reply

    This class was fantastic, loved every minute of it and sad to see that it is over! I’ve learned so many valuable lessons that I have already started implementing and even decided to start building a brand new website that is consistent with my photography and marketing! I would love to participate in another course :) you and your team are truly inspiring xoxo KjCourseStudent

  2. Tyler Herrinton reply

    Thanks KK! I’m so glad it all came together so well! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

  3. Hosanna reply

    I am certainly interested! I’m currently editing portraits right now using split toning in Lightroom – love that trick! Thanks for all the priceless education; I can’t wait for the next course!

  4. Nilo Burke reply

    I am definitely interested!!!! I can’t wait to register when you decide on a date. It sounds amazing!

  5. Rhonda reply

    I’m not finished yet with my course but I’ve learned so much and I notice more “consistency” in MY style! Thanks for always staying true to who you are and giving back to the creative community ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Ryan reply

    I would love to take the KJ consistency course!!!

  7. Allison reply

    Please bring it back! So sad I had to miss the first course!!

  8. Brittany reply

    Oh, please bring it back! I have heard such amazing things about it!

  9. Christine reply

    Please, please do more! I bought your first course and had the same feelings at the end as when you finish a great book: wishing it wasn’t over and wanting more! Fantastic course!

  10. Olivia reply

    I love the course and the bonus videos! Katelyn, thank you so much for the hard work!

  11. Sarah reply

    I am definitely interested in the next KJ Consistency Course!! :)

  12. Caitlin reply

    YES! I absolutely want to be a part of the next course! I’m determined to do this or a workshop with you over this next year! :)

  13. Leigh Grames reply

    I definitely want to join the next one!

  14. Raygan reply

    I SO want in on the next course, Katelyn!! :)

  15. Melissa Kate reply

    Interested!!!!! This sounds incredible!

  16. Grace reply

    Please, please, please do another course!!! Would love to be a part of it! :)

  17. Cindy reply

    Yes definitely want to be a part of the next course…didn’t make the first one so please, please.

  18. Nicole Salter reply

    The course was the best invest ever. THANK YOU! Can’t wait to see it take it’s course this wedding season!

  19. Mylah Renae reply

    At the end of the first class, I was able to cut my culling time in HALF!! WOAH! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this course!

  20. Nichole meredith reply

    I am in if you offer another course! So sad I missed out the first time around!

  21. Jeana Rutledge reply

    Would so love to be a part of the next course!!!

  22. Kristen Browning reply


  23. Lisa reply

    I am SO interested in the next round of the course! I knew it sounded amazing from the beginning but just didn’t have the finances or the time in November/December to make it happen. I’m definitely saving up now so I can particupate when you offer it next!!!

  24. Rachael reply

    I want in!!!

  25. Lauren reply

    I am definitely interested if you do this again!

  26. Jessica reply

    I’d SO be interested!!

  27. Patricia reply

    I’m interested!! :)

  28. Kim Forbes reply

    I would love to take the consistency course!

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    […] Katelyn’s post here about what creating the KJ Consistency Course was like for her, Michael, Tyler, and […]

  30. Tamara reply

    I’m, interested! <3

  31. Brittany reply

    Would love to be a part of the next course!!!

  32. Mandi M reply

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your hard work in making this course so amazing! I’m a few weeks behind, but I’m working and learning SO MUCH!! I will definitely do the next one, whatever it is! :)

  33. Brittany Davis reply

    Yes, yes and yes! I will be there to sign up for the next one! I was so bummed I missed out the first time.

  34. Jessica reply

    I’m interested!!

  35. Abbey reply

    I am definitely interested in this. I’ve heard great things about it!!!

  36. Jordyn reply

    I am interested! How do I join this course?? :)

  37. Allison reply

    I’m interested! But I don’t quite understand how it works? Is it like creative live where you have all of the content at your fingertips, or do you get a new video each week?

  38. Elle reply

    I am interested in both this course as well as your workshop! Please let me know what you have the dates set for either of these.

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